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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oops, You Were Tortured By Mistake!!

How ridiculous is the AOL headline, Tortured By Mistake? I would take it to mean that it's okay if you're tortured if you're guilty. But oops, you were tortured by mistake so I guess we must apologize. Funny, I haven't heard an apology uttered at all in this case. Let me guess what the apology will be. Here's $50,000 for your troubles. Now shut up and go away.

If you don't know what the story is about, I will sum it up for you in simple terms. Maher Arar, who was traveling on a Canadian passport was sent to Syria by the U.S. because they suspected that he had ties to Al-Qaida. They claim that he was sent there to be "interrogated." Instead, he was tortured. The truth has finally come out. Maher Arar had NOTHING to do with Al-Qaida. He was an innocent man who did absolutely nothing wrong. The U.S. and Canadian governments refused to cooperate with the inquiry into this incident. Big Surprise!!

What have I learned from reading about this incident? Plenty!! Interrogation doesn't mean interrogation. It means torture. The U.S. government does whatever it wants to whomever it wants whenever it wants. They don't care if they have the wrong person, or if their information is false. In fact, it's been proven in the past that they have false information but claim it as fact without questioning what the consequences of their actions may be. Can you say, IRAQ?

Is the U.S. government sorry for what they did to Maher Arar? Hell no!! You know damn well that they would do it again without hesitation. After all, they would use the excuse that they were protecting the American people from terrorists. Who cares about that pesky little thing called the truth? Maher Arar had to be a terrorist. I mean, look at his name. Look at his face. Doesn't he fit the profile of a terrorist? To that, I say go to hell you bigoted, racist sons of bitches!! Maher Arar did nothing wrong. Maher Arar is not a terrorist. He was an innocent man that the U.S. government decided to target. They sent him off to be tortured, and didn't blink. They ruined his life. They haven't apologized. They don't care!!

Welcome to reality people!! What happened to Maher Arar can happen to anyone. If you disagree, think again!!


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