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Friday, September 15, 2006

Religion Under Attack?

Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy. Conservatives are complaining that religion is under attack. They're not talking about every religion. They're talking about Christianity. These are the same people who bash Islam on a daily basis. Yet, now they're bitching because Christianity is supposedly under attack. Get out the violins. Get out the kleenex. Someone please shed a tear!!

Why are they bitching about Christianity being under attack? They claim that because they're Christian and choose to voice their opinion on topics such as homosexuality, they're being targeted. Well, how does it feel? For years they've been targeting homosexuals. For years they've been trying to deny them their rights every chance they get. They want to deny them medical benefits. They want to deny them the right to adopt children. They want to deny them the right to get married. Yet they have the nerve to piss and moan because people are attacking them for their bigoted beliefs? It's people like this that make me sick. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. Too bad!! They'll get no sympathy from me. They deserve it!! Here's an idea. Let's see if they can follow it. Why don't they try growing up, and acting like a human being for a change? Why don't they try treating everyone with respecting instead of bashing and trashing others simply because they don't agree with their "lifestyle?" Maybe if they tried doing those things, they wouldn't be attacked. Maybe if they grew a soul, they wouldn't have a problem. Until then, shut up and take the criticism. Shut up and act like a decent person. If not, they shouldn't expect people to treat them with respect. It's kind of hard to respect someone who is evil, and hateful on a daily basis.

Gee, I wonder why they're being attacked!! Ooh, I can't guess!!


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