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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mentally Disabled Rape Victim Has Abortion, Catholic Church Pissed

Why the hell not? I mean, if they think that a child should be forced to carry a rapist's fetus to term, why not force a mentally disabled rape victim to have her rapist's fetus too?

The 25 year old woman from Argentina has the mental capacity of a four year old. Yet, the Catholic Church didn't seem to give a damn about that either. Oh I know, let's force her to have the fetus, and then she can play with the fetus as though she's playing with a little doll. She won't know the difference!!

This is exactly why I can't stand some religious people. When people take their religious beliefs so far as to believe that children who are raped and mentally disabled people should have to carry the fetus of their rapist's to term, they have clearly lost their mind. They have crossed the point of no return because they have reached total insanity. They don't care about anything or anyone except for the life of that yet to be born fetus. They don't care that the fetus was created out of an act of violence against people who don't have the mental capacity to consent. They don't care that the victims of rape will suffer trauma for the rest of their lives. They simply just don't care!! It's about a fetus that hasn't been born yet, and only about that fetus.

Isn't it funny how these people are the first to bitch about an abortion, but don't bother to line up in the adoption line to adopt that fetus? Isn't it funny how these people are the first to bitch about an abortion, but don't give a damn about the fetus once it's born?

Pro-life my ass!! You're insane!!


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