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Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally, Some Rational Thinking!!

When I first read a story about this, I thought for sure that the answer would be no. I'm actually pleased to hear that I've been proven wrong.

Romanian child rape victim allowed abortion

(CNN) -- A Romanian government committee has decided to allow a pregnant 11-year-old who was raped by her teenage uncle to have an abortion, a government spokesman said Friday.

The girl is 21 weeks pregnant -- too far along to have an abortion in Romania, where the limit is 14 weeks unless the pregnancy poses problems for the mother's health, said the spokesman, who asked not to be named.

The girl's parents had said they would take their daughter to Britain for an abortion if the committee did not allow her to have one in Romania. Abortions are legal in Britain up to 24 weeks.

It was unclear whether the parents would still take the girl to Britain following the committee's decision, reached late Thursday.

Church groups have opposed an abortion for the girl, the government spokesman said. The Romanian Orthodox Church has urged the girl to keep the baby, and has said it will take care of the baby if the family wants to give it up for adoption, he said.

The uncle who raped the girl has since disappeared, the Romanian Health Ministry said. Media reports say the uncle is age 19.

This was just yet another example of insanity on the part of a church. This is a child we're talking about. She was raped and became pregnant as a result of the rape. Yet, the Romanian Orthodox Church doesn't give a rats ass about that. All they're concerned with is making this child give birth, or taking the child to raise. The audacity is astounding!!

I have to give credit to the government committee. They made the right decision.

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Friday, June 27, 2008


Are people that stupid that they would fall for this bullshit?

Obama: Campaign proved 'the progress we have made'

(CNN) -- They beamed, hugged and praised one another. Their outfits even matched.

The long-awaited Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton unity event in Unity, New Hampshire, on Friday was carefully choreographed, with the images and speeches all designed to achieve one goal: returning Democrats to the White House.

Obama and Clinton appeared together in a town where they tied in the January primary.

"We may have started on separate paths ... today our hearts are set on the same destination for America ... to elect Barack Obama as the next president of the United States," Clinton said.

"We are one party; we are one America," she added.

The two Democrats walked onstage together to U2's song "Beautiful Day" as an enthusiastic crowd chanted: "Yes, we can!"

Large signs reading "Unite For Change" and "UNITY" were held aloft throughout the outdoor rally as an enthusiastic crowd cheered Clinton and Obama.

Obama praised the New York senator for helping "bring this country a new and better day."

"For 16 months, Sen. Clinton and I have shared the stage as rivals. ... But today, I could not be happier and more honored and more moved that we're sharing the stage," Obama said.

"I've learned from her as a candidate. ... She rocks! She rocks! That's the point I'm trying to make," he joked.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee also talked about the tension the two faced during the primary season.

"Now, I don't pretend that one election can erase all the past biases and outdated attitudes that we're still wrestling to overcome. And I know that there have been times over the last 16 months where those biases have emerged," he said. "But I also know that while this campaign has shown us how far we have to go, it has also proven the progress we have made."

Obama referred to the significance of the town's name and its primary, in which he and Clinton each received the same number of votes.

"It is fitting that we meet in a place called Unity, because the truth is, that's the only way we can solve the challenges facing this country. Today, we look back at the votes cast here in the snows of January not as 107 votes for Hillary Clinton and 107 votes for me but as 214 votes for change in America," he said.

Earlier, Clinton took aim at Sen. John McCain's candidacy.

"McCain is simply offering fours years more [of the Bush administration]. ... John McCain and President Bush are like two sides of the same coin, and it doesn't amount to a whole lot of change," she said. "If you think we need a new course ... vote for Barack Obama and get the change we need and deserve."

Obama also criticized McCain's stand on health care.

"You can go with John McCain's plans to do nothing, or you can stand side-by-side with me and Hillary Clinton and finally, once and for all, provide the health care that every American needs," he said.

The former rivals flew together from Washington. They shared a polite kiss on arrival at Reagan National Airport and sat side-by-side on the flight to New Hampshire.

Clinton campaign manager Terry McAuliffe said Friday that her team had been working to drum up support for Obama since Clinton suspended her campaign this month and endorsed Obama.

"We have done this now for three weeks," he said on CNN's "American Morning." "We've done conference calls all over the country to all of our people. 'OK, we tried. We gave it everything we had. Now we need to move forward and support Sen. Obama.' "

Asked about the possibility of an Obama-Clinton ticket, McAuliffe said, "I think if she were on the ticket, I think we honestly ... would control the White House for 16 years. ... But Sen. Obama's got to make that decision himself."

Obama has shied away from any talk of a possible joint ticket, although he's said Clinton "would be on anyone's short list."

"I think we will have a terrific time together in New Hampshire. And I think that she will be very effective all the way through the election," he said Thursday night.

This week, Obama asked top contributors to help Clinton retire her campaign debt of $22 million, about $12 million of which she loaned to her own campaign.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, each donated $2,300 Thursday to Clinton's campaign, which is millions of dollars in debt That's the maximum an individual can legally donate.

On Friday, Clinton and her husband, former President Clinton, each donated the maximum to Obama's campaign.

I wonder how long it took them to come up with the concept of Unity, and then to find a city in this country called Unity.

This is beyond disgusting. Clinton has whored (figuratively speaking) herself out to this man, and for what? He has trashed her left and right. He has talked shit about her husband. Yet, she is whoring herself out. She's pathetic!!

By the way Hillary, we're not going to vote for the "Messiah" because you tell us to. We're not going to vote for the "Messiah" because you're on your knees begging!! You, and the "Messiah" can go to hell!! You're both pathetic!!

As far as I'm concerned, this party can go to hell. When they decided that people were only half a person by allowing only a half a vote, they put the final nail in the coffin.

Party Unity my ass!!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

See, This Is What I'm Talking About

See, this is what I'm talking about.

Outraged, Politicians Vow to Execute Child Rapists Despite Court Ruling

NEW YORK — Angry politicians vowed to keep writing laws that condemn child rapists to death, despite a Supreme Court decision saying such punishment is unconstitutional.

"Anybody in the country who cares about children should be outraged that we have a Supreme Court that would issue a decision like this," said Alabama Attorney General Troy King, a Republican. The justices, he said, are "creating a situation where the country is a less safe place to grow up."

The court's 5-4 decision Wednesday derailed the efforts of nearly a dozen states supporting the right to kill those convicted of raping a child — and said execution was confined to attacks that take a life and to other crimes including treason and espionage.

At issue before the high court was a Louisiana case involving Patrick Kennedy, sentenced to die for raping his 8-year-old daughter in her bed, an assault so severe she required surgery.

In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote "the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child," despite the horrendous nature of the crime.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called the ruling "incredibly absurd," "a clear abuse of judicial authority" and said officials will "evaluate ways to amend our statute to maintain death as a penalty for this horrific crime."

Oklahoma officials said they, too, weren't ready to give up, and would "certainly look at what options we have," state senator Jay Paul Gumm said. "I think the people of Oklahoma have spoken loudly that this is one of the most heinous of crimes."

Even White House hopefuls joined the fray. Republican John McCain called the ruling "an assault on law enforcement's efforts to punish these heinous felons for the most despicable crime." Democrat Barack Obama said there should be no blanket prohibition of the death penalty for the rape of children if states want to apply it in those cases.

Forty-four states prohibit the death penalty for any kind of rape, and at least four states besides Louisiana permit it for child rape — Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. There's disagreement over the status of a Georgia law permitting execution for child rape, although Justice Kennedy said in his ruling that it was still in effect.

Following the ruling, all become unconstitutional.

In Texas, Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Wednesday that most Texans believe the death penalty is "an appropriate form of punishment for repeat child molesters. Our top priority remains protecting our most precious resource — our children."

But the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, a nonprofit victim advocacy group representing 80 rape crisis centers, applauded the ruling.

"Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member or close family friend," the group said in a statement. "The reality is that child victims and their families don't want to be responsible for sending a grandparent, cousin or long time family friend to death row."

Nationwide, only two men have been sentenced to death for sexually abusing children — both in Louisiana. The second case involves a man convicted of repeatedly raping a 5-year-old girl. Both men will get new sentences.

Several states, including Missouri, Alabama and Colorado had been considering similar laws.

In South Carolina, Republican Attorney General Henry McMaster said states could ultimately fight Wednesday's ruling by waiting for a change in the makeup of the Supreme Court, or by getting legislatures to redo death penalty laws.

Legal experts were divided on the potential success of such tactics.

According to Douglas Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University, the justices' ruling appears ironclad. "In the absence of death, the death penalty is off the table," he said. The court, he said, "could have left open the possibility of revamping child rape laws, by age for example, but it did not."

Law professor Deborah Denno of Fordham University wasn't so sure. It could be possible to argue for the application of the death penalty against attackers who "intended to kill" their victims, but didn't, she said. Or those who assault especially young children, such as toddlers.

They don't like the ruling, so they're pissing and moaning. In fact, they're saying FUCK YOU SUPREME COURT. They're going to execute people or attempt to execute people anyway.

Good luck with that one!! I hope their asses are arrested for violating the LAW!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Great "Messiah", You Are Not A JUDGE!!

Oh Great "Messiah", you are not a JUDGE!!

Obama splits with Supreme Court on rape executions

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he disagrees with a Supreme Court decision striking down the death penalty for child rapists, telling reporters Wednesday that states should be able to execute people for "heinous" crimes.

"I think that the rape of small child, 6 or 8 years old, is a heinous crime," the Illinois senator said. "And if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that does not violate our Constitution."

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that capital punishment can be applied only to murderers, striking down a death sentence for a Louisiana man convicted of sexually assaulting his 8-year-old stepdaughter.

The convict, Patrick Kennedy, would have been the first rapist in 44 years to be executed for a crime in which the victim was not killed.

Obama previously has said he believes the death penalty should be available to states, but that it must be applied fairly.

I love how bloodthirsty Americans piss and moan when they can't execute someone. This time, it's a child rapist. I would just like to point out a few things here.

First of all, the "Messiah" is only running for President. The "Messiah" is not the President. Second of all, even if he were the President he's not a JUDGE. A President signs bills into law. A President does NOT make the laws. A President does NOT interpret the laws. A President does NOT decide the constitutionality of the laws. Unless the "Messiah" plans to ignore the Supreme Court ruling and start executing people left and right if he becomes President, he needs to shut the hell up.

Psst...that's against the law by the way!!

To those who are bitching about not allowing executions for child rape, I would ask them several questions. Do they believe that pedophile priests and nuns should be executed as well? If not, why should they be spared? What would they do if they or someone they knew were wrongfully accused of raping a child, and got sentenced to death? If they believe that people should be executed for child rape, why not allow executions for rape PERIOD?

That's the thing that really gets me. People want to execute child rapists. Why wouldn't they push for the execution of rapists, regardless of the age of the victim? A rape victim is a rape victim. It doesn't matter how old the victim is. Rape is heinous. The victim will be traumatized forever. So, why make the distinction? If you're going to argue that child rapists are deserving of death, shouldn't rapists of adults be just as deserving?

Here's some comments on the CNN site for this story. They're ridiculous!!

Wow!!! Now I would not have thought he felt this way, I didn't see him as that kind. I personally endorse the death penalty, but I honestly didn't see Obama agreeing with me on this topic. It's not a primary issue at stake in this election, but it is a fundamental statement to me in where he stands. No nonsense straight talk. Want an answer, here it is: He endorses the Death Penalty. I like him more and more every day.

Yeah, there's a reason to vote for someone. He endorses the Death Penalty. KILL!! KILL!! KILL!! That's the American Way!!

How can you not equate someone who murders to someone who rapes a little girl/boy. It's sick, and the States have a right to apply the death penalty for sick bastards!

Finally, a way to deter sick minded people from doing this disgusting act!

It's simple!! They are two different CRIMES.

Child abuse is nothing less than an act of 'soul murder.' It strips the child of their innocent spirit forever.

So now we're going to start executing people for "soul murder"? Come on!! Where do these people get this shit from? I can see it now.

"Well your Honor, the defendant didn't actually murder anyone. He just murdered their soul. For that, he must be executed!!"

Mr. Obama thinks for real people and stands up for real problems.
Only the parents of a 8 year old would understand how henious this crime is…. I would say worse than a MURDER. Execute Them.

What happened to you conservatives now… looks like you have become the SOFTIES… you were always SOFTIES going after little things and leaving real problems aside.

Oh I see. You have to be a parent to understand that child rape is heinous. No sweetheart, you don't!! Rape is heinous!! I don't need to have a child to understand that. I'm not a fucking moron!!

Aren't Americans great?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Is A Worthless Bitch!!

Nancy Pelosi is such a worthless bitch!!

Clinton may run again, Pelosi says

(CNN) — Is Hillary Clinton done with presidential politics?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't appear to think so.

The California Democrat suggested Tuesday that the former Democratic presidential candidate may yet mount another run for the White House.

"I think her candidacy was a just a bright, bright moment for us and she may run again," Pelosi said at a breakfast with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

Pelosi also appeared hesitant to blame sexism on Clinton's loss to Sen. Barack Obama in the prolonged race for the party's presidential nomination. Clinton, along with several of her supporters, have suggested sexist attitudes among members of the media contributed to the New York senator's eventual loss.

“Sen. Clinton has advanced the cause of women in government and her candidacy has been a very positive tonic for the country and had a very wholesome effect on the political process," Pelosi said. "I really don’t know, I haven’t analyzed and the rest, I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time, but I just think it goes with the territory, I don’t sit around to say, ‘but for that."

Pelosi largely stayed on the sidelines during the lengthy Democratic presidential race, though she angered many Clinton supporters earlier in the campaign season after stating the party's superdelegates should not vote against the pledged-delegate winner. Many supporters of the New York senator took those comments to be an implicit endorsement of Obama, given it was clear at the time he would finish ahead in that count.

Several Clinton supporters were also upset with Pelosi after she repeatedly stated Obama and Clinton should not team up on the same ticket.

"I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she told CNN’s Larry King in late April of a joint ticket. “First of all, the candidate, whoever he or she may be, should choose his or her own vice presidential candidate. I think that’s appropriate. That’s where you would see the comfort level, not only how to run but how to govern the country. And there’s plenty of talent to go around to draw upon for a good, strong ticket. I’m not one of those who thinks that that’s a good ticket.”

If we're to believe that Hillary Clinton advanced the cause of women in government, then Ms. Pelosi has certainly single-handedly set the advancement of women back a lifetime. She has set us back not just in government, but in life. We gave this bitch the job she has now, and how does she thank us? She screws us time and time again. She doesn't do the job that we pay her to do. She needs to be fired!!

Pelosi also appeared hesitant to blame sexism on Clinton's loss to Sen. Barack Obama in the prolonged race for the party's presidential nomination. She said, "I really don’t know, I haven’t analyzed and the rest, I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time, but I just think it goes with the territory, I don’t sit around to say, ‘but for that."


The question was, is sexism to blame for Clinton not being the nominee? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!! There is no question that this country is sexist. There will never be a woman President in this country as long as there are bitches like Nancy who fuck women over left and right, and as long as there are men who will never accept a woman in power.

What the hell is Nancy really saying? Is she saying that sexism is to be expected? Is she saying that sexism is okay? She sure as hell sounds like it!! Sexism doesn't just "go with the territory". Right there she's saying "oh well, it's the boy's club so I'll just keep my mouth shut." Sexism is not okay!!

Nancy Pelosi is a worthless, useless bitch who is power hungry. She doesn't give a damn that she is screwing people over. She's pathetic!! As someone pointed out on the comment part for this story, I'm also disgusted that she's a woman.

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Bowing To Bigotry, Heinz Pulls Ad!!

What the hell are people afraid of? The wrath of bigots? Clearly, Heinz is!!

Heinz pulls ad showing men kissing

Heinz has withdrawn its Deli Mayo TV ad that featured two men sharing a kiss and apologised to viewers after the advertising regulator received about 200 complaints that it was offensive and inappropriate.

The Heinz Deli Mayo ad has been pulled after less than a week on air after viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that it was "offensive" and "inappropriate to see two men kissing".

Other complaints include that the ad was "unsuitable to be seen by children" and that it raised the difficult problem of parents having to discuss the issue of same-sex relationships with younger viewers.

"It is our policy to listen to consumers. We recognise that some consumers raised concerns over the content of the ad and this prompted our decision to withdraw it," said Nigel Dickie, director of corporate affairs for Heinz UK.

Dickie added that the campaign for the new Heinz Deli Mayo product, which was due to run for five weeks, was meant to be humorous and that the company apologised to anyone who felt offended.

The TV ad is the first by Heinz's new ad agency AMV BBDO since it won the £10m-a-year UK business last year.

AMV BBDO said that the concept behind the campaign is that the product tastes so good, "It's as if you have your own New York deli man in your kitchen."

Heinz's ad opens with a family on a normal morning routine with a young boy and girl getting ready for school and their father preparing for the office.

The young boy and girl go to the kitchen to get their sandwiches, which are being prepared by a man with a New York accent, dressed in a deli serving outfit, who they refer to as "mum".

When their father goes to get his sandwich he says to mum in the kitchen: "See you tonight love."

However, mum barks back "Hey, ain't you forgetting something?", at which point the two men share a kiss. Mum then sends the father off with the words: "Love you. Straight home from work, sweet cheeks."

The Heinz TV ad carried an "ex-kids" restriction, meaning it cannot be shown in or around children's programming, because Heinz Deli Mayo falls foul of Ofcom's TV ad restrictions relating to products that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

The ASA has not yet decided whether to investigate the complaints about the Heinz ad.

Heinz said it made the decision to stop airing the ad on Friday.

Offensive and inappropriate? It's no more offensive than seeing a man shoving his tongue down the throat of a woman, or a woman shoving her tongue down the throat of a man. It's no more offensive than being subjected to PDA by men and women.

The reality of the situation is simple. If this were a man and a woman sharing a kiss and loving words with each other, there wouldn't be a problem. There wouldn't have been a single complaint made. The ad would have never been pulled. And Heinz wouldn't have bowed to bigotry!!

It doesn't surprise me that bigotry is allowed to take place. It doesn't surprise me that bigots are allowed to control things. If the shoe were on the other foot they would be pissing and moaning, and rightfully so!! But since it's not, they think that being a bigot is perfectly acceptable.

I know who I will be boycotting!!

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Just Say No...To The Pope!!

I would love to be in Australia when the Pope visits.

Protesters to hand Catholics condoms as pope visits Australia

SYDNEY (AFP) - Catholics attending a mass by Pope Benedict XVI in Australia will be handed condoms by protesters angered by his opposition to contraception, homosexuality and abortion, organisers said Tuesday.

The protest will be staged by the NoToPope Coalition of Christians, atheists and gay groups during Catholic World Youth Day celebrations expected to draw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to Sydney next month.

"We will march to be with the pilgrims to hand out condoms to the pilgrims, the Catholic youth," spokeswoman Rachel Evans told a news conference.

"(We will) say to them, 'Take up the campaign within the Catholic church to allow the Catholic church to promote condoms'," she said.

The pope condemned millions of people worldwide to getting AIDS through his anti-condom policy, Evans said.

Apart from condom use, the peaceful demonstration would also protest the pope's stance against homosexuality and abortion, she said, describing the pontiff as "a bigot" over same-sex relationships.

A pastor from Sydney's Metropolitan Community Church, Karl Hand, said the pope was misrepresenting Christian views.

"I'm compassionate towards people who need condoms, who need abortions, who need all sorts of recognition of their relationship and it's just not being provided by this massive worldwide church," he said.

"A lot of the views being taken up by the pope are anti-humanity in general, so that's upsetting."

The coalition includes the Metropolitan Community Church, Atheists Sydney, Community Action Against Homophobia and the Socialist Alliance, among other groups, the statement said.

The coalition plans to hold a public rally in the city on July 19 and then march toward Randwick Racecourse, where pilgrims will be gathering for a papal mass the next day which is expected to draw 500,000 people.

The five-day celebration of Catholic youth has been billed as a major boost to the economy of Australia's largest city, attracting up to 125,000 international visitors.

But there has been a stream of grumbles over the event's cost, its impact on businesses as well as the inconvenience it will cause the city's residents.

The coalition said it would also protest state funding of almost 110 million dollars (104 million US) for an event staged by the Catholic Church, saying it should be spent on community services instead.

About 26 percent of Australia's 21 million people described themselves as Catholics in the most recent census, while 19 percent said they had no religion.

Pope Benedict XVI is due to arrive in Australia on July 13 and will take a four day holiday before joining the World Youth Day celebrations culminating in the papal mass on July 20.

Anyone who would argue with this group is an idiot. The group is right. The Pope and the Catholic Church condemn people to death from AIDS by not allowing the use of condoms. Not only that, but they lie about condoms. They tell people, specifically in Africa, that condoms are laced with AIDS. This is truly a crime against humanity. AIDS can be prevented, and they are knowingly refusing to allow that prevention to take place.

I would just love to be there when this protest happens. More people should be protesting this Pope, and the Catholic Church. The policies of the church are destructive, and they should be held accountable!!

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Who Shit Their Pants First?

Sarkozy was getting ready to leave Israel when a shot went off. I wonder who shit their pants first!!

Israeli Border Police Officer Shoots Himself at Sarkozy Departure Ceremony

BEN-GURION AIRPORT, Israel — An Israeli police officer fatally shot himself in the head on Tuesday at an airport departure ceremony for French President Nicholas Sarkozy, authorities said, sparking fear of an assassination attempt and prompting bodyguards to whisk Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert away from the scene.

Dark-suited men quickly ushered Sarkozy and his wife up the stairs of their plane as Olmert and Israeli President Shimon Peres were escorted to their cars. In a panic, Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, rushed up the stairs ahead of her husband.

The incident was over within minutes, and Olmert boarded the plane to inform Sarkozy what had transpired, witnesses said.

Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi confirmed that a policeman guarding the airport committed suicide just as Sarkozy was about to board his plane as a band was playing.

Another police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, denied reports that there had been an assassination attempt on the French leader.

The incident marred Sarkozy's three-day trip to Israel, a visit meant to improve relations between the two countries.

French presidential spokesman Franck Louvrier could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone. Another presidential spokesman who was on another scheduled flight out of Tel Aviv said he knew nothing about the incident.

Judging from the story, I'm going to take a guess that Sarkozy's wife shit her pants first!!

By the way, I find it a bit disgusting that they said "In a panic, Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, rushed up the stairs ahead of her husband." If she thought there was a threat and that they were being shot at, what was she supposed to do? Take a bullet for her husband? I realize that they weren't in danger. But seriously, was she supposed to stand there and let her husband get into the plane first? I wouldn't!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Is Not "____'s Katrina"

I'm getting really tired of hearing the Midwest flooding being referred to as "___'s Katrina". It's not!! It's not even in the ballpark of Katrina. To suggest that it is like Hurricane Katrina is not only an insult to those who survived it and the aftermath, but it's also an insult to those who died.

Yes, the flooding in the Midwest is horrible. But, it's not a Katrina-like situation. They weren't put in a football stadium, and left there to ride it out. The people aren't being left to die. These people aren't being shot at by police, or mercenaries. The people aren't being left without food and water. The people aren't being left in an unsanitary situation. I don't see any dead bodies (unless you now count the pigs who were shot) either floating in the water or being left to rot on the street. These people didn't have to climb into their attics to avoid drowning, chop through their roofs, and hope against hope that they would be rescued DAYS later. These people haven't been given toxic trailers to live in, and have those who gave them the trailers deny that they're toxic. These people aren't living in tent cities. These people haven't had supplies that were meant for them given away after sitting for two plus years, and have FEMA say that it's not NEWS.

They are being rescued. They are being or have been evacuated. They are being given food, water, and shelter.

They are alive which is more than I can say for the 1,000 plus people that this country LET DIE or MURDERED during and after Hurricane Katrina!! So the next time someone wants to refer to this as "___'s Katrina", think again!! This is not and never will be like Katrina. To suggest otherwise is beyond insulting!!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Larry King...So Stupid!!

Tonight on Larry King Live, Larry King said the stupidest thing anyone has ever said about someone dying. He was discussing the death of Tim Russert. He said that the worst thing about all of this is that he'll miss the Presidential election.

No, you stupid moron!! The worst thing about all of this is that he's DEAD!! His wife is now a widow. His son lost his father. His father lost a son!! That's the worst thing about all of this you jackass!! I don't think the answer would be that he would miss the fucking election if you were to ask the dead man what the worst thing about dying is!!

Geez, have some class!! I realize that's difficult, but do it anyway!!

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Earthquake Strikes Japan. Now Check Out CNN Headline!!

I realize that this is probably a typo. However, I had to mention it!!

At last two die as 6.9 earthquake rattles Japan

This was the headline for this story on CNN. Isn't it lovely? At last, people are dead!! Isn't it great?

Hasn't CNN heard of a thing called PROOFREADING?

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh Mr. Anonymous!!

Oh Mr. Anonymous!! How ignorant, how blind, how moronic!!

Pulling out of Iraq is going to mean that 3,500+ soldiers died in vain?

NEWSFLASH!! It's over 4,000 now. What's a number, right? They already died in vain for an immoral, illegal, unjustified war that has resulted in the murders of what is most likely millions of innocent Iraq men, women, and children. They didn't belong in Iraq. They died for no reason!! Pulling out now isn't going to change that fact!!

Mr. Obama "lets" his wife speak? Silly me, but I didn't realize that women have to get a man's permission to speak. We are not your bitches. We can speak whenever we damn well please. Having said that, I personally think that Michelle Obama is a bitch. She doesn't speak for me as a woman. She speaks for herself. But, let me ask this. What is there really to be proud of about America's history? Are we supposed to be proud that we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Oh yeah, that's really something to be proud of. Are we supposed to be proud that we allowed slavery in this country? Oh yeah, that's really something to be proud of. Are we supposed to be proud of all of the wars we got involved in, and murdered countless numbers of innocent people? Oh yeah, I'm so proud!! There is nothing to be proud of about America, and its history.

What is this shit about 30% black, and rubbing in his african americanism? You sound racist to me!! Barack Obama will not get my vote for several reasons, none of them having to do with his race. Barack Obama is bought and paid for by the corporations. He talks and talks, but has no ideas. Barack Obama has been portrayed as the fucking Messiah, and he has done nothing to change that portrayal. Barack Obama talks about change, but he isn't going to bring change. He's just like every politician. He's bought and paid for, and he's full of shit!!

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In The End, Cheaters Don't Win!!

History was made yesterday, but not the kind that everyone was hoping for. Big Brown lost the Belmont, and became the first Triple Crown favorite to come in last in a race.

Da' Tara romps at Belmont; Triple Crown fave Big Brown is dead last

NEW YORK (AP) -- When Big Brown turned for home, something wasn't right.

Jockey Kent Desormeaux knew the big bay colt was finished. Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr., who guaranteed racing's first Triple Crown in 30 years, knew it then, too.

Big Brown straggled home last Saturday, losing the Belmont Stakes to 38-1 long shot Da' Tara. Eased up in the homestretch, he was so far behind at the end that his margin of defeat wasn't even charted.

"He was empty. He didn't have anything left," Desormeaux said. "There's no popped tires. He's just out of gas."

Da' Tara went wire-to-wire, with 1-4 favorite Big Brown being eased up before he even finished the 11/2 miles, the longest and toughest of the three classics.

Big Brown arrived at Belmont Park undefeated in five starts, winning all of them by a combined 39 lengths. His path to history seemed even more certain when unbeaten Casino Drive was scratched in the morning because of a bruised left hind hoof.

But he ran third most of the way until Desormeaux asked him for one of his explosive runs on the far turn.

"I had no horse," Desormeaux said, in stark contrast to Dutrow's unabashed pronouncements to the very end that a Triple Crown victory was "a foregone conclusion."

Instead of becoming the 12th Triple Crown winner and first in 30 years, Big Brown was the first horse going for a Triple to finish dead last, stunning 94,476 fans who braved the unseasonable 88-degree heat and oppressive humidity.

"He wasn't himself," winning trainer Nick Zito said. "Things happen for a reason."

Big Brown was running on a quarter crack in his left front hoof that wasn't patched until Friday, but Dutrow insisted even on the way to the starting gate that it was a "non-issue."

Nevertheless, it cost the colt three days of training between the Preakness and the Belmont. Desormeaux said Big Brown "was in no way, shape or form lame or sore. But there's something amiss, probably just tired."

Big Brown's defeat extended the Triple Crown drought that began after Affirmed completed the elusive sweep in 1978.

"I feel for them. It doesn't always go the way you want," Steve Cauthen, who rode Affirmed, said by telephone from his Kentucky home. "I think someday a horse will come along and do it. One day it will happen. I really thought this was the horse."

Clearly, so did Dutrow.

The veteran trainer didn't speak when the race ended, walking quickly through the crowd with his eyes focused straight ahead as he tried to reach the track. Later, as Big Brown was walked around the barn, Dutrow leaned on a wood railing, his head down, his blue dress shirt soaked with sweat, a look of disbelief on his face. Exercise rider Michelle Nevin stood silently next to him.

"Something has to not be right for him to be pulled up in a race, so I have to try to find out what it was," he said. "I'm sure it's not the horse's fault, so there's nothing to be down on him."

Da' Tara and jockey Alan Garcia sprinted to the lead out of the gate. Big Brown, eager in the early going, ran up on Da' Tara's heels heading into the first turn -- the first indication it wasn't going to be his coronation day.

Then Desormeaux tried to swing Big Brown wide to the outside and bumped Tale of Ekati in the turn.

Da' Tara had the lead down the backstretch, with Tale of Ekati in second and Big Brown running third on the outside with a clear path. This was Big Brown's moment, and Desormeaux asked him to go.

"When I got outside going into the first turn, I said, `This is it, the race is over, I got it," Desormeaux said.

Except Big Brown didn't respond.

Da' Tara opened up a clear lead turning for home, while Big Brown angled to the far outside under restraint. Big Brown still wanted to run, but Desormeaux knew it was over and focused on getting the colt home safely.

Big Brown was taken to a detention barn after the race for observation and will undergo various tests.

Dutrow said he didn't see a problem "and I'm looking for one."

"He looked fine," said Dr. Larry Bramlage, the on-call veterinarian. "All I saw was when Desormeaux started to slow him down. The first thing you expected is something is wrong. He was not lame when he stopped here in front of the stands."

Dutrow reflected on the Triple Crown that eluded yet another horse.

"We did really good with him winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness," he said. "This is a very disappointing race. Now, it looks like he's fine. It looks like he'll live a good life even if he never runs again."

Da' Tara, the longest shot on the board, won by 5 1/4 lengths over Denis of Cork and covered the distance in 2:29.65. There was a dead heat for third between Anak Nakal and Ready's Echo. Macho Again was fifth, followed by Tale of Ekati, Guadalcanal, Icabad Crane and Big Brown.

Da' Tara paid $79, $28 and $14.80. Denis of Cork returned $5.80 and $4.10. Anak Nakal paid $7.60 and Ready's Echo returned $6.20.

Zito spoiled a Triple Crown bid four years ago when he saddled Birdstone to an upset of Smarty Jones. He also trained Anak Nakal.

"If Big Brown was himself, he would've been tough to beat," Zito said, "but he wasn't himself. That's why they play the game."

A big lesson was learned yesterday. In the end, cheaters don't win. Doping is cheating regardless of the fact that it's legal in this industry. Doping gives the athlete (in this case a horse) an advantage. The trainer admitted that he had doped Big Brown. That horse was doped in the Derby. He was doped in the Preakness. However, they made the decision not to dope him for the Belmont. They wanted to "prove" that he could win even without the dope. But the exact opposite was proven. This horse couldn't win without the dope. He didn't win without the dope. Had he not been doped in the two previous races, would he have won? Would he have even been close? My answer is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE because nobody had seen him race without being doped until yesterday, and we all know that result.

I'm ecstatic that this horse lost for one reason. The horse-doping trainer didn't deserve a Triple Crown victory. He deserved to have his hopes built up, and then crash and burn. I realize that doping is apparently legal in the horse racing industry. But, a doper doesn't deserve to be rewarded. A doper doesn't deserve to make history. He got what he deserved. He had an arrogant attitude, and had no doubt that he was going to be the winner. Karma's a bitch!!

I'm also ecstatic that they couldn't find a reason for why the horse lost. They couldn't find any medical issues. He lost because he wasn't on dope. It's that simple!!

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