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Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't Ask For A Raise, You May Get Shot!!

The moral of the story is, don't ask your boss for a raise. You may get shot DEAD!! That's not really the moral of the story, but you get what I'm saying!!

Police: Boss Killed Employees After They Asked For Raise

POSTED: 5:50 am EDT July 27, 2007
UPDATED: 5:41 pm EDT July 30, 2007

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Police say a business owner who was having financial problems shot and killed two of his employees after they asked him for a raise.

The suspect in the murders, 38-year-old Rolandas Milinavicius, turned himself in to East Point authorities Saturday. Officials said Milinavicius was the victims' boss.

East Point police said Milinavicius confessed to the killings. Officials said he told them he was under a lot of stress because of heavy debts with his business.

Milinavicius told authorities conversations in recent weeks with his only two employees about pay raises pushed him over the edge.

East Point detectives launched a nationwide manhunt for the Lithuanian native Thursday after his wife discovered the employees' bodies at R.M. Auto International on Willingham Drive near Central Avenue.

A 28-year-old man and 25-year-old woman had been shot to death.

"Motive was about money. There were some problems with money in the workplace and basically the stress of him being the owner and running a business got to him," said Capt. Russell Popham with the East Point Police Department.

Milinavicius faces two counts of murder. Officials said more charges are pending.

He is due to go before a judge at the Fulton County Jail Monday afternoon.

This is yet another example of the ridiculous things going on in this country, and they go largely unnoticed. But hey, get guns!! They're great!!

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Two Gay Men Arrested In Italy For KISSING!!

There's absolutely no discrimination against gay people. There's absolutely no hatred of gay people. Gay people are treated equally. Yeah, and I'll sell you the Colosseum!!

Gay men arrested for 'kissing' outside Colosseum

Italy's gay activists said yesterday they would organise a sit-in "with collective kissing" at the Colosseum to protest against the arrest of two men, for what police described as an "oral relationship". They risk being tried for public indecency, punishable by up to two years in jail.

Government politicians deplored the arrests as exemplifying a rising tide of harassment of gay people in Italy. But a carabinieri spokesman insisted the officers had merely applied the law.

The equal opportunities minister in Romano Prodi's centre-left government warned of a growing number of "homophobic acts of violence, vandalism and discrimination", some organised by the far-right. Health minister Livia Turco called the Rome arrests "excessive" and she hoped the two men would get an apology.

But a representative of the conservative Christian Democrats said the government was seeking to promote "the exclusion from the law of the gay caste". The chairman of the party, Rocco Buttiglione, whose views on gays cost him a seat on the European commission, said it wanted "to overturn at all costs the fundamental values of the nation".

A carabinieri spokesman insisted the "true discrimination would have been not to arrest [the two men]". An extract from the official report to prosecutors, published by the daily Corriere della Sera, said they "had their trousers and underpants down". But Fabrizio Marrazzo of the Gay Helpline said: "The Carabinieri can say what they like. Roberto and Michele insist it was just a kiss."

Okay, let's break this down for a second. The carabinieri spokesman says that the "true discrimination would have been not to arrest the two men". Let me ask this question. If they were simply applying the law as the carabinieri spokesman insists, how many HETEROSEXUAL couples have been arrested for kissing in front of the Colosseum or anywhere in public for that matter? I would truly love to hear the answer. But I can pretty much guess what that answer would be. Hmm...could it be...ZERO? Nah, it couldn't be!!

Oh, and don't you know that gay people just can't keep their damn pants on? I mean, according to the report, they "had their trousers and underpants down". Of course they did because all gay people think about 24/7 is having sex. They aren't capable of holding another thought!! Again, if you believe that I'll sell you the Colosseum.

Remember boys and girls, gay people AREN'T discriminated against on a daily basis throughout the world. They're not harassed. They're not tortured. They're not killed. They're equals, and are treated with respect. Yeah, on what planet do the jackasses who believe that live on? Clearly, it's not this one!!

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At Least His Parents Taught Him Something About Responsibility

You can love him or hate him. But at least his parents taught him something about taking responsibility for his actions.

Al Gore's Son Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

MONDAY JULY 30, 2007 01:35 PM EDT

By Ken Lee

Albert Gore III pleaded guilty to four drug-related charges in an Orange County court on Monday, and opted to enter a drug rehab program to avoid prison time.

Appearing with his lawyer before Judge Jacob H. Jager, Gore indicated to the court that he would enter an intensive 90-day residential center.

"This is what anyone coming off the street would be eligible for," said Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Susan Kang-Schroeder. "Gore didn't get any more or any less than anyone else."

Gore was carrying 140 pills of Vicodin, along with "dozens" of other medications when he was pulled over on July 4 in Southern Calif. while speeding in a Toyota Prius.

Deputies searched his car after they detected the smell of marijuana, and found prescription drugs including Xanax, Valium, Soma, Vicodin and Adderall, as well as a small amount of marijuana.

The former vice president's son has a history of encounters with the law.

In August 2000, he was ticketed for going 97 mph in a 55-mph zone in North Carolina, and had his driving privileges suspended.

Two years later, he was cited for DUI in Virginia. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year's probation.

And in December 2003, Gore was arrested for marijuana possession in Maryland after he was pulled over for driving with his headlights off. He was sentenced to drug counseling in that case.

A Gore family spokeswoman had no comment.

One thing I can say for Gore is that at least he's taking responsibility for his actions, unlike some people we know. He's not out there declaring his innocence. He's not out there saying that the drugs weren't his. He's not saying that the "black kid" was driving. He's owning up to what he did. He pled guilty to felonies among other charges, and did so without pissing and moaning. He didn't drag the issue out for months. He didn't try to cut a deal. He said I'M GUILTY, and he's prepared to go to rehab. I also think that he truly realizes that if he fails at rehab, he will most likely be doing some kind of stint in jail.

I have to give him credit where credit is due!! Perhaps some of these other people out there could learn a lesson or two from him. Lindsay? Paris? Nicole? Shemar? Are you paying attention? You may actually learn something!!

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CNN Quick Vote Of The Day...What A Joke!!

The CNN Quick Vote of the day is such a joke. Check it out!!

Quick Vote

Do you think Iraq's Asian Cup victory will help unify the violence-ravaged country?

Yes - 23% 10501

No - 77% 34973

Total Votes: 45474

My fellow Americans, CNN has apparently come up with the solution that will end the war, civil war, violence, death, and destruction in Iraq. The solution is SOCCER!! You see, if we can get Iraq to unify by winning soccer games then our problems are solved.

What a complete and utter JOKE!! Nice try CNN, nothing is going to unify all the people of Iraq except perhaps their desire for the United States to LEAVE!! Nice try!!

P.S. The "unification" didn't last long. Nice try!!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arming Saudi Arabia

Yes, let's arm a country that produced 15 of the 19 "hijackers" that attacked this country on 9/11. Let's just forget about that seldom-ever spoken fact. I mean, it's just common knowledge. But who gives a shit about that right?

U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia in works

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A senior administration official confirmed to CNN on Saturday that the United States is developing a proposed $20 billion, 10-year arms sales package for Saudi Arabia aimed at giving the Saudi military an upgraded capability to counter Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf region.

The proposed sale was first reported in the New York Times.

The official spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity because discussions remain ongoing with the Saudis. And, none of the terms of the package have been finalized.

The future of the package is expected to reverberate in Israel, which has been concerned about Saudi arms deals in the past.

“This is all about Iran,” said the official, who noted that the Bush administration is mindful at the same time that Israel must maintain its “qualitative edge” in the region.

One of the most potentially controversial portions of the proposed sale will be the first sale to the Saudis of satellite-guided bombs known as JDAMs. The sale may include both a 500-pound and 2,000 pound version of the aerial bomb.

The Israelis are said to be very concerned about the Saudis having that precision-strike capability. so the United States will discuss basing the weapons as far away from Israel as possible, the official said.

Other elements of the sale include new naval vessels, an advanced version of air-to-air missiles already used by the United States and advanced Patriot missiles.

This entire matter is expected to be a major portion of a meeting next week between Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Saudi officials.

The sale would have to be approved by Congress and the Bush administration is talking about the package at an early stage to avoid opposition from and controversy among lawmakers.

As usual, this is all about IRAN!! We're going to arm Saudi Arabia. And when (notice I say when and not if) one of those weapons is used against Iran, the United States can simply blame someone else. Then, they'll use that situation as an excuse to go to war with Iran. They'll use the excuse that they have to defend their allies against the BIG BAD EVIL IRANIANS, and the American people will be as stupid and as gullible as ever!!

Yes, let's arm Saudi Arabia!! When we do that, let's see where that gets us. Are all you war-loving jackasses prepared to sign up to go fight? Nope? Didn't think so!! You're too fucking cowardly to put your asses where your mouths are. Mark my words, this arms deal will lead to the next War on Terra (that's terror for all you braindead Bushites out there). This administration has been dying for a war with Iran, and now they've found their way to get what they want.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FOX "Source" Says Oscar Winners And Nominees Are To Blame For Lindsay Lohan's Addictions And Problems

I'm sure that you're all tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan. I couldn't help blogging about this though. According to a FOX "source", Oscar winners and nominees are to blame for Lindsay Lohan's addictions and problems. I shit you not!!

Members of Lindsay Lohan's Inner Circle Fear for Her Life

The atrocious behavior of Lindsay Lohan's parents is just one reason why the 21-year-old actress is in so much trouble now. That's what those who are really close to Lindsay and now fear for her life are telling me.

Between avaricious Michael Lohan's many media appearances Tuesday — which no doubt carried remuneration — and Dina Lohan's absence from her daughter's crisis, we can tell more about what happened to this girl than anything else.

But now my sources — who are impeccable on this matter — are scared for Lindsay.

"Dina didn't fly right out to see her yesterday when she got the news that Lindsay had been arrested again," my source said. "It's unbelievable. And her father's been on TV all day."

In the meantime, Lindsay spent her post-arrest hours with attorney Blair Berk and her assistant.

What happens next? Nothing good, that's for sure. Lohan, my sources conclude, is less likely to withstand a jail stint than Paris Hilton.

"She hates being alone — she can't do it," an observer said.

My sources fear for Lindsay's life, and surmise that, in some way, she is trying to kill herself.

The main difference between Lindsay and Paris: The latter actually has a strong family structure to lean on. Lindsay has nothing — nobody except people she pays.

"She's in some kind of pain that doesn't stop," my source said. "She's done drugs with all kinds of older movie stars, but they can stop when they want. She can't."

The fact is, my source said, Oscar-winners and nominees have guided Lohan down a pretty scary path not realizing that they were older, wiser and more in control than she.

It's hard to differentiate the craziness on TV talk shows — and Larry King, don't ask about his guests last night — from the Lindsay I've known for several years.

On Tuesday, a lot of people asked me: Is her career over? I think it's more important to wonder: Will her life be over?

Someone, somewhere has got to help prevent this girl from doing something tragic.

So, which Oscar winners and nominees are going to be blamed for Lindsay's problems? I really want to know that answer, not because I think that this "source" is telling the truth but because I want to see this "source" and Lindsay get their asses sued!! Who is "to blame" for Lohan's addictions and problems? It can't be Lindsay!!

If you're interested in knowing who could potentially be blamed, check out wikipedia.com under Academy Award. It has a list of all Oscar nominees and winners from the first ever award ceremony on up until today.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lohan Busted Again Less Than Two Months After First DUI

Yes boys and girls, your favorite "role model" has been busted again. Lindsay Lohan has been busted again for DUI, along with cocaine possession, transporting narcotics, and driving on a suspended license.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica early Tuesday morning -- her second bust in less than three months. But DUI was just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., 21-year-old Lohan was popped for possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license. Cops told TMZ that a "small amount" of cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

ITEM: A law enforcement source connected with the Lohan bust tells TMZ Lindsay was "a real bitch in the field." The source says Lohan, who was stopped at the intersection of Pico and Main in Santa Monica, was "uncooperative and showed obvious signs of intoxication." We're also told that Lohan refused to submit to a PASD -- Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device, but when cops administered a walk-the-line test, Lindsay flunked. Back at the police station, Lohan underwent a blood alcohol test and scored between a .12 and .13, well over the .08 legal limit.

ITEM: Lohan was then booked, an unflattering mugshot taken, and bail was set at 25 grand. She posted bail and was released early this morning.

ITEM: We're told Lohan was chasing a Cadillac Escalade, driven by the mother of Lindsay's assistant, who had quit just hours earlier.

ITEM: Ironically, Lohan was voluntarily wearing a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device around her ankle, which is supposed to sound an alarm if she's drinking alcohol. But TMZ called a honcho at SCRAM, who didn't even know she was arrested!

ITEM: TMZ has learned that Lohan's arraignment is set for August 24 at 8:30 AM. And how's this for scheduling conflicts? -- Lohan is scheduled to appear in Beverly Hills Court the same day for her Memorial Day weekend DUI bust.

ITEM: Lindsay's attorney Blair Berk issued the following statement to TMZ: "Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease. Since Lindsay transitioned to outpatient care, she has been monitored on a SCRAM bracelet and tested daily in order to support her sobriety. Throughout this period, I have received timely and accurate reports from the testing companies. Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed. The bracelet has now been removed. She is safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care."

If convicted of all her charges stemming from May and these latest charges, she faces SIX YEARS in prison!! If she doesn't get some kind of jail sentence for this, the whole Paris thing was clearly an effort to get fame and nothing more.

So let's see what we have here. On the one hand there's Paris who violated her DUI probation a few times for driving with a suspended license. On the other hand, you have Lohan who hasn't even been arraigned, tried, or sentenced for the first incident and she already has another DUI and drug possession charges pending. While Paris deserved time in the slammer, Lohan deserves even more!! She deserves at least a year or two!! If it were up to me though, she's be getting a whole lot more!!

I don't want to hear that people need to cut her some slack or that this is what people her age do. She doesn't need someone cutting her some slack because that's what they've been doing her entire life and look where that got her. Not everyone her age is a cokehead or a drunk. Not everyone her age is out there driving drunk. Yes, she has a problem and it's called addiction. But she deserves some punishment for her actions, and not simply a slap on the wrist.


If you have children, do them a favor. Don't let them "look up" to this woman as a role model. She certainly isn't one, and she certainly doesn't deserve to be one!! You may just save their lives!!

***The mugshot is courtesy of blogsmithmedia.com via tmz.com***

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angel? More Like The Angel Of Death!!

Courtesy of the Catholic News Service, this story had me laughing for hours!!

96-year-old priest who met pope describes him as 'like an angel'

By Catholic News Service

LORENZAGO DI CADORE, Italy (CNS) -- Father Armando Durighetto has seen a lot of popes in his time, but says Pope Benedict XVI is special.

"With his smile, he seems like an angel," he told Vatican Radio July 18, three days after his bishop introduced him to the vacationing pontiff in Lorenzago di Cadore.

"I love the pope," he said.

Father Durighetto -- pastor of the parish in Caposile, not far from Lorenzago di Cadore -- is the oldest active parish priest in Italy. He was born 96 years ago and was ordained to the priesthood 71 years ago.

Father Durighetto said the pope told him he prayed he would have even more years of ministry "because you can still do so much good."

After meeting the pope, the priest said, "I again thank the Lord for everything, for my 71 of years of Masses; I've celebrated 36,495. I've always thanked the Lord for this, and I can say I've never regretted being a priest."

"In reality, I think I need to be much more holy and much better given all the graces the Lord has given me," he told Vatican Radio.

Yeah he's special alright!! He's so "special" that he was a member of the Nazi Youth. Even Hitler wanted him!!

Angel? More like the Angel of Death!!

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Our Military At Its Finest?

We praise them. We glorify them to the point where our children want to emulate them. But what happens when they do things like this? Nobody says a damn word!!

LARAMIE, Wyo. - A tipster on horseback led authorities to the remote hideout of a former military sniper accused of fatally shooting his wife while she sang in a band.

As searchers closed in, David Munis, 36, shot himself with a rifle in the chest, authorities said. Munis was found at a small camping trailer about five miles outside the search area, Albany County Sheriff's Lt. Michael Garcia said.

He was flown to a hospital and pronounced dead, ending a daylong manhunt in the Rogers Canyon area about 10 miles northeast of Laramie.

"I'm glad it's over," Garcia said. "People in the community can feel more at rest, people in Rogers Canyon can feel more at ease."

Munis' estranged wife, Robin Munis, 40, was singing with a classic-rock and country group at the Old Chicago restaurant and bar in Cheyenne early Saturday when a bullet pierced a plate glass door and hit her in the head, killing her.

On Monday night, Munis' truck was found in the mountains north of Laramie, about 50 miles west of Cheyenne. About 75 heavily armed officers searched the area Tuesday.

Sheriff's officials said they knew little about the anonymous rider who called 911 on a cell phone. But they said he didn't live in the area at the foot of the Laramie Range where he was riding around 7 p.m.

Munis was charged with first-degree murder earlier Tuesday.

The Munises were recently separated, and Robin Munis had contacted police just hours before she was shot to complain that he was making harassing calls to her cell phone.

Investigators said it was unclear whether the shot that killed her came from the restaurant parking lot, about 25 yards away, or from an open green space, roughly 100 yards off.

Witnesses told police that a pickup matching the one owned by David Munis was seen leaving the scene.

A handwritten note of about six pages, addressed to "Everyone," was found at Munis' home, police said Tuesday. "I'm calling it a near-confession," Cheyenne police Capt. Jeff Schulz said. "He does not come out and say, `I did it.'" The police spokesman would not give details.

Police had suspected from the outset that Munis, a devoted hunter and outdoorsman, would flee into terrain where his training and experience could give him the advantage.

Munis has been a member of the Wyoming Army National Guard since 2003, was previously in the Army and was a 2001 graduate of the Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, Ga., according to the National Guard.

He was assigned to an infantry regiment at Ft. Campbell, Ky., according to Lt. Col. Kevin V. Arata, public affairs officer with the U.S. Army Human Resources Command. Arata said he couldn't determine from Munis' military records if he was ever in combat.

This cowardly son of a bitch wasn't even man enough to face his wife before he shot her. He chose to pick her off from a distance. This cowardly son of a bitch wasn't even man enough to own up to what he did. He wasn't even man enough to face the consequences for what he did. Instead, he chose suicide.

He MURDERED his wife. There's no excusing this one away. But I'm waiting for the excuses. At this point they don't know if he was "ever in combat." If he was, I can see the excuses flowing. They'll probably go a little something like this:

"He was a tormented soul. He saw his fellow soldiers dying all around him, and something inside of him just snapped."

"He had post traumatic stress disorder from the war."

"He was a good man, and wouldn't hurt anybody."

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, FUCKING BLAH!! If I hear even one reference to this pig being a hero, I swear that I will spew the entire wretched contents of my stomach upon the jackass that says it!!

Is this the military at its finest? Of course it is!! We teach them to kill or be killed, period!! More and more they're using that lesson on INNOCENT people. Doesn't it just make you so proud?


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Novak: "Women Are Vicious Towards Bush!!"

Ask me if I care!! Come on, ask me!! Bob Novak says that women are vicious towards Bush.

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show yesterday, conservative pundit Robert Novak claimed that “women, particularly,” are making our current political discourse more “vicious”:

Hugh Hewitt: “The political dialogue, public and private, becomes more rancorous. The dissenters, particularly the Negro, poor and the war protesters turn to direct action, and most uncivil disobedience. What this adds up to is nothing less than a rejection of conventional forms of political action.” It goes on. Do you see the same thing playing out again now, Robert Novak?

Novak: I hate to say it, but I think the hatred toward George W. Bush is just mad. I listen to, sometimes in the car radio, on talk shows, and the venom that comes out of the mouths of some of these women, particularly, I’m not trying to be sexist, but they’re so vicious toward him. And I don’t think that really contributes. And also, the bloggers, I don’t read the bloggers very much, but it is really, it’s really vicious.

Negro? They're called BLACK PEOPLE you dumbass!! But I wouldn't expect you to use the word BLACK. If you could, you would have said ******. The only reason you didn't was because you know you'd get your ass beat if you did!!

As for Bob Novak, why shouldn't women be "vicious" towards Bush? This is a man who tries every single way he can to turn back the rights of women. This is a man who is trying every single way he can to turn the control of a woman's body over to MEN. This is a man who is trying every single way he can to revoke our right to CHOICE. This is a man who literally hates WOMEN, and his actions represent the evidence to back up that statement. Hell Bob, we're not vicious enough in my opinion. I will not be satisfied until every woman in this country hates this son of a bitch!! Bob Novak hasn't seen vicious!! He wouldn't know vicious even if it were to bite him on the ass.

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Fox: "Condoms Don't Prevent Pregnancy."

Fox says that condoms don't prevent pregnancy.

Fox has refused to air a national Trojan condom commercial because it objects “to the message that condoms can prevent pregnancy.” But according to the Food and Drug Administration, “latex condoms greatly reduce the risks of pregnancy” and are “the most effective method for reducing the risk of infection from the viruses that cause AIDS, other HIV-related illnesses, and other STDs.”

Really? If condoms don't prevent pregnancy, why does my mother only have three children and not more? Oh wait, that's because CONDOMS PREVENT PREGNANCY!! I guess this is what happens when abstinence-only is touted and actual SEX EDUCATION isn't discussed.

Remember people, don't use condoms to prevent pregnancy. Condoms don't work. If you use a condom, not only is it laced with AIDS (see previous posts about that lie touted by the Catholic Church) but it doesn't prevent pregnancy!!

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Bye Bye Little Harriet!!

For the second time, Harriet Miers has failed to comply with a Congressional subpoena.

In a letter sent to House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI), George Manning, the attorney for former White House Counsel Harriet Miers, said that because of President Bush’s claim of executive privilege, “Ms. Miers will not appear before the Committee or otherwise produce documents or provide testimony as set forth in the Committee’s subpoena.” The Committee has previously warned that if Miers does not comply with the subpoena, she may face contempt of Congress.

Bring on the Inherent Contempt charges!! She could have avoided all of this!! All she had to do was show up, sit in a chair, and say nothing. I hope she enjoys the color orange because that's what she's going to be wearing if Congress has the balls to do this!! And little Georgie Bush can't do a damn thing about it!! He can't pardon her if she's charged with Inherent Contempt. He can't commute her sentence if she's charged with Inherent Contempt. I ask, was it worth it Harriet? Was kissing little Georgie's ass worth it?

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"I'm A Lot More Like Lorena Bobbitt Than Hillary!!"

Does this sound like Lorena Bobbitt?

This is a woman who was asked in 2000 how she would react if her husband cheated on her. She said, ``I'm a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me.'' Yesterday she came out and said, "I made the decision to love him and to recommit to our marriage. To forgive is not always the easy choice, but it was, and is, the right choice for me," she said. "I am proud to be Wendy Vitter." So which is it? Is she a woman who would go Lorena Bobbitt on her husband for cheating? Or is she a good little wifey who sits at home, bakes cookies, and waits for her lying, cheating husband to come home so she can tell him what a good husband he is? Dollar signs is all I have to say!! Dollar signs!!

She also made a plea "as a mother" to the media to give her family some privacy, noting that reporters have been staking out their home and church.

"I would just ask you very respectfully to let us continue our summer, and our lives, as we had planned," she said.

Good Lord!! Leave you alone? David Vitter brought this upon their entire family. He did this, not the media. Where was Wendy Vitter when the Clinton family was being torn to shreds over Bill's blowjob? Did Wendy Vitter demand that the media give that family space, and let them live their lives the way they planned? Hell no!! Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot because of her lying, cheating husband, this bitch comes out and demands that people leave them alone.

Hey Wendy, maybe your scumbag husband should have thought about that before he picked up the phone to dial the escort service!! Maybe your scumbag husband should have thought about that before he admitted to being connected to the escort service scandal!! You have your husband and only your husband to thank for all the media attention. Deal with it!!

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Vatican Hypocrisy!!

The Vatican lies. What else is new?

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Sexual abuse of children is not just a Catholic Church problem and other institutions should take steps to acknowledge and deal with such "wickedness" within their own ranks, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

While I agree that sexual abuse of children is not just a Catholic Church problem, how dare the Catholic Church tell others that they need to deal with it when the Catholic Church has NEVER dealt with it. The Catholic Church's idea of dealing with pedophile priests and nuns is to:

1) Pay off the victims so that they don't contact police to make a complaint, press charges, talk, etc.

2) Move the pedophile priests and nuns around from parish to parish, thus ensuring that the abuse can and will continue.

3) Not contact police and not report abuse.

4) Completely ignore the abuse, and act as though nothing happened.

5) Protect the pedophile priest or nun.

Yeah, that's really dealing with the abuse problems!! That's really helping the victims.

The Vatican's chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, also said the record $660 million settlement between the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and victims of sexual abuse was an attempt to "close a painful chapter and look forward."

"The Church is above all clearly pained by the suffering of the victims and their families, by the deep wounds caused by the grave and inexcusable behavior of some of its members," Lombardi said.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! The $660 million settlement is nothing more than a bribe!! It is a bribe to ensure that the victims don't speak. It's a bribe to ensure that the victims don't tell their stories. It's a bribe in order to save the Catholic Church's ass!! This is an attempt to sweep what happened, or rather didn't happen, under the rug. This is an attempt to wash it all away, and start all over while failing to accept responsibility for what happened.

The Catholic Church doesn't give a damn about the victims and their suffering. The Catholic Church only gives a damn about saving their own ass. If the Catholic Church truly cared about the victims, they would have turned these pedophile priests and nuns in the second they became aware of the abuse. If the Catholic Church truly cared about the victims, they wouldn't have hesitated to do the right thing. Instead, they CHOSE to cover it all up. They CHOSE to lie. They CHOSE to move these people around. They CHOSE to ignore what was happening. They CHOSE to allow this abuse to keep happening. The $660 million settlement is nothing more than a slap in the face to each and every victim of the Catholic Church. It is a mockery of what they went through, and will forever go through.

In his interview with Vatican Radio, Lombardi spoke of the "sacrifices" the settlement would impose on the archdiocese.

The settlement funds will come from the archdiocese selling real estate assets, including the archdiocese's headquarters, insurers and various Catholic religious orders.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, forgive me if I don't give a damn about the "sacrifices" that the archdiocese will now have to make in order to pay off this bribe. Forgive me if I don't give a damn that the archdiocese will "suffer" because of this. What about the sacrifices that the VICTIMS made? They can never get their childhood back. They can never undo the abuse that they suffered. They will never be the same, no matter how much money the Catholic Church throws at them. Sacrifices my ass!! The only sacrifice the Catholic Church is making here is parting with money. WOW!! BIG DEAL!!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Immigration Hypocrisy

Yes, I'm going to bitch about this until the end of time!! The United States has displayed yet more hypocrisy when it comes to immigration.

SAN FRANCISCO — Seventeen-month-old Hazelle Roa has curly black hair in a pink lacy bow _ and a bright yellow feeding tube taped to her cheek.

That's the only way she can eat because of a little-known genetic abnormality that has kept her in a hospital much of her life. The condition also left her with a thyroid deficiency and a heart artery that is too narrow.

Victor and Maria Roa hope their daughter's life gets easier after delicate surgery Thursday to expand her constricted artery.

But they aren't sure what will happen to her two weeks later, when the couple is under orders to report to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement with their bags packed for a one-way trip to Mexico.

Hazelle, who was born in the U.S., has parents who are illegal immigrants. Hundreds of thousands of families are split by their immigration status, but the Roas' case comes with a twist: Hazelle's rare medical condition, which her doctors contend will require a lifetime of specialized care.

"It's so difficult as a father to think of what will happen to her if we're detained and she's in the hospital," said Victor Roa, 41, who juggles jobs chopping vegetables in a restaurant and driving a truck on nights and weekends. "If a child is sick, you never want to separate from her. It's impossible."

Anti-illegal-immigration activists say the case argues against the policy written into the Constitution that grants automatic citizenship to everyone born in the United States.

"These people can sneak across the border, they have absolutely no connection with this country, and all of a sudden you have a brand new U.S. citizen on your hands that the rest of us become responsible for," said Ira Mehlman, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "Nobody feels good about saying no to a child, but the needs outweigh the available resources and difficult decisions have to be made."

What happens to American children of deportable immigrants _ whether they go with their parents or stay with relatives or the state _ is up to the family, said Lori Haley, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Roas don't want to take their daughter away from the team of top-notch physicians at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center who have followed her case from the beginning. They don't have other relatives in the U.S., and they can't imagine leaving her behind.

The Roas crossed the border illegally in 1990, and following poor legal advice, entered a frivolous case for asylum. In November 2004, the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled they were in the United States illegally and gave them the option of leaving on their own, Haley said.

When they failed to go by the deadline, the request became a deportation order. In May 2007 they got a letter telling them to surrender to immigration authorities on June 26.

The couple despaired. Two weeks before the deadline, they found a new attorney, David Lunas, who employed a new strategy _ Hazelle's health. He argued that the removal order should be canceled under a rule that allows undocumented immigrants to stay if their departure would cause extreme hardship to an American citizen.

On the day before the Roas were scheduled to leave, Lunas requested a stay of deportation. It was rejected.

"They didn't find the condition the child is in, to be without her parents, results in real hardship," Lunas said.

After some discussion with immigration authorities, the Roas and their attorney went to the immigration enforcement office on July 3 to request a year's stay. Six hours later, they left with a new deadline _ July 26.

That allows the Roas to be by Hazelle's side through Thursday's exploratory heart procedure, when a thin catheter carrying a tiny balloon will open her artery, and a diminutive camera will tell doctors if she needs further surgery.

Hazelle's doctors have written letters in support of her family. They say the Roas are clearly a loving family and their toddler needs their care.

"She's firmly attached to her parents, and for her to tolerate being in the hospital, having procedures done, she needs to have her parents there," said Stephen Wilson, medical director for the pediatric unit at UCSF. "The world of a 17-month-old is her parents."

Wilson added that Hazelle probably wouldn't get the care she needs outside of a leading facility like UCSF. "This isn't a routine case of pneumonia or asthma, something any old physician has experience with," he said in an interview.

And they don't know enough about her condition to be able to say whether her health will improve or deteriorate over time, but they do know that with their care, she'll suffer less.

"There's a likelihood that other problems will crop up. She'll need to be followed very closely," Wilson said. "It requires a team of physicians to get to know her well enough so adjustments can be made as they're needed."

Lunas is continuing to fight for a longer stay, or for the cancellation of the Roas' deportation order under the hardship rule.

"This is one of the provisions that's there for humanitarian reasons, one of the few compassionate provisions there are," Lunas said. "And theirs is the quintessential cancellation-of-removal case."

ICE officials say the agency reviews individual appeals case by case.

In the meantime, Hazelle's parents are left to cope with the uncertainty and financial burden of their complicated situation.

To cover their legal bills, they've sold many of their belongings, including furniture and shoes, in yard sales and to friends. Hazelle's medical expenses are mostly covered by state program that helps low-income children with chronic conditions.

"We want immigration judges to understand we're responsible parents, to look at our case and let us stay and take care of our daughter," said Maria Roa, 37. "No state agency is going to do the job raising her that we can do."

Just a month or so ago people were crying their eyes out over the "poor" wife of a missing soldier in Iraq. They were saying that she deserved to stay in the United States, and she has now magically been made a legal resident despite the fact that for six years she's been here illegally. They said how dare anyone deport her. They said how dare people be heartless and cruel. They said how dare we treat someone with disrespect.

Now, the United States is seeking to deport a husband and wife who have a very sick child who happens to be an American citizen. Why are they being deported? They're being deported because they're here illegally. This child is only seventeen months old. She needs her parents. They've appealed for a hardship exemption. Yet the United States has decided that the child WOULDN'T experience any hardship if her parents were deported. They have decided that the child WOULDN'T experience any hardship if she were left here without them. They have decided that the child/parent bond isn't important. In fact, they don't give a damn about this child. They said that they can take the child with them and leave, thus the government doesn't give a shit what happens to this child. They don't give a shit whether or not an AMERICAN CITIZEN gets proper medical care. What happened to the so-called respect for all human life?

Ah fuck it!! The United States doesn't give a fuck about people so long as they're Americans. And by Americans, I mean WHITE AMERICANS!! If you're an American citizen with Mexican parents, the United States says FUCK YOU!! If you're a very sick child who happens to be an American citizen but has Mexican parents, the United States says FUCK YOU!!

I predict that there will be no exceptions made for this family and this child. They will not be given a free pass like the military wife was given!! They will be deported. The little girl will either be left here without her parents, thus becoming a ward of the state. Or they will ship her ass back to Mexico with her parents, receive half-assed medical care, and probably end up dead. Then what?

Never mind!! Like I said, the United States doesn't give a shit about its own citizens. Have you heard anything about Pedro Guzman lately? Nope? Didn't think so!! He's the mentally-challenged American citizen who was ILLEGALLY DEPORTED TO MEXICO!! Nobody can find him, and the United States government won't bother to look for him.


The family was given a one-year reprieve. BIG FUCKING DEAL!! One whole year!! Wow, we're so generous!! How about permanent residency? This child is going to need specialized care, maybe for the rest of her life. Yet, they only get one year.

You know what, they should just take their daughter and seek medical care in another country. To hell with the United States. This country is full of hypocrisy and those running it are nothing more than thugs!! Tell the United States to go fuck themselves, and leave!! Go to Cuba. Go to France. Go to some other country that is not going to kick your ass out because they have no fucking soul. Your daughter would be better off!!

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McCain Co-Chairman Arrested For Soliciting A Sex Act From Undercover Officer

You gotta love those stupid Republicans. They sure can make you laugh!! All they have to do is something like this, and you'll be left laughing for years!!

McCain state co-chairman arrested for soliciting sex

(CNN) - A day after four of Sen. John McCain’s top political strategists stepped down, the Arizona Republican’s presidential campaign was dealt another setback when the co-chairman of his Florida campaign was arrested Wednesday for allegedly offering an undercover police officer money for a sex act, Titusville police said.

Florida State Rep. Bob Allen faces charges of solicitation for prostitution after he was arrested in a Titusville city park that had been under surveillance, police said.

He allegedly offered an undercover police officer $20 for the unspecified act.

Allen told CNN affiliate WFTV the incident was “a very big misunderstanding.”

“This is a very gross mistake, a very big mistake,” he said, adding that this is what the judicial system is for.

Allen said he helped build the park, and was there looking around.

There was no initial comment from the McCain campaign.

In March, the McCain campaign issued a news release on its Florida leadership team, saying, “Allen will serve as a House co-chair for Senator McCain’s campaign.”

Allen was elected to the Florida House in 2000.

His arrest comes a day after McCain’s campaign manager Terry Nelson and chief strategist John Weaver announced their departures in joint statements released by the campaign.

Earlier this week, U.S. Senator David Vitter, the southern regional chairman for Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign, was linked to the so-called DC Madam’s escort service.

Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, said in a statement, “This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible. Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and from my wife in confession and marriage counseling.”

It was the second blow for Giuliani’s campaign. Last month, South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, the state chairman for Giuliani’s campaign, was indicted on federal cocaine charges.

You can't make this shit up!! Man!! Now I don't want to hear some Republican, right-wing dumbasses sending me comments about how it's unfair to go after somebody's sex life or to bring up sex scandals. Turnabout is fair play bitches!! You impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a blowjob!! It's only fair that we expose your hypocritical, lying asses!! But we haven't had to do that. You're doing it for us all on your own.

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Christians Aren't Intolerant, Hate-Filled Bigots!! Yeah Right!!

A few protesters interrupted a Hindu prayer on Thursday at the U.S. Capitol, and were arrested. Imagine, Christians being intolerant little hate-filled bigots!! Nah!! Can't be possible!! You see, all Christians are good people. They're loving and kind. They respect people. They respect other religious beliefs. Yeah right!!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three protesters disrupted a prayer by a Hindu chaplain on Thursday at the opening of a U.S. Senate hearing, calling it an abomination and shouting slogans about Jesus Christ.

It was the first time the daily prayer that opens Senate proceedings was said by a Hindu chaplain.

Capitol police said two women and one man were arrested and charged with causing a disruption in the public gallery of the Senate. The three started shouting when guest Chaplain Rajan Zed, a Hindu from Nevada, began his prayer.

They shouted "No Lord but Jesus Christ" and "There's only one true God," and used the term "abomination."

Religious figures from various faiths have said the prayer, which is normally recited by a Christian chaplain.

Barry Lynn, executive director of religious watchdog group Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said the protest showed the intolerance of the "religious right."

"I don't think the Senate should open with prayers, but if it's going to happen, the invocations ought to reflect the diversity of the American people," Lynn said in a statement.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had invited Zed.

"I think it speaks well of our country that someone representing the faith of about a billion people comes here and can speak in communication with our heavenly father regarding peace," he said after the disruption.

Get over yourself bitches!! There are other religions out there besides Christianity. Deal with it and shut the hell up!!

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Mother And Child Kicked Off Plane

The Not-So-Quiet American said it best!! Check it out!!

If it had been me, I would have smacked that flight attendant. I wouldn't give a shit if I was arrested or not. The bitch deserves it!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reporter Fired In Missing Mom Case

A reporter covering the case of missing mom Lisa Stebic has been fired.

CHICAGO — A television reporter who lost her job after being videotaped wearing a swimsuit at the home of a man whose estranged wife is missing says she's "devastated," according to a published report.

Former WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson told the Chicago Sun-Times she knows she "made a lapse in judgment," but she thought the station would suspend her and then support her.

In a story in the Sun-Times' Wednesday editions, Larry Wert, the station's president and general manager, said the matter was "a complicated issue" and "a close, tough call." He praised Jacobson's work as "a valued member of the team for more than 10 years."

The video, posted on a rival TV station's Web site, showed Jacobson wearing a halter bikini top and towel near the pool at Craig Stebic's suburban Plainfield home. Jacobson's two young children and a bare-chested Stebic also are shown in the video shot Friday.

The video raised questions about the ethical conduct of the veteran reporter, who had been assigned to cover the disappearance of Craig's wife, Lisa Stebic.

Jacobson told the newspaper she was on her way to go swimming with her kids on her day off when Stebic's sister, Jill, invited her to the house to discuss the case.

"My kids were in the car with me," Jacobson said. "It was a way for me to do my work and have fun with my kids."

She said the video didn't show others who were at the home, including Craig's sister and other children.

"If a tape didn't exist, I know I would still have my job," she said. "The video they used was not indicative of the situation."

Jacobson admitted she did not handle the situation properly. "I know I made a lapse in judgment," she said. "I know it and I apologize for it. But I'm a competitive person and I did it to advance the story."

I'm sorry, but come off it woman!! Did she honestly think that the station was going to simply "suspend" her and then "support" her like she says? Get real!!

I know she won't answer the questions because she doesn't know about my blog, but I'll ask them.

How would you feel if it turns out that the husband IS responsible for the disappearance of Lisa Stebic? I'm in no way saying that he is. I'm simply saying, what if!!

How would you feel knowing you exposed your children to him if it turns out that the husband IS responsible for the disappearance of Lisa Stebic?

How would you feel knowing that you exposed yourself to him if it turns out that the husband IS responsible for the disappearance of Lisa Stebic?

I don't think she would feel that great!!

If she knows that she made a "lapse" in judgment, why did she do it in the first place? And why in the hell is she blaming whoever it is that shot the video footage? She says, "If a tape didn't exist, I know I would still have my job." In other words, she doesn't truly think that what she did is wrong. She's just sorry that she got caught doing it. She says right there, if the tape didn't exist she'd have her job. Then she justifies what she did by saying that she did it to advance the story. Again, she doesn't truly think that what she did is wrong. She doesn't think that potentially endangering her children in order to get the story was wrong. She doesn't think that potentially endangering herself in order to get the story was wrong.

I totally agree with the decision to fire her. She crossed a line that she shouldn't have. Quite frankly, if he does turn out to be responsible for Lisa Stebic's disappearance, she'll be lucky if she's not facing child endangerment charges!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only Catholic Churches Are True Churches

The Pope is at it again with his bullshit!! This time, he says that only Catholic Churches are true churches.

LORENZAGO DI CADORE, Italy - Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday that says Orthodox churches were defective and that other Christian denominations were not true churches.

Benedict approved a document from his old offices at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that restates church teaching on relations with other Christians. It was the second time in a week the pope has corrected what he says are erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council, the 1962-65 meetings that modernized the church.

On Saturday, Benedict revisited another key aspect of Vatican II by reviving the old Latin Mass. Traditional Catholics cheered the move, but more liberal ones called it a step back from Vatican II.

Benedict, who attended Vatican II as a young theologian, has long complained about what he considers the erroneous interpretation of the council by liberals, saying it was not a break from the past but rather a renewal of church tradition.

In the latest document — formulated as five questions and answers — the Vatican seeks to set the record straight on Vatican II's ecumenical intent, saying some contemporary theological interpretation had been "erroneous or ambiguous" and had prompted confusion and doubt.

It restates key sections of a 2000 document the pope wrote when he was prefect of the congregation, "Dominus Iesus," which set off a firestorm of criticism among Protestant and other Christian denominations because it said they were not true churches but merely ecclesial communities and therefore did not have the "means of salvation."

In the new document and an accompanying commentary, which were released as the pope vacations here in Italy's Dolomite mountains, the Vatican repeated that position.

"Christ 'established here on earth' only one church," the document said. The other communities "cannot be called 'churches' in the proper sense" because they do not have apostolic succession — the ability to trace their bishops back to Christ's original apostles.

The Rev. Sara MacVane of the Anglican Centre in Rome, said there was nothing new in the document.

"I don't know what motivated it at this time," she said. "But it's important always to point out that there's the official position and there's the huge amount of friendship and fellowship and worshipping together that goes on at all levels, certainly between Anglican and Catholics and all the other groups and Catholics."

The document said Orthodox churches were indeed "churches" because they have apostolic succession and that they enjoyed "many elements of sanctification and of truth." But it said they lack something because they do not recognize the primacy of the pope — a defect, or a "wound" that harmed them, it said.

"This is obviously not compatible with the doctrine of primacy which, according to the Catholic faith, is an 'internal constitutive principle' of the very existence of a particular church," the commentary said.

Despite the harsh tone of the document, it stresses that Benedict remains committed to ecumenical dialogue.

"However, if such dialogue is to be truly constructive, it must involve not just the mutual openness of the participants but also fidelity to the identity of the Catholic faith," the commentary said.

The document, signed by the congregation prefect, U.S. Cardinal William Levada, was approved by Benedict on June 29, the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul — a major ecumenical feast day.

There was no indication about why the pope felt it necessary to release the document, particularly since his 2000 document summed up the same principles. Some analysts suggested it could be a question of internal church politics, or that it could simply be an indication of Benedict using his office as pope to again stress key doctrinal issues from his time at the congregation.

If you want to be a dick, be a dick!! Everyone knows you're a dick. Well, everyone except for the brainwashed morons who follow every word this jackass says!! But who the hell is the Pope to say that only the Catholic Church is the true church, and that all the other churches aren't real churches? Who the hell gave the Pope authority to declare that? "God"?

This is why I hate religion!! You get these psychotic bitches who think they're all great and powerful. They think that they rule the world. Perhaps "God" will knock the Pope down a peg or two, and he'll truly understand what it means to be humble instead of being a fucking jackass!! He thinks he speaks for "God" and perhaps "God" might start getting pissed!! Regardless, the Pope will forever be a fucking jackass!!

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Bush Writes Gaddafi A Letter

George Bush wrote Gaddafi a letter.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush has written Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi saying Washington wants to strengthen ties with Libya, Libyan news agency Jana reported.

The news agency said Bush's homeland security adviser, Frances Townsend, handed Gaddafi the letter when she met him in Tripoli late on Monday.

"We have achieved a great deal since we restored relations between the United States and Libya. I believe both our peoples have benefited from the development of these relations," Jana quoted Bush as saying in the letter.

Jana said: "President Bush affirmed in his letter the willingness of the United States to develop and reinforce its relations with Libya."

The United States resumed diplomatic relations with Libya, which had been severed for 24 years, in June 2004 after Libya announced the previous December it was abandoning its weapons of mass destruction programs.

In May 2006, Washington announced it would restore full diplomatic ties with Tripoli.

But the case of six foreign medics condemned to death in Libya on charges they infected hundreds of children with the virus that causes AIDS is a hurdle to deepening Libyan ties with the European Union and the United States.

Both Brussels and Washington have urged Tripoli to free the medics, five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, who say they are innocent and were tortured into confessing.

Libya's Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on the medics' appeal on Wednesday.

Jana did not say if Bush's letter raised the medics' case.

In Washington, a senior State Department official said on Monday that if Libya's Supreme Court ruled against the medics, he hoped the case would quickly be referred to the country's High Judicial Council, which has the power to commute sentences or issue a pardon.

I was able to obtain an exclusive copy of that letter. Here it is!!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

First Libby, Now Ethiopia

First Bush commuted Libby's sentence, claiming it was too severe. Now, the U.S. government is telling Ethiopia what to do in their court of law. This, from a government led by a man who had no problem executing people as the governor of Texas. When did Bush become a judge? Hell, for that matter, when did he become a lawyer? Oh wait, I forgot!! He's the KING OF THE WORLD!!

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States expressed surprise Monday by an Ethiopian prosecutor's push for the death penalty for 38 opposition figures convicted of plotting to overthrow Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

US officials instead called for the government to move toward national reconciliation in dealing with the 38, who were convicted in a trial last month for planning a coup against Zenawi in the wake of disputed 2005 polls.

"The United States is surprised by the recommendation by the Ethiopian government prosecutor that the High Court sentence the 38 opposition leaders found guilty on June 11th with the death sentence," said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

"We call on the Ethiopian government and High Court to take action in making a final sentencing determination which is consistent with the greater objectives of bolstering the rule of law and promoting much-needed reconciliation."

The 38 are among more than 100 opposition figures put on trial for the coup plot in the wake of elections in 2005 which the opposition claims were rigged.

The group included four journalists as well as Hailu Shawl and Bernahu Nega, two top members of the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy party.

A senior US official who asked to remain anonymous said the measured US response to the prosecutor's recommendation stems from a desire not to impede negotiations ongoing between the government and the opposition over the case.

"There is a separate process that is under way. It's an informal process where the sort-of leaders of the Ethiopian society are working with the government on some sort of reconciliation to this," the official said.

Excuse me? The last time I looked, Ethiopia wasn't run by the United States government. If they want to seek the death penalty against these people, that is their right. The United States government has no business getting involved here. Now they think that they can dictate appropriate punishments in other countries!! What's next George? Are you going to commute their death sentences?

Despite the fact that I'm against the death penalty, I believe that Ethiopia has a right to impose whatever punishment they are allowed to under ETHIOPIAN LAW. Once the punishment is decided, people can bitch. But the United States government needs to stay the hell out of this matter. They don't like it when other countries say something to them, so SHUT THE HELL UP!!

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Beard Equals Terrorist

This story is completely asinine!!

(July 9) -- Metallica's Live Earth performance almost faded to black before it even happened, thanks to British airport officials who held their lead singer at a terminal because of his "Taliban-like beard."

According to the British newspaper The Times, as reported by the New Zealand Herald, metal pioneer James Hetfield was held up and subjected to a line of questioning due to his facial hair following a tense week in the United Kingdom after foiled terror plots and an attack in Scotland.

The Times reports that airport security officials were embarrassed and let Hetfield go after he explained he was a member of the legendary rock band.

I ask you, does this look like a terrorist? Even if you don't know who James Hetfield is, does this look like a terrorist? I'm not stereotyping someone by race or religion because anyone can be a terrorist. I'm simply pointing out that this doesn't look like a damn terrorist to me. If I didn't know who James Hetfield was, my first thought would be WRESTLER. He's built like one. My second thought would be PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE. My third thought would be MUSICIAN. I would have never said TERRORIST.

If the musical equipment didn't tip them off to who he was, they're either completely braindead or completely paranoid!! Hell, they're that and much more!!

Terrorist my ass!! I guess everyone with a beard must now beware when traveling. They might be stopped, detained, questioned, and potentially arrested simply because they didn't shave that day!!


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

U.S. Knew About Scotland Being A Target Two Weeks Prior To Attack

According to a new report, the United States knew about Scotland being a target two weeks prior to the attack on the Glasgow airport.

In other developments today, it emerged that US law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago which warned of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against "airport infrastructure or aircraft", according to ABC News.

An unnamed senior official told the US broadcaster that the intelligence led to the assignment of federal air marshals to flights into and out of both Glasgow and Prague in the Czech Republic.

The US Homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, declined to comment on the report, but yesterday told ABC News that "everything that we get is shared virtually instantaneously with our counterparts in Britain, and vice versa".

The intelligence reports also warned that airports and aircraft in the Czech Republic could be the targets of al-Qaida-connected terrorists, ABC News said. Similar warnings last month led to air marshals being deployed on flights into and out of Germany.

Strathclyde police's chief constable, Willie Rae, has said his force had been given no prior warning of Saturday's Glasgow airport attack, in which a burning Jeep tried to crash into the building.

During a press conference after the incident, he said: "There was no prior intelligence to suggest that Scotland was going to be the target of a terror attack."

A spokesman for the Scottish Executive maintained that position yesterday.

So Mr. Chertoff, you are a fucking liar!! You claim that you share the intelligence immediately with Britain. Yet, nobody knew anything!! After last week's London incident, officials came out and said that they had no clue this was coming. They had no idea that a plot was underway. The same thing goes with the Glasgow incident on Saturday. Nobody had a clue.

Who is the fucking liar now? I believe British and Scottish officials when they say they knew nothing. Why do I believe them? I believe them because I have no reason to believe that they're lying, unlike the United States who is the biggest fucking liar on the entire planet!! I believe them that they had no idea anything was going on. I believe that they were caught completely by surprise.

The United States didn't share anything with them because otherwise someone would have known something. Someone would have been paying attention. There's only one airport in Glasgow, and the "intelligence" said that there could be an attack against 'airport infrastructure or aircraft' in Glasgow. It doesn't take a genius to know that if you only have one airport in Glasgow and there's a potential attack against it, you beef up security and protect that airport. But that didn't happen. Why? Because the United States said nothing!!

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Monday, July 02, 2007




By the way, I'm done with this country. I'm leaving, and it's no joke!! I'm sick of this beyond corrupt government. I'm researching the requirements for moving to another country, and I'm going!! I've had it, and I'm leaving ASAP!!


CNN Anchor To Former Terrorist: "It's Always Good To Have You."

I shit you not!! One of the anchors on CNN was speaking to Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist about twenty minutes ago. As the interview was coming to a close, she said "It's always good to have you." She said this to a TERRORIST!! It's great to have a terrorist on as a guest!! Nice!!

Walid Shoebat joined the PLO during his "youth" and participated in terrorist attacks against Israel. He was eventually caught during a "botched bombing attempt" against Israel. But it's okay!! You see, Walid Shoebat is a "reformed" terrorist. He's a good former terrorist. He has denounced Islam, and has become pro-Israel. He's an Evangelical Christian, and has become an American citizen. So, of course it's great to have him on CNN. Hell, why not elect him President!! Oh that's right, he wasn't born here. Well, that can be easily solved. All Congress has to do is pass a private bill allowing him to become President!!

GOOD LORD!! These people are insane!! But that's the media for you, and they aren't LIBERAL!!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

No Special Treatment For The Military And Their Spouses? Yeah Right!!

Yes, I'm going to bitch about this story again. It's my right!!

The military and their spouses don't get special treatment? Yeah right, and pigs fly!!

BOSTON (AP) - A woman whose soldier husband is missing in Iraq has gotten her green card after authorities threatened to deport her for entering the U.S. illegally.

Yaderlin Hiraldo Jimenez walked out of a Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Buffalo, N.Y., on Friday with her permanent residency papers, her lawyer said.

``She was moved to tears,'' attorney Matthew Kolken, who accompanied his client, told The Boston Globe for Sunday's editions.

``Her immigration problems have been solved in their entirety and now her focus is completely dedicated to her hope and desire that she's going to see her husband again,'' Kolken said.

Army Spec. Alex Jimenez, of Lawrence, Mass., has been missing since his unit was attacked in Iraq on May 12.

His wife illegally entered the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in June 2001, paying $500 to a smuggler and walking three days from Mexico to California. The couple were married in 2004.

Jimenez's request for a green card and legal residence status for his wife alerted authorities to her situation.

She has been living in Pennsylvania and had been facing deportation but an immigration judge put a temporary stop to the proceedings after Jimenez was reported missing.

Last month, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said his agency would end the deportation case. He said in a letter to Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., that ``the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families deserve our greatest respect.''

Kolken said his client hopes to apply for citizenship and to attend college.

``She commented about how much she loved this country,'' Kolken said.

This woman walked into the immigration offices less than a few weeks after being told she wouldn't be deported, and walked out with her green card. If only all immigrants could do that!! But they can't!! Why is that? Because they're not worthy of a green card. After all, "the military and their families deserve our greatest respect." That includes being allowed to break the law, and that's exactly what this woman did!! Now she's being rewarded with a green card. How much do you want to bet that she'll have her citizenship in less than a month?

All illegal immigrants, should walk into the immigration offices and demand a green card. Oh wait, as soon as they walk into the office they'll be arrested and deported. How stupid of me to think otherwise!!

And someone had the nerve to argue with me that the military and their spouses don't think they're above the law and aren't treated that way. What the hell do you call this then? If it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, it's bullshit!! By the way, you know who you are so don't bother to comment and ask me why I have no heart!! This woman knowingly and willingly broke the law, and people are just willing to look the other way because her husband is in the military and is missing. She should be treated like everyone else, and she's not!!

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Six Hours Of My Life That I Will Never Get Back

Today, I watched the Live tribute to Princess Diana in honor of what would be her 46th birthday if she were still alive. That was six hours of my life that I will never get back. But, at least it gave me something to bitch about. And bitch I will!! I even took notes!!

While watching the concert, I decided to give an award (not literally) for the biggest asinine act of the evening. I had a really hard time deciding because some of these acts were just atrocious!! I eventually narrowed my list to three, and finally decided on the winner.

Third place goes to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. His appearance was absolutely horrible. He went from declaring himself American ROYALTY in a backstage interview to dedicating the song 'Every Breath You Take' to Princess Diana. Now you might be asking yourself, "Why is that so horrible?". His version of the song that he declared a "tribute" to Princess Diana was the exact same version that he dedicated to Notorious B.I.G. in 1997, complete with the references to B.I.G. in it!! He didn't change a word!! He also makes the top three because he asked the crowd to clap their hands for all the people who have died in this senseless war, and for all those who weren't at the concert (I'm assuming because they're dead). Hey jackass, you don't clap your hands for those who are dead. You shout that it's bullshit that they're dead. You boo!! You bitch!! You don't clap your hands like you're applauding the fact that they're DEAD!!

Second place went to Ricky Gervais from Britain's The Office. I didn't get his schtick at all, and he wasn't the least bit funny. In fact, the more he went on, the more inappropriate his schtick became!!

The most ASININE ACT award goes to Kanye West, and deservedly so!! I actually like Kanye West, to a point. But the point of this concert was to honor Princess Diana. He essentially started off by bitching for a brief second about having only seven minutes to perform so everyone needed to pay attention. He then proceeded to begin his performance with his song GOLDDIGGER. In case you haven't heard the lyrics, check them out. Yeah, that's a real nice tribute to her!! A song about a golddigger!! Nice!! Near the end of the song, the words Golden Digger or Golden ****** popped up on the video screen. I may be wrong, and anyone is free to correct me. But I swear it said the second one and not the first. At the end of the song, the word ****** was said twice by someone other than Kanye.

After this, he proceeded to sing bits and pieces of some of his other songs. He threw in the song 'Diamonds' at the request of either Prince Harry or Prince William. This song is supposed to be about blood diamonds, but the lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with that. Check out the lyrics if you don't believe me.

Apparently none of these people know what blood diamonds are, and don't really care to educate themselves. They think this song is great!! Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a war zone, and they are sold to finance these wars. People are literally dying because of blood diamonds. But hey, let's sing the song during a tribute for a woman who was totally against war, death, and the like!!

Some of the stupid comments of the evening came from the mouth of Kate Thornton, VH1's British co-blow by blow announcer for the event. Man, if I had a buck for every single time she said something stupid I would be a billionaire. Here's a little bit of what she said.

"No need to panic London, we're in safe hands." - This was in reference to Kiefer Sutherland, aka Jack Bauer from 24 being there.

"Fergie was one of Diana's favorite singers." - Although Fergie had previously been in a band called Wild Orchid, she didn't shoot to fame until 2003 with The Black Eyed Peas. She also didn't shoot to fame as a solo artist until her solo album was released in 2006. This was long after Princess Diana was DEAD!!

She made some comments about thumbing their noses at the terrorists, and showing them that they couldn't stop people from being there. This was a tribute for Princess Diana. This was not about kicking the asses of terrorists. This was not about starting shit with other people, just to start shit.

The most ridiculous moment of the entire concert goes to Prince Harry. After Elton John opened the concert, William and Harry came up on stage to say something and to introduce the second act. When it was Harry's turn to speak, he started off by wanting to say hello to his fellow soldiers in Iraq. He pissed and moaned about how he wished he could be there with them but he couldn't. Go play soldier if you want to so badly. Stop bitching about how it's unfair that you can't go. Nobody cares to hear the whining!! If his mother were alive, I think she would have kicked him in the ass for it!!

That was six hours of my life that I will never get back!! That was six hours of a supposed tribute to Princess Diana that really had more to do with bringing in the young people than anything else. Although they showed clips and talked about Princess Diana's contributions, that was the only thing about her in this entire concert. I think if they had actually booked acts that she would have known or listened to, they would have had only about 5 or 10 percent of the crowd that they actually had. The youth would have never attended!!

They had everything but the strippers, and they were pretty damn close to having that during the Take That performance. The only acts that really showed some class and respect for Princess Diana were Elton John and Rod Stewart.

It was pretty pathetic if you ask me. This is how someone honors their mother? It wasn't about her!! It was about what others wanted to see!! Hopefully the tribute on August 31st, the tenth anniversary of her death will be more respectful!!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more insightful bitching about this "tribute" to Princess Diana. What? You didn't think I was finished did you? I'm just getting started!!


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