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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Catholic Church Doesn't Impose, According To Pope

According to the Pope, the Catholic Church doesn't "impose." He also said, "For this reason, the encounter with others must be marked by tolerance and cultural openness."

That is bullshit!! The Catholic Church doesn't impose its religion on people. Is that why the Catholic Church is constantly trying to bring people into the church? Is that why they tell people to go out and spread the word? Not imposing? Like hell you don't!!

The comment about people needing to be tolerant and have cultural openness is also such a crock. Is that why the Catholic Church isn't tolerant of those who use birth control? Is that why they're not tolerant of those who have abortions for medical or other reasons? Is that why they're not tolerant of gay people, and refer to gays as sinners? Is that why they threaten or actually ex-communicate those who don't adhere to their outdated teachings? I mean, it's all done because they're tolerant, right?

The Catholic Church practices cultural openness? Apparently women don't fit into any culture. After all, they're not allowed a role in the Catholic Church other than as a nun. There's nothing more righteous than treating women as though they're second class. As I said before, they're not tolerant of gay people. Apparently that's because gays aren't part of a culture either.

But hey, if the Pope says that the Catholic Church doesn't impose its religion, is tolerant, and practices cultural openness than it must be so. Yeah right!! What a liar!!


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