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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Go To Hell Charlie Rangel!!

That's right!! I said, go to hell Charlie Rangel. You sit there and spout your shit about how dare some foreigner come to the United States and bash Bush. Well guess what asshole? The next time you shoot your mouth off about someone from another country, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I mean after all, didn't you say that criticism of George Bush should be restricted to Americans? So remember that when you're criticizing Iran, North Korea, Iraq, or any other country or politician in the world. Shut your damn mouth!!

Once again, I applaud Hugo Chavez for what he said about Bush. At least someone had the balls to do it, instead of keeping their mouth shut like you pansy asses up there in Washington, D.C.. Why don't you grow a pair instead of blowing a pair!!


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