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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Once Again The Vatican Can't Shut Up!!

Once again the Vatican can't shut the hell up. They're denying that they have any plans to ex-communicate people involved in the abortion of the fetus of an 11 year old Colombian rape victim. This child was raped by her stepfather. But the Vatican doesn't care about that. Why would they? After all, these are the people who have done nothing to reign in the pedophile priests, and make excuses for their failure. That failure by the way should be considered aiding and abetting. They know it's happening, but do nothing to stop it.

How sick is the Vatican? They would rather have this child be FORCED to carry her rapist's (stepfather's) child to term, instead of acknowledging that this was the right thing to do. The Vatican and everyone else who agrees with their stance on this situation are nothing but pigs. They're no better than the stepfather who raped this child. Who gives a damn whether or not you ex-communicate those involved in the abortion or process to get this child an abortion. I don't!! I applaud those who helped this child.


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