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Friday, September 29, 2006

War Criminals!! Here They Are!!

The following is a list of thugs who voted for Bush's Torture bill:

Alexander (R-TN)
Allard (R-CO)
Allen (R-VA)
Bennett (R-UT)
Bond (R-MO)
Brownback (R-KS)
Bunning (R-KY)
Burns (R-MT)
Burr (R-NC)
Carper (D-DE)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Coleman (R-MN)
Collins (R-ME)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Craig (R-ID)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
DeWine (R-OH)
Dole (R-NC)
Domenici (R-NM)
Ensign (R-NV)
Enzi (R-WY)
Frist (R-TN)
Graham (R-SC)
Grassley (R-IA)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hagel (R-NE)
Hatch (R-UT)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Lieberman (D-CT)
Lott (R-MS)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McCain (R-AZ)
McConnell (R-KY)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Pryor (D-AR)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Santorum (R-PA)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Smith (R-OR)
Specter (R-PA)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Stevens (R-AK)
Sununu (R-NH)
Talent (R-MO)
Thomas (R-WY)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Voinovich (R-OH)
Warner (R-VA)


Gay Couple Ordered To Stop Kissing And "Touching" Aboard Flight

A gay couple were ordered to stop kissing and "touching" aboard a flight last month. When they protested about the demand by the stewardess, they were ordered to drop the protest or the plane would be diverted. Oh let me guess, they would have been charged with terrorism or some other bullshit trumped up charge. The kissing and "touching" was limited to a head on a shoulder and a kiss on the cheek. Other passengers backed up their story.

The response from the airline was the following:

A spokesman for American Airlines told the US magazine that the crew's injunction to the men was reasonable and had nothing to do with the fact they are gay.

"Our passengers need to recognize that they are in an environment with all ages, backgrounds, creeds, and races," he told the magazine.

He added: "Our understanding is that the level of affection was more than a quick peck on the cheek."

Oh of course, they were practically having sex on the flight. Is that what American Airlines is insinuating? This absolutely has everything to do with the fact that they were gay. Heterosexual couples kiss and touch each other on flights all the time. Yet we don't hear about them being told to stop. Hell, people even have sex in the bathrooms on flights. But they're not singled out over it either. Get off it American Airlines!! Anyone with a brain knows exactly why they were singled out. It's because they're gay, and you couldn't handle that. I hope the couple files a discrimination complaint against the airline.

When will the homophobic bigotry end?

Idiot = Bomb Threat? Only To The TSA!!

Ryan Bird wrote "Kip Hawley Is An Idiot" on a see-through plastic toiletries bag, and got detained at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin airport for it. Kip Hawley is the head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

This story is so beyond ridiculous, it's laughable. Bird writes this on a bag, and gets detained. A supervisor at the airport tells him that he has a right to his opinion outside of the security area, but not inside. Um, people have a right to their opinions ANYWHERE!! Well, apparently not anymore. Now the airport thinks it has a right to stipulate when and where you are free to have an opinion.

A TSA spokeswoman acknowledged a man was stopped, but likened the incident to cases in which people inappropriately joke about bombs. She said the man was "a little combative" and that he was detained only a few minutes.

Hey bitch!! Saying someone is an idiot is not similar to someone joking about a bomb. I can say anyone is an idiot. That doesn't mean that I'm joking about a bomb. Man these people are such dumbasses. They're so fucking stupid that they can't distinguish between a man saying someone's an idiot and someone who's joking about a bomb. Get a fucking life already!! And the man was a "little combative?" How the hell was he being combative? By asking if he was being arrested? Oh yeah, that's being combative. I repeat, GET A FUCKING LIFE!!

Ryan Bird wasn't being combative. He wasn't making a joke about a bomb. Ryan Bird was expressing his opinion about someone else. He's entitled to his opinion. And if you don't believe that people are entitled to their opinions even in an airport, you're fucked up. If you keep telling people that they can't do this or think that, nobody is going to fly anymore in this country. I really hope so too. I want to see the airports go down the toilet and out of business. You deserve it for all the bullshit that you pull and put people through. It's absolute bullshit that someone doesn't have a right to express an opinion, and then gets likened to someone joking about a bomb when he says that someone is an idiot. FUCK YOU!!

Sanctions For Genocide? Condi Thinks So!!

Condoleezza Rice says that the Sudan could face more sanctions over the whole Darfur situation.

So this is how we respond to genocide? We sanction the hell out of the country. Is your weave that tight bitch that you can't comprehend what's going on in Darfur? People are being murdered for no reason. It's called GENOCIDE!! Can you say the word GENOCIDE? Your brilliant idea is to sanction a country that is engaging in GENOCIDE!! Yeah, you're smart. And to think that some moronic people actually want you to run for president. How do we deal with genocide? We sanction a country. I suggest if you do run for president, you run on that platform. Forget that people are being murdered for no reason. Forget that GENOCIDE is occurring. Let's just sanction the country. That will solve the problem.

And people said that the adults were back in charge when Bush got into office? Where are the adults? I don't see any. All I see is an incompetent bitch who thinks that sanctions are going to end the GENOCIDE in Darfur. And to think that we actually pay this buffoon's salary. Condi, why don't you go back to shopping for shoes like you did during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That's what you're good at!!

Company Gets Contract

I was reading the New York Times yesterday, and came across a very interesting article.

A company has received another contract, despite the fact that they paid Iraqi newspapers to print "postive" articles about the military forces in Iraq. Can't say that I'm surprised by this because what else is new!! This public relations firm paid newspapers to write positive articles. PAID!! They didn't ask!! They paid!! Sounds like bribery to me.

"The idea, according to contract documents, is to use the information to “build support” in Iraqi, Arab, international and American audiences for what the military describes as its goals in Iraq, such as destroying the insurgency and helping Iraqis build a democracy."

Build support? Now why would you need to do that? Aren't you doing the right thing? Aren't you doing the moral thing? Doesn't everyone like you? Doesn't everyone agree with you? Why would you need to pay someone to write positive articles about you to gain support for what you're doing in Iraq if you're not doing anything negative or illegal? I could pay anyone I wanted to and have them write or say something positive about me. It doesn't make it so!! Get it through your thick heads!! NOBODY SUPPORTS THE IRAQ WAR EXCEPT BRAINDEAD IDIOTS AND THUGS!! YOU CAN PAY ANYONE YOU WANT TO WRITE POSITIVE MESSAGES ABOUT WHAT TROOPS ARE DOING. THERE'S NOTHING POSITIVE ABOUT THIS WAR, AND NO MONEY IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT!!

Hey, while you're at it, pay someone to try to put a positive spin on the rape and murder of that Iraqi girl and her family that US troops are now charged for. I'm sure you could find some way to justify that in a positive light!!

Oh Please Bitch!!

The Republican candidate for Attorney General in New York is crying "witch hunt" after being under investigation.

Jeanine Pirro is being investigated for having conversations with Bernard Kerik. She reportedly asked him to illegally tape her husband's phone conversations to see if he was having an affair. She says that this is a political witch hunt, and a smear campaign.

This bitch thinks so highly of herself that according to her, "the attorney general's job is a been there done that kind of thing for her." And she could be governor if it weren't for her husband's baggage.

Oh please BITCH!! Get over yourself already. Nobody would waste a "witch hunt" on the likes of you. Get your head out of your ass because the world doesn't revolve around you honey!!

Marcia Pappas, president of the New York state chapter of NOW, said her group supports Jeanine Pirro "completely for fighting back on this intrusion."
"It's absolutely horrendous the government would intrude on anyone's life in this way," she said. "They are targeting her because she is a woman. If anyone believes in the right to privacy, they should be enraged by the behavior by our government."

Get real!! They're targeting her because she is a woman? Please!! They're targeting her because she discussed trying to do something that was illegal. That's why they're targeting her. I got news for you Marcia. If it were a man and he did the same thing, they'd be targeting him too. This has absolutely nothing to do with her being a woman!! And she's one to talk about the right to privacy. The bitch wanted to tape her husband's phone conversations. Talk about a violation of privacy. But what do you expect from Republithugs? They talk out of their asses about privacy rights, and then they turn around and try to violate someone else's privacy.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Mounties Apologize To Torture Victim

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner apologized to Maher Arar, the man who was tortured in Syria because the United States sent him there.

He said, "Mr. Arar, I wish to take this opportunity to express publicly to you and to your wife and to your children how truly sorry I am for whatever part the actions of the RCMP may have contributed to the terrible injustices that you experienced and the pain that you and your family endured."

He went on to say, "I know that an apology can never give back to Mr. Arar what was taken from him, but what we can do is move forward with changes and reform, and that means in very concrete terms identifying and acknowledging errors that were made."

He also had the nerve to say, "This terrible event has had a profound impact on the RCMP."

Yeah, sure it has!! I bet you all go home at night and sleep very comfortably. I bet you're not forced to relive nightmare after nightmare. Yeah, you're so deeply affected by what happened!! Who are you kidding? An apology isn't going to make up for a year of torture that was inflicted upon an innocent man. An apology isn't going to make up for a year of life that this man lost. An apology isn't good enough. And an apology as insincere as that one isn't going to cut it. I hope Maher Arar sues your ass, as well as everyone else involved.

The RCMP Commissioner shouldn't be concerned with not stepping down from his position. He should have been fired, and his ass should be sitting in jail for aiding and abetting the torture of an innocent man. After all, the RCMP had a hand in it no matter how small it was.

The Catholic Church Doesn't Impose, According To Pope

According to the Pope, the Catholic Church doesn't "impose." He also said, "For this reason, the encounter with others must be marked by tolerance and cultural openness."

That is bullshit!! The Catholic Church doesn't impose its religion on people. Is that why the Catholic Church is constantly trying to bring people into the church? Is that why they tell people to go out and spread the word? Not imposing? Like hell you don't!!

The comment about people needing to be tolerant and have cultural openness is also such a crock. Is that why the Catholic Church isn't tolerant of those who use birth control? Is that why they're not tolerant of those who have abortions for medical or other reasons? Is that why they're not tolerant of gay people, and refer to gays as sinners? Is that why they threaten or actually ex-communicate those who don't adhere to their outdated teachings? I mean, it's all done because they're tolerant, right?

The Catholic Church practices cultural openness? Apparently women don't fit into any culture. After all, they're not allowed a role in the Catholic Church other than as a nun. There's nothing more righteous than treating women as though they're second class. As I said before, they're not tolerant of gay people. Apparently that's because gays aren't part of a culture either.

But hey, if the Pope says that the Catholic Church doesn't impose its religion, is tolerant, and practices cultural openness than it must be so. Yeah right!! What a liar!!

Two Priests Steal Millions

One priest was arrested in Florida, and another one is on the run after stealing millions from their parish over many years.

Wow, I bet God is pissed!! I mean, after all they did break one of the Ten Commandments. What's that Commandment? Oh that's right!! Thou shalt not STEAL!! Apparently these two didn't think that applied to them!! The baffling part of all of this is the reaction of the parish. One parishioner says "You can't judge because you haven't walked in their shoes." Really? These two assholes stole millions of dollars from the parish, and nobody is supposed to judge them. HELLO!! They stole from you people!! Are you that blind? Or are you just too damn dumb to believe that they would do something like that? If the latter is the case, why? Because they're priests and would never do such a thing? Yeah right!! Think again!! Oh but let me guess, you'll all beg for them not to be sent to jail because that wouldn't be the "Christian" thing to do?

I guess this just goes to show how stupid people are when it comes to religion. Priests steal millions but they shouldn't be judged for reasons I can't fathom. What's next? Turning a blind eye to priests molesting children? Oh wait, that's already been done!!

To Steal Or Not To Steal Another Election, That Is The Question!!

An outspoken candidate for Ecuador's presidency is leading in the polls. Alert the White House!! To steal or not to steal another election, that is the question!!

Considering that he's spoken out against the U.S. government, don't be shocked if votes for Rafael Correa turn up in garbage cans, or just disappear after the October 15th election.

Russia To Reinstate Tax For Childless Couples?

According to a recent blurb in the Guardian, Russia is considering reinstating a tax for childless couples in an effort to increase the population.

That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've heard in a long time. So let me see if I have this right. Childless couples are going to be taxed because they're not contributing to the population. What about the couples who can't have children because one or the other person is infertile? Do they deserve to be taxed for something that they have no control over? Or what about the couples who don't want to have children because they don't want any? Is that fair to them? How about the couples who don't have children because they can't afford to have any? Is it fair to them? The answer is HELL NO!!

Don't give the United States any ideas!! They would tax people who are childless in a heartbeat if they could actually get away with it. It's really not that hard to believe that they would, and could very likely get away with it. I wouldn't doubt if they actually try to. All you childless people out there, watch out. Unless you procreate, your ass will be taxed to hell and back!! Hasn't anyone ever heard of REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE? It's a person's right to choose whether or not they want to have a baby. And no tax in the world would force me to produce a child if I didn't want any.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush Wants A Handout!!

Bush is seeking donations from Americans to help pay for the reconstruction of Lebanon. He has a lot of fucking nerve asking the American people to help pay for the reconstruction of Lebanon when he and other officials sat on their asses and let Israel destroy Lebanon.

Here's a thought Furor!! Why don't you take all of your own damn money, along with the money of all your staff and members of the House and Senate to pay for the reconstruction of Lebanon? After all, each and every single one of you bitches sat on your asses while Israel destroyed that country, not to mention, with our bombs. So you pay for it. While you're at it, I suggest you tell Israel to pay up too. Tell Tony Blair to pay up. Tell Merkel to pay up. Tell every damn world leader who was too fucking chicken and who refused to criticize or stop Israel, to pay up.

I'm not giving you money for something that I didn't destroy. If I want to help the Lebanese, I'll give my money to some other organization like a UN group because at least I know that they'll get it.

Republithugs Are At It Again

Legislation regarding detainees and terrorism is likely to be passed by the end of this week.

Wow!! I can't say that I'm surprised considering that Republithugs have always sold us down the toilet, but now they've really made it official. Not only does this legislation give the Furor (Bush) the right to interpret the Geneva Convention, but it also pretty much gives him the right to detain whomever he damn well chooses. So what's next Furor? Televised public torture or executions? Why the hell not? After all, you think it's perfectly acceptable to torture people, and now you can use information that you obtain while they're being tortured to prosecute them in military tribunals. And cut the bullshit with the torture thing!! You're not fooling anyone except of course your blind followers who would believe anything that comes out of your mouth, and accept anything you do. When you say that the United States doesn't torture, you're full of shit. You know damn well that the United States authorizes the use of torture, and you don't give a damn.

This country has gone to Hell and there's no returning. When thugs in office give the biggest thug of all the ability to interpret whether or not something is illegal, you know that this country has gone to hell. Fuck you Republithugs!! And fuck you Democrats. You're all bastards for refusing to stand up to a whack job who thinks he's the king of the world, and thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants to whomever the fuck he wants whenever the fuck he wants. Fuck you for screwing all of us over. And fuck you for ruining this country.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Video Game Caused Killings?

Family members of three people killed in New Mexico are suing over a video game that they say caused the killings. In the wrongful death lawsuit, they're suing Sony Corporation of America, Take-Two Interactive Software and Rockstar Games. They're also suing the killer.

Yet again people feel the need to place blame on video games. When are people going to start realizing that television, music, movies, video games, the Internet, and every other medium aren't to blame for someone's actions? This kid killed his family because he wanted to, not because he played the video game.

I'm so sick of people blaming some kind of entertainment for what someone does. It's ridiculous!! Try looking at why people do what they do, instead of pointing the finger at the entertainment industry. Do they honestly believe that if this kid hadn't played the video game then he wouldn't have killed his family? Highly doubtful!! They're certainly not going to get $600 million out of anybody. I wouldn't be surprised if the case is thrown out of court.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Go To Hell Charlie Rangel!!

That's right!! I said, go to hell Charlie Rangel. You sit there and spout your shit about how dare some foreigner come to the United States and bash Bush. Well guess what asshole? The next time you shoot your mouth off about someone from another country, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I mean after all, didn't you say that criticism of George Bush should be restricted to Americans? So remember that when you're criticizing Iran, North Korea, Iraq, or any other country or politician in the world. Shut your damn mouth!!

Once again, I applaud Hugo Chavez for what he said about Bush. At least someone had the balls to do it, instead of keeping their mouth shut like you pansy asses up there in Washington, D.C.. Why don't you grow a pair instead of blowing a pair!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pope Respects Islam?

The Pope claims that he has a deep respect for Islam. Really? Then if he has such a respect for Islam, why would he quote a medieval passage that refers to the teachings of Muhammad as evil and inhuman? If he has such a deep respect for Islam, why would he encourage Catholics to convert the non-believers even in Islamic countries?

Deep respect my ass!! He knew damn well what he was saying. There was no misunderstanding of what he said. He wasn't misquoted. He knew damn well what he was doing, and he knew exactly what kind of reaction it was going to cause. Just because he's the Pope doesn't mean that he can say and do whatever the hell he feels like, and not expect someone to react. He owes the entire Muslim population of the world a REAL apology, not some half-assed piece of shit comment that he thinks passes for an apology. He's not sorry for what he said, and if he could do it again he would. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he does. He's only sorry that he got caught spreading his message of hate for another religion.

Man, and many Catholics think this man is like the closest thing to God here on Earth. If it came down to the Pope or the Devil, I'd rather worship the Devil.

Go Chavez!!

I applaud Hugo Chavez for his speech today in front of the General Assembly at the United Nations. As usual, the United States has absolutely no respect because they couldn't be bothered to sit and listen to someone speak. Then they had the nerve to question what kind of man Chavez is and called him a cartoon.

Chavez hit the nail on the head when he said that Bush thinks he owns the world. The lunatic thinks that he can tell the rest of the world what to do. He has the attitude that it's his way or no way. If you don't agree with him, you're threatened. If you say anything negative, you're evil. Bush marched up to that podium yesterday and told the entire world what to do. He told Iran that they had to obey the Security Council or else. Or else what? Are you going to make up lies about Iran like you did about Iraq, and then bomb the hell out of Iran?

Kudos to Chavez!! He is yet another person who has the balls to tell the U.S. government to go fuck themselves. He is yet another person who isn't going to back down, and kiss the asses of the U.S. government officials. Kudos!!

Who Cares?

Three brothers in the military from Texas are being sent to Iraq. Who cares?

What's the point of this story? Is it to tell the story of a family who's going to serve in Iraq? Or is it to say, "Look, you can do it too?" Big deal!! So, they're brothers who are in the military who will be serving in Iraq. People are deployed every single day. This is no different. This is not a news story.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Did You Hear About Prussian Blue?

Prussian Blue is a band that features two young girls who spout racist views. Wow, what a world!! I would say, where do they get this from. But they get it from their parents and that's a fact.

The family moved from Bakersfield, CA to Montana because as the mother put it, "Bakersfield wasn't white enough." The music that they sing praises Nazis, and they wear t-shirts with Hitler smiley faces on them. Their website states, "This music is intended for white people." Ooh little girls, what are you going to do if a Black, Hispanic, Asian person, or anyone of another race visits your website? Are you going to threaten them? I wouldn't doubt it. The neighbors handed out fliers informing the town about this family and what's going on. Now these neighbors are receiving threats.

It's one thing to be proud of who you are. It's another thing to be a bigoted, racist, ignorant, hateful, disgusting excuse for a human being. I don't give a damn if these are children we're talking about. These two bigoted, racist, ignorant, hateful disgusting excuses for human beings are going to be adults someday with the same attitude. It's bad enough that there are adults in this country who think this way. It's even worse when they pollute their children's minds with this bullshit. But it's not surprising!!

Controversy: Thin Models Banned From Runway Shows In Spain

Spain has decided to ban extremely thin models from their runway shows. I agree with that decision for many reasons.

As a society, we have decided that thin equals beauty. Instead of looking beyond the physical, we have placed enormous emphasis on that very thing. If a woman weighs five pounds more than what is deemed her appropriate weight, she's considered to be too fat. If a woman weighs a bit more than that, she's considered obese.

If the fashion industry doesn't want to acknowledge that fashion and models have a direct impact on how a woman or young girl views themselves, they're wrong. Let's face it, a lot of young girls want to look like models. They want to be thin because society teaches them that thin equals beauty. Society teaches them that if they're thin, they'll be accepted. But if they're not, they'll be shunned and ridiculed. I'm not saying that the fashion and modeling industry is responsible for eating disorders because I don't think they are. What I am saying though is, they're not doing enough to be accepting of people who don't look like skeletons. The average woman is not stick thin. Yet, the fashion industry designs clothes with a stick thin woman in mind. There's nothing wrong with having "plus" size models in a fashion show, alongside the thinner models. However, I don't think that you're going to see that anytime soon.

As I said before, I think Spain was right in banning extremely thin models. If they're that thin, they shouldn't be on a runway. They should be in a hospital with an IV attached to their arms. It's only a matter of time before a model drops dead on the catwalk because she's starved herself one too many times. Who's going to take responsibility then?

Oops, You Were Tortured By Mistake!!

How ridiculous is the AOL headline, Tortured By Mistake? I would take it to mean that it's okay if you're tortured if you're guilty. But oops, you were tortured by mistake so I guess we must apologize. Funny, I haven't heard an apology uttered at all in this case. Let me guess what the apology will be. Here's $50,000 for your troubles. Now shut up and go away.

If you don't know what the story is about, I will sum it up for you in simple terms. Maher Arar, who was traveling on a Canadian passport was sent to Syria by the U.S. because they suspected that he had ties to Al-Qaida. They claim that he was sent there to be "interrogated." Instead, he was tortured. The truth has finally come out. Maher Arar had NOTHING to do with Al-Qaida. He was an innocent man who did absolutely nothing wrong. The U.S. and Canadian governments refused to cooperate with the inquiry into this incident. Big Surprise!!

What have I learned from reading about this incident? Plenty!! Interrogation doesn't mean interrogation. It means torture. The U.S. government does whatever it wants to whomever it wants whenever it wants. They don't care if they have the wrong person, or if their information is false. In fact, it's been proven in the past that they have false information but claim it as fact without questioning what the consequences of their actions may be. Can you say, IRAQ?

Is the U.S. government sorry for what they did to Maher Arar? Hell no!! You know damn well that they would do it again without hesitation. After all, they would use the excuse that they were protecting the American people from terrorists. Who cares about that pesky little thing called the truth? Maher Arar had to be a terrorist. I mean, look at his name. Look at his face. Doesn't he fit the profile of a terrorist? To that, I say go to hell you bigoted, racist sons of bitches!! Maher Arar did nothing wrong. Maher Arar is not a terrorist. He was an innocent man that the U.S. government decided to target. They sent him off to be tortured, and didn't blink. They ruined his life. They haven't apologized. They don't care!!

Welcome to reality people!! What happened to Maher Arar can happen to anyone. If you disagree, think again!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Religion Under Attack?

Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy. Conservatives are complaining that religion is under attack. They're not talking about every religion. They're talking about Christianity. These are the same people who bash Islam on a daily basis. Yet, now they're bitching because Christianity is supposedly under attack. Get out the violins. Get out the kleenex. Someone please shed a tear!!

Why are they bitching about Christianity being under attack? They claim that because they're Christian and choose to voice their opinion on topics such as homosexuality, they're being targeted. Well, how does it feel? For years they've been targeting homosexuals. For years they've been trying to deny them their rights every chance they get. They want to deny them medical benefits. They want to deny them the right to adopt children. They want to deny them the right to get married. Yet they have the nerve to piss and moan because people are attacking them for their bigoted beliefs? It's people like this that make me sick. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. Too bad!! They'll get no sympathy from me. They deserve it!! Here's an idea. Let's see if they can follow it. Why don't they try growing up, and acting like a human being for a change? Why don't they try treating everyone with respecting instead of bashing and trashing others simply because they don't agree with their "lifestyle?" Maybe if they tried doing those things, they wouldn't be attacked. Maybe if they grew a soul, they wouldn't have a problem. Until then, shut up and take the criticism. Shut up and act like a decent person. If not, they shouldn't expect people to treat them with respect. It's kind of hard to respect someone who is evil, and hateful on a daily basis.

Gee, I wonder why they're being attacked!! Ooh, I can't guess!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BYU Professor Put On Leave After 9/11 Claims

A BYU professor has been put on leave after making the suggestion that the World Trade Center was brought down by explosives.

The University said, "It's concerned that his work on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues." What would those appropriate scientific venues be BYU? The last time I looked, he is entitled to say what he wants, when he wants, and have it published wherever he wants. I didn't know that he needed BYU's permission to have his work published, or BYU's approval of appropriate venues for his work.

Again, this story doesn't surprise me. If you question the "official" story of what happened on September 11, 2001, you're a traitor. You're a terrorist sympathizer. You're aiding and abetting the terrorists. You're unpatriotic. You're a lunatic. You should be shot. There's plenty more that's been said.

The point here is, this professor is entitled to say what he wants. Believe it or not, he's not the only person who doesn't believe the "official" 9/11 story. He should be reinstated immediately. If not, he should file a lawsuit against BYU for discrimination. It's a clear violation of his rights because BYU doesn't agree with what he has to say so they suspended him. They're trying to silence him because they don't like what he said, and because he didn't play by their rules.

Morning After Pill in Chile Stirs Debate

The morning after pill in Chile is causing a debate to erupt. The Catholic Church believes it's a form of abortion. Conservatives think it's wrong to give the pill to women and girls. People argue that it's promoting sexual activity. Yet while they're bitching and moaning about it, they're not even taking into consideration that children are having children. They're not taking into consideration that some of the people receiving these pills are victims of rape. But why the hell would they care about that? After all, isn't bearing children a woman's purpose in life? Who cares how you become pregnant!! Just have the damn baby because otherwise you're a murderer!!

We live in a screwed up world when a church thinks it can dictate what is moral and what is not. We live in a screwed up world when a church and other people think it's okay to force women and girls to have babies that they don't want. We live in a screwed up world when a church and other people condone rape if a pregnancy is involved. They may not openly condone it. However, by saying that the woman or child should have that baby even if they were raped, they're condoning the rape. We live in a screwed up world when a church and other people think that they have a right to control our lives, and go so far as to think that they have a right to control our bodies.

US Embassy Attacked, Al Qaeda To Blame?

The US Embassy was attacked in Syria today. It's no surprise that Al Qaeda would be blamed. Although there's no proof about who was responsible, officials believe that an Al Qaeda offshoot group is responsible. Of course we're going to blame Al Qaeda. Don't you know that they're responsible for everything that happens in the world? Also, isn't it interesting how we all of a sudden come up with these offshoot groups of Al Qaeda that have either never been heard of before, or they're groups that were never linked to Al Qaeda until something happens?

No Gulf War Syndrome?

According to a VA report, there is no such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Really? Then how do you explain what's wrong with the military members who served in the Gulf War? I can't say that I'm surprised by this report. After all, for years they've denied that those people were ill. They've told them that it's all in their heads.

Shut up and do something for the vets. Diagnose their illnesses. Treat them. But stop telling them that their illnesses don't exist. Anybody with a brain knows what has caused their illnesses. It's the chemical and biological agents that they've been exposed to. I'm sure that the government and the VA will deny that too. Just sweep it under the rug, and call people delusional. That's what you're good at!! After all, why should you be expected to tell the truth?

Blair Visits Lebanon While Lebanese Protest

Tony Blair called his visit to Lebanon a "success." How would you define success Tony? Is it a success when the majority of people hate you? Is it a success when people call you a killer? Is it a success when people tell you to go to hell? Is it a success when people tell you to bow before the Lebanese children you murdered? Is it a success when people who are supposed to meet with you refuse to do so? Yeah, that's really a success!!

Tony Blair needs to take his delusional attitude and go somewhere else with it. What did you expect Tony? Did you expect the people of Lebanon to open up their arms to you? Did you expect them to give you hugs and kisses? Perhaps you expected them to throw flowers at you. But they're not because you're just as guilty as the Israeli government, the Israeli military, and the U.S. government for the death and destruction in Lebanon. You had every opportunity to condemn what was going on. You had every opportunity to try and stop the violence. But you chose not to. You chose to allow the atrocities to happen. You chose to allow planes to take off from airports in England, planes bound for Lebanon that were carrying the tools of death. Nobody is going to greet you with open arms. NOBODY!!

Blair Speaks, People Walk Out

Tony Blair gave a speech today at the TUC annual conference. Some members of the audience got up and walked out on him. Others booed as he spoke. During his speech, Blair said "Those who protest are perfectly entitled to do it, but you are doing precisely what those who do not want a Labour government want. Not very sensible."

When are you going to get it Tony? They're not protesting because they don't want a Labour government. They're protesting because they're sick of you. They're protesting because they don't want you anymore. Tony Blair is so blind that he can't even understand why people protest. He's so blind that he can't even see that he's only doing more harm by remaining Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown, likely the next British Prime Minister condemned those who walked out and praised Blair. Of course he's going to kiss Blair's ass. He wants to be Prime Minister so badly that he'd probably say or do just about anything in order to make sure that happens. Good luck "Brownie" because you're going to need it. If you think this is bad, just wait until you become Prime Minister. People aren't going to play nice, nor should they be expected to. Welcome to the world of POLITICS!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mentally Disabled Rape Victim Has Abortion, Catholic Church Pissed

Why the hell not? I mean, if they think that a child should be forced to carry a rapist's fetus to term, why not force a mentally disabled rape victim to have her rapist's fetus too?

The 25 year old woman from Argentina has the mental capacity of a four year old. Yet, the Catholic Church didn't seem to give a damn about that either. Oh I know, let's force her to have the fetus, and then she can play with the fetus as though she's playing with a little doll. She won't know the difference!!

This is exactly why I can't stand some religious people. When people take their religious beliefs so far as to believe that children who are raped and mentally disabled people should have to carry the fetus of their rapist's to term, they have clearly lost their mind. They have crossed the point of no return because they have reached total insanity. They don't care about anything or anyone except for the life of that yet to be born fetus. They don't care that the fetus was created out of an act of violence against people who don't have the mental capacity to consent. They don't care that the victims of rape will suffer trauma for the rest of their lives. They simply just don't care!! It's about a fetus that hasn't been born yet, and only about that fetus.

Isn't it funny how these people are the first to bitch about an abortion, but don't bother to line up in the adoption line to adopt that fetus? Isn't it funny how these people are the first to bitch about an abortion, but don't give a damn about the fetus once it's born?

Pro-life my ass!! You're insane!!

More Idiots!!

I came across a message board that was discussing the subject of the 11 year old Colombian girl who had an abortion after being raped. Some of these people are absolutely insane.

One poster said that girls that young are giving birth. Then the poster made a comment about how 3000 years ago girls that young were married and starting families. Absolutely insane!! Is this poster suggesting that it's somehow justifiable to force a child to give birth to the baby of a rapist simply because girls that young are having babies? Is this poster suggesting that because girls that young were married and having families 3000 years ago, they should be now? Is the poster suggesting that this little girl should have been forced to carry that child to term, and then play house with her rapist?

Where the hell is the logic in anything this moron said?

Another moron said, the murder of an unborn child is much more evil than the rape of an 11 year old child. Are you fucking serious people? Who in their right fucking mind could sit there and basically say that rape is less evil than abortion? The child wouldn't have needed an abortion if her bastard stepfather hadn't raped her in the first place. But, forgive me oh righteous ones. Rape isn't evil. What the hell was I thinking? Let's make rape legal. I mean after all, we don't have any rights to our own bodies. So, why not just sit there and let children and women be raped? I mean, who really cares. Just make sure that if they become pregnant as a result of it, they must be forced to carry that child to term. After all, the life of the rapist's fetus is far more important than the woman or child who is carrying it. Who cares if the woman or child didn't consent. Who cares if the woman or child will undergo trauma, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Just make sure they stay pregnant. That's more important!!

People are out of their minds, but don't you have to have a brain in the first place? I'll be back again soon!!

Group Of Idiots

In response to the legal abortion performed on an 11 year old CHILD in Colombia, I've decided to post people's ridiculous comments on the matter when I come across them. Here is a comment by a group of idiots. She's not a woman you morons. She's a CHILD!! Apparently you don't give a damn about that. You only care about forcing the CHILD to have a rapist's baby.

To borrow a phrase from Mike Malloy, have I told you yet how much I hate these people?

I'll be back with more idiotic comments from people on this matter.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Dead

I woke up this morning to the news that the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was dead. Call me heartless. I don't care!! Granted, it's horrible that his wife is now a widow and his children are fatherless. But quite frankly, it's his own damn fault that he's dead.

He was shooting footage for a show that he was doing with his daughter when this happened. According to some reports, he "accidently" cornered the stingray, and that's when he was stabbed by its barb. How does one accidently corner an animal? What do you expect to happen when you corner an animal or torment an animal? Do you expect that animal to be friendly? Do you expect that animal not to attack? Of course animals are going to attack you when you do something like that. It's their only means of defense. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Did he ever hear of underwater cameras? There was no reason why he should have been in the water with the stingrays. There was no reason why he should have "accidently" cornered that stingray. Yet he was in the water, and he did corner the stingray. That's why he's dead. He could have easily avoided his own death.

I've spent some time reading message boards dedicated to this topic. The majority of comments I've read are completely laughable. Several people said that they're lost, and don't know what to do now that he's dead. Others have said that he's a hero. Get a grip people!! The people posting these messages didn't know him personally. Yet, they act like their life is directly impacted by his death and will never be the same. Cut the drama already!! He is no hero. He was reckless right up until the end. This is a man who thought nothing of it when he dangled his infant son in one arm while feeding crocodiles, and acted shocked at the criticism and outrage he faced because of his reckless behavior. This is a man who angered and cornered animals for entertainment purposes. I knew it was only a matter of time before he was killed by some animal that he pissed off. However, I thought it was going to be a crocodile that would kill him.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blair And His Ridiculous Ideas, Again!!

Tony Blair is at it again with his ridiculous ideas. This time he wants the government to intervene in families to prevent children, including those who are unborn, from becoming "menaces" to society. His targets are unmarried and teenage mothers.

Under his plan, teenage mothers would be required to accept aid and could face consequences if they refuse. What are the consequences Tony? Are you going to demand that their children be taken away from them if aid is refused? If that's the case, I suggest that all those children are sent to your home Tony. Perhaps you can raise them!!

Blair has no moral ground to stand on. In 2000, his oldest son was arrested for underage drinking. Way to go Tony!! You did a great job parenting your child!! Does he honestly believe that children who grow up privileged don't become "menaces" to society? That's a bunch of bullshit, and he knows it. This is just an attempt to trash teenage and unmarried parents.

What is his next ridiculous idea? We all know he has one!!

Blogger Out Of Jail!!

A U.S. blogger is out of jail on bail, after being jailed for contempt for refusing to hand over videotape of a protest to a grand jury. Let's hope he remains out of jail. I'm proud of him for standing up for his rights, and not caving to the pressure or punishment he was and continues to face. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!!

Muslims Have To Prove That They're American Too?

When will this end? When are we going to stop forcing Muslim Americans to prove that they're American too? I would be polite and say that it's pretty damn pathetic. But, I'm not being polite. It's fucking asinine, criminal too. They are no less American than you or I. I'd call a Muslim my friend before I'd ever call a right-wing, bible thumping, conservative, Christian nut job my friend. I'm more fearful of them than I'd ever be of a Muslim. Yet nobody is questioning whether or not they're American.

People constantly use the excuse that because they're Muslim or of Middle Eastern heritage, they should face more scrutiny. Why? Because they look a certain way? That's pretty fucked up if you ask me. I have two words for you. Oklahoma City!! Remember shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing? Do you remember how we were so desperate to find a link to some Middle Eastern country? Do you remember how we tried to place the blame on Iraq, saying it was an Iraqi who blew up the building? No? I do!! I remember how desperate this country was to prove that it was a foreigner who was the mastermind behind the bombing. But it wasn't!! It was white American men. What's wrong with that picture? Oh, that's right!! They don't fit the typical profile of a terrorist. Bullshit!! They did it. Not some Muslim. Not some Middle Eastern man. It was white American men, one being a former military man. So the next time you say that Muslims and people of Middle Eastern heritage should be singled out for scrutiny, remember Oklahoma City. It was who everyone least suspected. Why? Because nobody was looking beyond our racist stereotype of what a terrorist is.

Muslim Americans don't need to prove that they're American. They already are. If you're so ignorant that you would stereotype them and demand that they prove that they're American, I don't want anything to do with you. You're un-American. You're racist. You're ignorant. You're a pathetic excuse for a human being, and you're not worth my time.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Once Again The Vatican Can't Shut Up!!

Once again the Vatican can't shut the hell up. They're denying that they have any plans to ex-communicate people involved in the abortion of the fetus of an 11 year old Colombian rape victim. This child was raped by her stepfather. But the Vatican doesn't care about that. Why would they? After all, these are the people who have done nothing to reign in the pedophile priests, and make excuses for their failure. That failure by the way should be considered aiding and abetting. They know it's happening, but do nothing to stop it.

How sick is the Vatican? They would rather have this child be FORCED to carry her rapist's (stepfather's) child to term, instead of acknowledging that this was the right thing to do. The Vatican and everyone else who agrees with their stance on this situation are nothing but pigs. They're no better than the stepfather who raped this child. Who gives a damn whether or not you ex-communicate those involved in the abortion or process to get this child an abortion. I don't!! I applaud those who helped this child.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's About Time!!

It's about time someone stood up for the right to Free Speech, and weren't afraid of the big bad BUSH REGIME!! Put a check mark in the book next to win for Free Speech!!

Winning in Iraq?

When will Bush learn? Winning in Iraq? This is about war you idiot!! There are no winners in war. In war, everyone is a loser. But keep on dreaming about your magical win in Iraq. Oh, but I thought it was Mission Accomplished? Perhaps your words were taken out of context, and you're just misunderstood. Perhaps not!!
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