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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Idiots!!

I came across a message board that was discussing the subject of the 11 year old Colombian girl who had an abortion after being raped. Some of these people are absolutely insane.

One poster said that girls that young are giving birth. Then the poster made a comment about how 3000 years ago girls that young were married and starting families. Absolutely insane!! Is this poster suggesting that it's somehow justifiable to force a child to give birth to the baby of a rapist simply because girls that young are having babies? Is this poster suggesting that because girls that young were married and having families 3000 years ago, they should be now? Is the poster suggesting that this little girl should have been forced to carry that child to term, and then play house with her rapist?

Where the hell is the logic in anything this moron said?

Another moron said, the murder of an unborn child is much more evil than the rape of an 11 year old child. Are you fucking serious people? Who in their right fucking mind could sit there and basically say that rape is less evil than abortion? The child wouldn't have needed an abortion if her bastard stepfather hadn't raped her in the first place. But, forgive me oh righteous ones. Rape isn't evil. What the hell was I thinking? Let's make rape legal. I mean after all, we don't have any rights to our own bodies. So, why not just sit there and let children and women be raped? I mean, who really cares. Just make sure that if they become pregnant as a result of it, they must be forced to carry that child to term. After all, the life of the rapist's fetus is far more important than the woman or child who is carrying it. Who cares if the woman or child didn't consent. Who cares if the woman or child will undergo trauma, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Just make sure they stay pregnant. That's more important!!

People are out of their minds, but don't you have to have a brain in the first place? I'll be back again soon!!


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