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Monday, February 25, 2008

Nader Enters Race, Obama Goes Crazy, Hillary Goes Nuts

You gotta love freedom, right?

Free to do this, free to do that, free to pick your nose, free to fart in church.

But please don't even think about entering a presidential race, unless you're a member of the two-headed hydra! Do that and you're worse than Satan.

Ralph Nader has decided he's going to run for president as an independent. Cynthia McKinney is already running as a Green. But I don't hear her bitching about Nader jumping in. Wouldn't you think that'd be of major concern to her, especially because now you'd have two alternatives to the same old, same old?

Apparently, she's thinking the same thing the sane people in this country are: the more, the merrier.

First, Hillary Clinton's comments, which, like Barack Obama's to follow, can be found here.

She said that Nader's move was "very unfortunate" and that Nader "prevented Al Gore from being the 'greenest' president we could have had."

Actually, no, Hillary. That was your beloved Supreme Court. Remember the five-four decision that said that we shouldn't hurt George W. Bush's feelings? Remember the votes that were tossed out and those that weren't allowed to vote in the first place?

Jesus, it was just eight years ago! Have we already forgotten what happened?

Ralph Nader didn't tell people that they couldn't vote because they were black. He didn't bang on the glass and demand that Bush be allowed to steal the election and he certainly didn't sit on the Supreme Court and put his hand on Antonin Scalia's crotch.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama thinks it's his world and everyone else just lives in it. Really, I don't understand how anyone can support a guy this arrogant:

"My sense is that Mr. Nader is somebody who, if you don't listen and adopt all of his policies, thinks you're not substansive...He seems to have a pretty high opinion of his own work."

Jesus. Do I have to bring out this cliche? Okay, here goes. Pot meet kettle.

At least Nader's supporters don't send death threats to people and their families.

Right, Barack?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Take On The Smiley Death Threats

What she said below.

I warned you but some of you didn't believe me. I'd love to know what some of you Obama supporters have to say about this.

Smiley Receives Death Threats For Obama Criticism

Where's Barack Obama today? He's certainly not at the State of the Black Union forum in New Orleans. When Tavis Smiley, the forum organizer, criticized Obama's decision not to attend the event, he received DEATH THREATS!!

Death threats!! Death threats for questioning and criticizing the Savior Obama!! Now do you get why he's so dangerous? He's got cultists who issued death threats against Smiley because he dared to say that he was disappointed in Obama's decision not to attend the State of the Black Union forum. He's got cultists who are harassing Smiley's family and probably threatening them with death as well because he dared to say that he was disappointed in Obama's decision not to attend the State of the Black Union forum.

Where the hell is Barack Obama on this matter? He hasn't said one thing about the death threats issued against Smiley. You can't tell me that he's not very well aware of these death threats. You can't tell me that he's not very well aware of the harassment of Smiley's family. I guarantee you that he knows damn well what's going on in HIS name, and he seemingly doesn't give a shit. If he did, he would have come out and condemned it already. But he can't be bothered because he's "got a Presidential campaign to run". Apparently dealing with people who are threatening others with death in HIS name isn't worth his time.


Ooh, I'm so afraid!! Bring it on bitches!! Bring it on!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Does This Look Like Peace?

A few days ago, George Bush said that Kosovo independence would bring peace to the region.

Does this look like PEACE to you?

They're burning the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade. Can anyone really blame them? I can't!!

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Baby Raped, War Vet Accused

I say this often, but just when you think you have heard it all you hear something like this.

Iraq war vet accused of baby rape

JACKSON, Mich. - A former Army paratrooper who served two tours of duty in Iraq has been ordered tried on charges of raping and critically injuring a 3-month-old girl.

Kirk Coleman is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and first-degree child abuse, charges that carry up to life in prison.

Authorities say the then-27-year-old Coleman attacked the baby Sept. 14 in Jackson County's Blackman Township, about 65 miles west of Detroit.

The girl sustained brain damage and 17 broken bones and is undergoing therapy. District Judge R. Darryl Mazur ruled Tuesday there's enough evidence to warrant a trial.

Coleman allegedly told investigators he blacked out after drinking heavily and taking painkillers and awoke to find the injured baby in her crib, The Jackson Citizen Patriot reported. WILX-TV says he remains free on $100,000 bond.

Coleman's attorney Dennis Hurst said the burden of proof is low at this stage in the process, and that he believes his client will be found not guilty at trial.

Hmm, can we guess what this sick son of a bitch will use for a defense? He had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of serving two tours of duty in Iraq. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn what his excuse is. Nothing will ever excuse rape, period!!

This was a 3 month old baby. She now has brain damage, and he broke 17 of her bones. He deserves to spend the rest of his life rotting away in a jail cell. Fuck the Vet status. Fuck the "hero" status. This piece of shit raped a BABY. He deserves to rot!!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More B-Rock Barry Bashing Part Two

What'd I say yesterday, in the previous post?

Something new catches my eye every day about the savior known as Barack Obama.

Today, well, actually a couple days ago, I clicked on one of my links at my own site, The Not-So-Quiet American, and had a look at what Minister Faust, a great writer and observationist, had to say about Obama.

While Minister Faust likes Barry, he doesn't like Barry so much that he can't see that he's gone from someone that looked like he could be the future of politics to someone that is a retread.

But what caught my eye was the piece about Glen Ford's piece in the Black Agenda Report. I'd never had a look at the Black Agenda Report or Glen Ford's piece until that point.

Seems Glen Ford has had a history with Senator Obama, watching, as Minister Faust has, Obama go from someone to admire to someone that's just like the rest of them. Them being the professional politicians of America. The corporate sell-outs of America. Those that would sell us down the river for a couple dollars and nothing more.

Glen Ford writes:

"The scam of this still-new century enthralls and envelopes the nation, a narrowly-packaged farce in which political twins Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pretend they are not joined at the hip on every public policy issue that has been allowed to enter the corporate media-vetted discourse: health care, Iraq, trade. Even these points of (non)contention disappear in the din of purely commercial marketing mantras with infinitely malleable meanings: 'Change', 'Hope', 'Reform'.

"When no real change is offered - when both frontrunners are wedded to a lingering presence in Iraq and to reestablishing U.S. hegemony in the world; when insurance and drug companies are left virtually untouched by duos' tepid forays into broadening health care coverage; and when neither offers a whisper of an idea on halting the corporate-engineered global Race to the Bottom, then it is certain that, although 'change' may come, it will be at the direction of the rich who have brought the nation and planet to the very brink of catastrophe.

"Ironically, it was Bill Clinton who, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, exposed the bogus nature of the stage-set battle between his wife and Barack Obama...

"When the Great Triangulator and Supreme Snake Oil Salesman tells you a scam is going on, take it from an expert, and believe."

Oh, there's more and I invite all of you, Obama supporters and Clinton supporters and McCain supporters and Huckabee supporters and Ron Paul supporters and Cynthia McKinney (yes, she's running and she'll have my vote) supporters to go check it out.

It seems B-Rock, Barry, Barack, whatever name he's got this week, ain't been telling us the whole truth.

But what else is new?

I'll be back soon with more.

Monday, February 18, 2008

More B-Rock Barry Bashing

Yep, it's me again and I've got some more shit to say about Barack Obama.

This time, I'm aided by a number of Wisconsin voters, with one Michigan voter.

Today, on Wisconsin Public Radio, listeners were asked to take part in a straw poll, basically an impromptu caucus.

45 of the callers said that they wanted Obama. I swear it was like listening to a repeat of the 2000 "election", in which Bush supporters, when asked why they were going to vote for Bush, said shit like they said today.

When asked why they wanted Obama, the following was said:

"Barack Obama is an unknown quantity...besides, Hillary's a woman and I can't vote for her." (George Santayana said, "Those who speak most of progress measure it by quantity and not by quality." Ain't that the truth. And, yea, Misogynists For Obama! Jesus, could you hand me some more ammunition?)

"He's unlike Bush." (I think I've proven this to be a little more complicated than it looks.)

"He's not Hillary." (The penis gave it away.)

"He's so far outside the political norm." (I think I've adequately shown this to be untrue.)

"He has electricity." (I have electricity, too. I can prove it by showing the stub of my latest bill.)

"He's articulate." (This has always bugged the fuck out me. It's as if they're saying that this is one of the few black people that can speak and ain't he great? This does a great disservice to African-Americans.)

"He's not for war." (Completely untrue. Proof of this comes from an October 2, 2002 speech in which Obama says, "I'm not opposed to all wars. I'm opposed to dumb wars." Did I take the Senator out of context? No, not really. He says it enough in this speech. Fun fact: I got that speech directly from one of the million Obama sites on the web. Maybe even the mothership, though, at this point, it's hard to tell which is his and which is one of the many cultists'. At least, this time, though, Barack used his own words.)

"He's not talkative, whereas Hillary screams all the time." (Wait! I thought he was articulate. Sooooo...I mean, how can he be so articulate if he's not talkative?)

"Hillary man-bashes." (So let me vote for a guy that I know nothing else about, other than he doesn't man-bash. Sure, that makes sense.)

"He has all the qualities that we want in a leader." (Name one? They didn't.)

"He will be picking the Supreme Court." (No. What he will be picking, maybe, possibly, is one, two, possibly three justices. He will not be picking the entire Supreme Court. And besides, he won't necessarily be picking them, anyway. His nominees have to receive Senate approval. Did we forget Congress? Sounds a bit like the Bush fans...again.)

"He brings excitement." (Excitement will get you only so far. Excitement is not policy. What are Obama's policies? Do his brain-washed sycophants even know what they are?)

"He brings hope." (Hope, again? You know, when Barack cries about Hillary Clinton and John McCain stealing from him, I have to accuse Barack Obama of stealing from Bill Clinton. Remember "The Man From Hope"? Thanks, Barack. You just recycled something you claim to be against. Bravo, doofus.)

"He has no baggage." (Jesus, are these people for real? His wife alone is enough baggage to last me an entire screed. But let's stick to Barry, shall we? I hope everyone knows about his baggage known as Tony Rezko. Then there's his real/fake/who knows? cocaine use. His smoking addiction and the money he's taken from the tobacco lobby. His connections to Zbigniew Brzezinski. His connections to Exelon Energy. Shall I go on? There is more and more coming out everyday as, little by little, people wake up about this rehash.)

I swear the next two callers actually called in and said the following.

One said, "He has a fresh thinking plan."

And another, later on, said they were voting for Obama because, "He has no detailed plans."

Only with a cult leader like Barack Obama could you have one sheep saying one thing and another saying the exact opposite.

"He's a uniter." (See 2000 Bush crap.)

"He frames things in optimistic tones." (This was one of my favorites because it just points out my whole argument that Obama is the biggest threat we have in this country. If he told these brain-dead drooling morons that, tomorrow, he was going to nuke their city, their state, the country or the entire planet, but not to worry because, after that, better days would be coming, they'd probably go apeshit with the applause and ask where they could sign up to be closer to the blast.)

"He makes things happen." (So far as I can tell, he doesn't make much happen without the support of other Senators, to say nothing of the House. About the only thing that he makes happen on his own are his bowel movements and the jury is out on that one, too.)

"Hillary has started the gender war." (Huh?)

And finally...

"He's the candidate of destiny." (That sounds like it should be in all caps. THE CANDIDATE OF DESTINY! If I'm not mistaken, this is a character from next season's Heroes.)

It was a good day, despite the number of brain-washed callers, because at least I got a good laugh out of these sheeple.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How Many More??????????????????????

I want to know how many more school shootings or just shootings for that matter this country is going to have to endure before the American people say ENOUGH!! Today in Illnois at least 18 people were shot at a university. That's at least 18 people too many!!

I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old line by gun lovers out there about how it's the person that kills people, not the gun. BULLSHIT!! Cut the crap!! It is the gun, or the weapon of choice that inflicts the injuries to victims. Guns are a tool for violence. They have no place in a "civilized" society. And quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of asking the question "how many more". I shouldn't have to ask the question because even one victim or shooting is unacceptable. But you can't get it through the heads of these gun lovers. They are as insane as the people who go on these rampages!! It is their type of mentality that allows incidents like this to happen because they refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem with guns in this country.



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CNN "Viewers" Declare Obama To Be "More Trustworthy"

I've been saying for about a month now on this blog and on my own and for a while longer elsewhere that Barack Obama is the biggest threat we have in this country.

And I've been scoffed at by some because it's not the popular thing to say. Barack Obama is the IT guy and no one shall besmirch the IT guy.

The reason Barack Obama is the biggest threat we have is not because he's black (Obama supporters would have you believe that people like me are racist) and it's not because he's new and fresh (different face, same attitudes).

The reason he's the biggest threat we have is because he's never questioned, he's never investigated (especially by people that say they're going to vote for him), his supporters don't even know what their candidate stands for. He's the IT guy...period.

You ask them what he stands for and their eyes glaze over. You ask them to name his position on an issue and what you hear is how you, not they, Y-O-U should head on over to this website or that blog that'll give you the information you seek.

It seems to me that, if they're so convinced, they ought to be able to preach what they believe he's about. They should know it chapter and verse and dead cold. But they don't.

They shit you about how he's not taking any cash from PACs or from lobbyists and the information is there for the taking and learning but they don't want to look at that. What they'd rather do is what the Bush thugs have been doing for the last eight years and that's plug their ears and shut their eyes and hum some fucking tune about the Clintons do it, too.

Great, so the fucking Clintons do it, too. I know that. I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, either, for the exact same reason I'm not voting for Barack Obama.

Now tell me why your guy takes cash that he says he wasn't going to take in the first place. Tell me why he's got $10 million from lawyers and lobbyists. And don't tell me about Hillary Clinton's $13 million. That doesn't answer my question.

CNN "viewers" have just decided that Barack Obama is, as one supposed viewer put it, "the more trustworthy alternative to Clinton".

Well, he's fucking lying about the lobbyist money that he's got in his pocket. So just how trustworthy is he really?

If he's going to lie about that, what else is he going to lie about?

One of his unofficial cabinet members is a woman named Susan Rice. Susan Rice was on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning and was challenged by a caller to explain Obama's position where it concerns Iran. The caller told her, basically, that she was full of shit (without using those words) and said that Obama would attack Iran if he determined that that's what he wanted to do.

Susan Rice said, "Oh, Senator Obama isn't about that." And then went on to say, "All options will remain on the table."

Pardon me? If he's not about war, then why would war remain on the table? I thought there was going to be a CHANGE when President Obama took his chair. Then why is he using a phrase that was virtually invented by the Bush Administration?

Please tell me what other kinds of "CHANGES" will be taking place when he raises his hand and lies, like all US presidents before him, under oath come January 20, 2009.

What about the US policy towards the happenings in Israel and Palestine? Will President Obama actually hear out the Palestinian position?

Well, have a look at this.

Foreign Affairs - Renewing American Leadership - Barack Obama

Senator Obama wrote this piece back in the July/August 2007 edition of Foreign Affairs, a publication of the Council On Foreign Relations.

In it, Senator Obama says, "For more than three decades, Israelis, Palestinians, Arab leaders, and the rest of the world have looked to America to lead the effort to build the road to a lasting peace. In recent years, they have all too often looked in vain. Our starting point must always be a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel, our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy. That commitment is all the more important as we contend with growing threats in the region - a strengthened Iran, a chaotic Iraq, the resurgence of al Qaeda, the reinvigoration of Hamas and Hezbollah. Now more than ever, we must strive to secure a lasting settlement of the conflict with two states living side by side in peace and security. To do so, we must help the Israelis identify and strengthen those partners who are truly committed to peace, while isolating those who seek conflict and instability."

Should answer my own fucking question? Might as well, an Obama supporter ain't gonna do it for me.

The CHANGE that Obama would bring is...um, well, uh, hmmm, I'm not sure there's any kind of CHANGE coming.

He mentions Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas is the government in charge of Gaza. No one from the countries that call themselves, quite arrogantly, "The West" (when did Australia become West?) recognizes anything resembling reality. Hamas is reality. You're going to have to talk with them sooner or later or you can't claim CHANGE.

Mr. CHANGE singles out Hamas and Hezbollah as great threats and says that the US needs to make sure that Israel knows who their friends are and who they should be off killing.

Israel just got done assassinating a person that they deemed "a terrorist" yesterday. I'm going to guess that won't be CHANGING under Barack Obama.

I want you to note he doesn't make mention to the plight of the everyday Palestinian. Not in one fucking line of this entire piece of shit manifesto.

No, wait, I'll take that back. He does. It's on the first page of his screed, his plea toward the powers-that-be in this country to let him be president.

It goes like this:

"This century's threats are at least as dangerous as and in some ways more complex than those we have confronted in the past. They come from weapons that can kill on a mass scale and from global terrorists who respond to alienation or perceived injustice with murderous nihilism."

Barack Obama, like his predecessors, just does not get it. Pushed up against a wall (literally), the Palestinian people are not global terrorists and what is happening to them is NOT FUCKING PERCEIVED.

Why is it when the Israeli government starves out a people, it's called "perceived injustice"? Why is it when the Israeli government bomb a people, killing innocent upon innocent, and using US manufactured bombs and planes to do so, it's called "perceived injustice"?

And why is it when the Palestinians respond with suicide bombers, killing innocent upon innocent, it's called "murderous nihilism"?


But tell it to an Obama supporter and you get a dopey look back at you or a cry of racism or something equally stupid.

What you don't get is an enlightened retort. You don't get a promise from them to look at the facts.

What you and me and the Obama cultists will get on January 20, 2009 is a re-run. The only difference, the only CHANGE that Barack Obama is bringing with him is a different nameplate for his desk and the underwear on his ass.

That's it.

His cultists constantly refer to him and this campaign as "The Movement", as if they are zombies walking to some tune that the rest of us, the sane ones, can't hear.

Understand that when people start believing someone, taking their every word at face value and doing what they say they should do, those people have lost control. Lost control to think for themselves and are now dependent upon "The Leader" to tell them what to do at every given moment. This is what happens in a cult, this is what's happening here.

I've been wondering a lot lately whether these people would kill if Barack told them to do so. I've been wondering if they would give him all of their cash and the keys to the car if he commanded it.

With some of the pod people that I've been talking with, I wouldn't doubt it.

The thing is, we just went through this for eight years and we were told to sit down and shut up whenever we'd raise questions about George W. Bush. And we made clocks and we made calendars and we made all kinds of shit to count down the days until we were "free" of this asshole.

We're going through it again. Only the names have changed. Perhaps that's the kind of CHANGE Barack Obama is talking about bringing. Instead of brownshirt Republicans, it'll be brownshirt Democrats. Let's trade one group of bully boys for the other. Fun, fun, fun.

George Santayana wrote:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

He also wrote:

"Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better."

Good luck, America. With a ever-present smile on the next president's face and a cult backing him, we're going to need it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No, this post is not about saying no to drugs. The victims of recent tornadoes will be offered the toxic trailers left over from Hurricane Katrina.

Twister victims to receive FEMA trailers
7,200 bought for hurricane victims, but never used, have sat idle

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Some of the thousands of trailers purchased by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2005 after hurricanes tore through the Gulf Coast may finally be put to use to help victims of last week's tornadoes, officials said Tuesday.

The 7,200 trailers stored at the Hope airport will "definitely" be used in Arkansas and Tennessee, where the twisters left many homeless, officials said.

The decision comes after requests by state officials and Arkansas' congressional delegation, which has criticized the trailers in the past as a sign of federal ineptitude after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, said David Maxwell, head of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

Maxwell said his office told FEMA immediately after the storms that victims would need some of the trailers. FEMA administrator R. David Paulison said Friday on a tour of the damage that the agency would prefer putting storm victims in rental property, although he acknowledged that could be difficult in rural communities.

"Knowing rural Arkansas and the areas that were hit, there's not a lot of rental property," Maxwell said. "Then you're stuck with mobile homes."

Maxwell said the number of trailers released would depend on the number of people that called FEMA and requested help, as opposed to simply releasing a blanket number. He said FEMA already hired a contractor to prepare and possibly transport the trailers to those in need.

A FEMA spokesman in Little Rock said the agency would be releasing more information about the trailers Tuesday afternoon.

After Katrina hit in 2005, FEMA purchased 25,000 manufactured homes built at a cost of more than $850 million. Many of them went unused while many hurricane victims remained homeless.

All together, FEMA has about 75,000 trailers and mobile home in various locations across the country. Congress ordered FEMA to stop selling or donating the property last year after discovering problems with formaldehyde.

In November, FEMA spokesman James McIntyre said the agency determined its mobile homes were safe to use but was still testing its travel trailers stored at Hope.

Twelve people were killed along one Arkansas tornado's 120-mile path on Feb. 5. In all, 59 people died in storms that lashed across five states.

If they value their lives, THEY SHOULDN'T ACCEPT A TRAILER FROM FEMA. The tornado may have taken their homes, their possessions, and the lives of their friends, family members, or pets. But if they accept a trailer, FEMA could be taking their lives too. These trailers are toxic.

Ask Katrina victims who were given these trailers from FEMA. Do a Google search on the toxic trailers. Whatever you do, JUST SAY NO TO FEMA!!

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Treasonous? Hell No!!

I'm so sick of the pro-war, pro-death, pro-military braindead idiots in this country. They're pathetic!!

Showdown looms in 'treasonous' Berkeley

(CNN) -- Military supporters descended on Berkeley early Tuesday, demanding the famously liberal California college town rescind its vote that says Marine recruiters are "not welcome in this city."

The pro-military demonstrators were met by anti-war protesters who had camped out overnight, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown late in the day when the City Council is to discuss whether to revoke its previous vote.

"Their treasonous action, especially at this time of war right now, is not acceptable," said Mary Pearson, a spokeswoman for the group Move America Forward.

"It's very, very important for everyone to stand united ... to give our Marines and all of our military the greatest respect and honor that they deserve."

Before the sun was even up, about 300 demonstrators -- both pro-military and anti-war -- were already standing toe-to-toe in downtown. Many traded jeers and sneers.

"Code Pink doesn't stand for us," one sign said, held by a man in military fatigues. Signs held by anti-war activists read, "End the War" and "Bring the troops home now."

The City Council is to meet at 7 p.m. PT on whether to take back its previous measure urging the Marine recruiters to leave town.

"If recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders," the measure says.

It went on to say the council applauds residents and organizations that "volunteer to impede, passively or actively, by nonviolent means, the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley."

Ever since the council measure, protesters with the anti-war group Code Pink have camped outside the Marine recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue, singing peace songs and chanting slogans for an end to the Iraq war.

Republican lawmakers in Washington fired back last week, threatening to recall more than $2 million of federal funding to the city as well as money designated for the University of California-Berkeley, the campus that became a bastion of liberalism during the Vietnam War.

The Marine Corps has said it has no plans to move its office, which is located about a block from the college campus.

Whether the City Council reverses course remains to be seen.

Max Anderson, a Vietnam war veteran who serves on the council, said he fully supports the measure to get Marine recruiters out of town -- despite receiving more than 8,000 e-mails, most of them harsh in tone, on the matter.

"If the aim was to shut us down, get us to back up, get us to eat our words, get us to retreat from our position with the war, they can forget that," he told CNN Monday.

He said he was recruited by Marines after he graduated from high school in 1963 and was promised that he and his friends would serve together. But once they enlisted, he said, they were separated and shipped off to Vietnam.

"We're not against the Marines per se," he said. "We're against this war. We're against the mechanisms that support this war and send our young people over there."

Kriss Worthington, a progressive Berkeley activist and council member for 11 years, believes the council overreached.

"The inflammatory language in the City Council item is really outrageous -- not just to right-wing people, but to mainstream liberal people and even to some peace activists who have said they're insulted that the city would have such language," Worthington said.

He said Berkeley owes an apology to the military and to the peace movement "for having such embarrassing language allegedly trying to promote peace."

"When you make a colossal blunder, you can't just sort of ignore the mistake and go about your way. You have to do something to fix it," Worthington said.

First of all, fuck you!! The city council and the city of Berkeley is not "treasonous". They were exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech, as well as exercising their right to deny entry to people that they don't want in their city. Every city does it!! Does that make every city in the United States "treasonous"? No!! If the city of Argus, California said that they didn't want military recruiters or a military recruiting office in their city, would we even be talking about it? Hell no!! And here's why!! We wouldn't be talking about Argus because nobody knows where the hell that is except for those who live there. It's not Berkeley, the "liberal" city. Argus doesn't grab the attention of people. My apologies to anyone who may be reading this from Argus. I just picked your city off of a map!!

The pro-military people are stupid. They don't get it!! This was about telling the military recruiters to get the hell out of Berkeley. These are the people who lie to your family members and friends to get them to join the military. They promise them the world, and don't deliver on their promises. They tell them that they won't have to go to war, but once they've graduated from BT (that's Basic Training) their asses are shipped off to war. These are the people who show up at high schools and colleges doing everything they can to try to recruit students. I've seen it first hand at the Catholic college that I attended a few years ago. I find it rather disingenuous of the college to have a pro-life stance yet they allow military recruiters there who are there to promote war and ultimately, DEATH!! What's next? Recruitment at pre-schools or in the delivery room when you're giving birth so that they can sign your newborn up for military duty that will come into effect when they turn 18?

This is not about supporting the troops, although I don't get how one can be pro-war and still "support" the troops. This is about taking a stand against these thugs who will say and do anything to make their quotas. They don't give a shit about who they're signing up. They don't give a shit if that recruit lives or dies once he or she leaves their office. Ask a recruiter who they've signed up. I bet you anything that they can't even tell you one thing about that person, including their name. We are nothing but paperwork and a number to these people. Don't you get it?

When are we supposed to speak out against the military and this government if we're not supposed to do it now because we're "at war"? Are we supposed to do it ONE HUNDRED years from now when most of us if not all of us who are alive now will be dead, and we're still "at war" with Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows who else?

My dad was in the military before I was born. Had it not been for problems with his ship, he would have been sent to Vietnam. Had he not stood his ground and refused to be a medic in the military, he would have been sent to Vietnam. He didn't have a choice to say no to the military. He was drafted. We have choices today!! We can stand up and tell them HELL NO!! My dad may be a Veteran, but I don't respect what the military stands for. The military stands for death and destruction. I don't support that!! I can't support that!! And I will never support that!!

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U.S. To "Follow Up" On Japanese Rape Case

The United States is supposedly going to "follow up" on a Japanese rape case involving a U.S. military member and a 14 year old Japanese child.

US officials may travel to Okinawa to follow up rape case

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Senior US officials based in Japan may travel to the southern island of Okinawa to follow up on the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl there by a US Marine, a US official said here Tuesday.

"Rape is a horrendous crime and we take these allegations very seriously," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters. "We are working very closely with Japanese officials on the matter."

Japanese leaders have voiced outrage over the alleged rape and warned the case will heighten opposition to US troops inside the country.

"I would expect that there will be some senior level US visitors, not from the United States but from inside Japan, who might make a trip down there to Okinawa," McCormack said.

"This would be a gesture that we took on our own accord," he added when asked if the officials were being summoned by the Japanese authorities.

He declined to say whether the trip would involve the US ambassador to Japan, Thomas Schieffer, who is returning to the country later Tuesday or Wednesday.

He also said he did not know if any lower level US officials had been summoned by the Japanese.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said Tuesday that the rape "can never be forgiven," a day after the arrest of the 38-year-old suspect who has denied the allegations.

Noting there had been similar cases in the past, Fukuda told a parliamentary committee: "But it happened again. I take this very seriously."

Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura, in unusually blunt remarks, said the alleged crime would inevitably affect government plans on US military relocation.

The United States stations more than 40,000 troops in Japan under a treaty to defend its key Asian ally, which has been officially pacifist since World War II.

The United States is going to follow up on this rape allegation? Sure they are!! How much do you want to bet that if they actually go to Okinawa, there will be no follow up on the allegation? This is what will happen. If they travel to Okinawa, they will go to the home of the rape victim. They will hound, harass, threaten, or torture her and her family to the point where they've had enough, and the rape allegation will be dropped.

The United States doesn't take rape allegations seriously, contrary to what they claim. This is how seriously the United States takes rape allegations. This is how seriously the United States takes rape allegations. This is how seriously the United States takes rape allegations. Yes, they're all about the same thing. However, it is the prime example of how "seriously" rape allegations are taken by the United States government.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

I Ask Again...

What separates Barack Obama's Iraq policy from George Bush's?

Last night, in his 60 Minutes interview, Barack Obama was asked about Iraq and the current situation there.

I didn't watch but here's the extent of what I could find on CBS's own website, where it concerns Iraq.

'"What do you think of what's going on in Iraq right now?" Kroft asked.

'"Well, I think, on the positive side, we've seen a reduction in violence. And I don't think anybody can deny that," Obama said.

'"What we haven't seen is the kind of political reconciliation or accommodation between the Sunni and the Shia and the Kurds that are required in order for Iraq to stabilize. But I completely reject the notion, you know, most forcefully presented by John McCain that we should commit ourselves to a 50-year or a 60-year or a 100-year occupation in order to assure stability in Iraq. I think that is a recipe for disaster.

'"At a time when American casualties are down, at a time when the violence is down, particularly affecting the Iraqi population, is that the right time to try and set time tables for withdrawing all American troops? I mean you talked about...the end of 2009," Kroft remarked.

'"Yeah, absolutely. I think now is precisely the time. I think that it is very important for us to send a clear signal to the Iraqis that we are not gonna be here permanently. We're not gonna set up permanent bases. That they are going to have to resolve their differences and get their country functioning," Obama said.

'"And you pull out according to that time table, regardless of the situation? Even if there's serious sectarian violence?" Kroft asked.

'"No, I always reserve as commander in chief, the right to assess the situation," Obama replied.

'"It has cost us over half a trillion dollars so far. When the final tab is tallied, it may have cost us as much as two trillion dollars,' Obama said at a stump speech. '"For that amount of money we could have rebuilt every bridge, every road, every school, every hospital. We could have put in place all the homeland security that was needed. We could have made America more safe. Could put people back to work. Sent our kids to college."'

Okay, now I get to piss a handful of you off. In other words, I get to have my fun now.

Let's start with Senator Obama saying that the violence is down and that he doesn't think there's anyone that can deny that.

Please understand that when Hillary Clinton says it, when John McCain says it and when George W. Bush says it, I want to kick their asses, too. This is not "Get Obama"; it just happens to be his turn for an ass-kicking.

That and the fact that he says there's going to be a "change" when he becomes president.

There is no change.

Barack Obama says it, Hillary Clinton says it, John McCain says it, all of establishment D.C. says it.

But the numbers don't lie.

Thanks to Antiwar.Org, I can give you the numbers on how many US soldiers and how many Iraqi people have been killed, wounded or kidnapped.

Would you like to know the numbers for the first 42 days (that's up through today) of 2008?

57 US soldiers dead.

1829 Iraqis dead.

2092 Iraqis wounded.

21 Iraqis kidnapped.

Does this sound like the violence is down? It doesn't to me.

Yeah, I'm taking every word that a presidential candidate says seriously. There are no passes simply because he's not as experienced as everyone else or because he's popular with the kids. If Barack Obama says the exact same thing that establishment D.C. says, then he's not changing anything. He talks just like they do.

Obama says that now is "precisely the time" to set up time tables for withdrawal. This is the only thing that I can find that makes him sound any different than George W. Bush. Bush doesn't want time tables, Obama does. That's all.

In the matter of a second, he follows that with talk of how we should send a message to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people that we're not going to be there forever, not going to set up permanent bases and that they have to work "to work to resolve their differences and get their country functioning".

Here comes the nitpicker again.

There are some that would bitch and complain that I'm doing just that, picking apart Obama's words and that I'm making it seem like more than it is.

Again, I'm not going to give him a pass for anything. I want to you understand that when he claims that he's going to bring "change", it's not going to happen.

So he co-opts the speeches of George W. Bush, the old stand-by of "We'll stand down when they stand up". Jesus! You'd think he'd at least bring change to the same old tired buzzwords.

As for permanent bases, I don't know you'd call the embassy that the US government is building in Iraq but I'd call that as close to a reminder, as close to a permanent base, as you can get.

Obama then says that, if the violence goes up or if the Iraqis don't get along or the sun doesn't come up tomorrow, he will reserve his right to "assess the situation".

Again, this sounds just like Bush.

Some of you are scratching your heads and saying to yourselves or the computer monitor that I'm an asshole and that it sounds nothing like Bush.

Uh, yeah, it does.

Bush says that he's the decider and that he'll decide what the policy is going to be. Bush says that it's his right to assess the situation. Bush says he'll listen to the commanders "on the ground" (the lamest phrase I've ever heard) and then assess the situation.

Yeah, it does sound like Bush.

In full disclosure, Obama then has a stump speech quoted in which he says that we could have had a TON of money to do this with and send our kids to college, etc.

I would ask you to take a look at some of what Barack Obama voted for and see if you think he didn't have a hand in sending that money straight into the buzzsaw.

Go to Project Vote Smart and have a look for yourself. Look at Hillary Clinton and John McCain's records while you're there, too.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Called Bigotry!!


Oregon has allowed gay couples to register as domestic partners. Oh the horror of it all!!

Domestic partnerships allowed in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. - A state law allowing gay couples to register as domestic partners belatedly took effect Friday after a federal judge ruled the state's process of disqualifying petition signatures was consistent enough to be valid.

The state quickly announced that the domestic partnership applications were available online, and jubilant gay-rights activists predicted hundreds of couples would line up on Monday morning at county offices to register.

"We're a family. We've been waiting for this for a long time," said a beaming Cathy Kravitz of Portland. She said she and her partner of 21 years will be among those registering on Monday.

The law passed by the 2007 Legislature was to take effect when the new year started, but U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman suspended it to hear testimony about a petition drive that sought to put the law before voters.

The petitions fell 96 signatures short of the 55,179 needed to refer the law to the November 2008 ballot. The petitioners claim that county clerks rejected signatures improperly.

The Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based group that advocates for Christian legal issues, said it would appeal Mosman's ruling.

Fund lawyer Austin Nimocks had argued that a signature on a petition should have the same weight as a signature on a ballot, and that elections officials should have made more of an effort to contact voters whose signatures were disqualified.

But Mosman said signatures on a petition amounted to, "a call for an election, not a substitution for an election."

Testimony at the hearing turned on whether Oregon counties had a "common standard" to evaluate whether a voter's signature on a petition was valid. Mosman said the state had supplied enough evidence — if just barely — that a common standard existed in all 36 counties.

Petitioners plan to start another drive to put the domestic partnership law to a referendum.

"We want to vote — we think that our signatures mean something and it was an arbitrary move by the secretary of state's office," said Carolyn Wendell, who was a chief petitioner in the lawsuit.

Gay rights groups said they were prepared to continue fighting, both in court and on the ballot.

"The (Alliance Defense Fund) is an out-of-state group that could care less about the individual rights of folks here in Oregon," said Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon. "They have certainly demonstrated that through the harm they have caused to same sex couples across this state because of the delay they've faced for the past month."

Gay couples who register as domestic partners will be able to file joint state tax returns, inherit each other's property and make medical choices on each other's behalf, along with a host of other state benefits given to married Oregonians.

In 2004, about 3,000 same-sex couples were granted marriage licenses in Multnomah County, the largest county in Oregon. But Oregon voters later approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and the state Supreme Court nullified the marriage licenses.

Oregon becomes the ninth state to approve spousal rights in some form for gay couples, joining Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, California, Washington and Hawaii. Massachusetts is the only state that allows gay couples to marry.

Could someone please explain to me how gay rights is a "Christian legal issue"? The last time I looked, so-called Christians wanted absolutely nothing to do with gay people. Now all of a sudden domestic partnerships among gay couples has become a "Christian legal issue"? I didn't know that the right to vote on whether or not gay people had the right to enter into a domestic partnership was strictly a Christian issue.

Furthermore, how can they even argue this matter as a "Christian" legal issue? Of the 55,083 signatures on this petition, how many were from "Christians"? They can't prove that every signature belonged to a "Christian" even if they went door to door and asked each signer. They could say yes. That doesn't mean that they're telling the truth.

This is not an issue of religious beliefs being stifled. This is about some BIGOTS, yes BIGOTS, trying to prevent people from living their lives as they want to. They were thwarted in their attempt to spread their bigotry and make it law. So now they're pissing and moaning!! Too bad!!

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Nun Gets One Year In Jail For Rape

I found this story rather disgusting!!

Elderly nun gets jail time in sex case

MILWAUKEE - A 79-year-old nun was sentenced Friday to one year in a county jail for sexually abusing two teens when she was their principal four decades ago.

Sister Norma Giannini avoided a trial by pleading no-contest in November to two felony counts of indecent behavior with a child.

"I ask forgiveness from the bottom of my heart," she told Circuit Judge M. Joseph Donald at her sentencing.

One of Giannini's accusers, James St. Patrick, 55, of Belgium, Wis., asked Donald to impose a longer sentence. After the hearing, he said he was angry.

"When are we going to start dealing with female rapists and give them the same sentence as male rapists?" he asked.

In addition to the year behind bars, Giannini was ordered to serve 10 years of supervised probation. She has 60 days to report to jail.

The other accuser, Gerald Kobs, also 55, sobbed as he told the judge the abuse left him suicidal and emotionally withdrawn.

"It's going to take a while to have a reaction," he said after the sentencing. "I'm just glad it's over."

The Associated Press generally does not identify victims of sexual assault, but the two men said they wanted to speak out.

They told authorities they had dozens of sexual encounters with Giannini, including intercourse, while attending St. Patrick's School in Milwaukee during the 1960s, according to a criminal complaint. Giannini taught eighth grade and served as principal at the school.

Assistant district attorney Paul Tiffin had asked the judge to sentence Giannini to eight years in prison. Afterward, he declined comment except to say the sentence was "fair."

Prosecutors had asked for more than $28,000 in restitution, mainly for therapy costs, but the judge noted Giannini had taken a vow of poverty 60 years ago and had virtually no assets.

Donald urged Kobs and St. Patrick to sit down with Giannini and confront her with the emotional trauma she caused. But St. Patrick bristled at the idea of a face-to-face meeting.

"She hasn't called me for 40 years, she raped me, and now I'm supposed to call her and hang out with her," he said.

A psychologist told prosecutors in 2006 that Giannini identified four other victims to an Archdiocese of Milwaukee panel. The three were in Milwaukee and one was in Chicago, where she worked before and after her stint in Wisconsin, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

No charges in those cases have been filed.

Giannini, a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, went on to work in Illinois from 1970 to 1994.

Sheila King, a spokeswoman for the order Sisters of Mercy of the Chicago Regional Community, said she could not confirm the existence of additional victims because the sister who was president at the time of those allegations was not available.

The current president, Sister Betty Smith, assumed her title in 2006.

"On behalf of the Sisters, I express profound regret for the pain experienced by these two men and their families and anyone else touched by this situation," Smith said in a statement released after the sentencing.

Giannini, who lives with other Sisters of Mercy in a Chicago suburb, has been retired from active work for five years because of failing health, Smith has said. Giannini received extensive counseling at a St. Louis treatment facility after the order "learned of the situation" during the 1990s.

She has been closely monitored and separated from minors since then, according to Smith.

This bitch raped two children, and all she gets is one year in a county jail? How was that decision made? Her crimes only merit six months of punishment per victim? Bullshit!! This bitch should spend the rest of her pathetic excuse of a life rotting away in a PRISON cell. I don't give a damn if she is 79 years old or not. That doesn't excuse what she did. She raped two children. She should have been given LIFE in prison. She shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day again. She should also face charges in the other cases!!

I must say that I'm not the least bit surprised by her sentence though. This is yet another example of how clergy, namely CATHOLIC clergy, get away with raping children. When are the courts going to make it a level playing field? If you rape a child, you go away for life regardless of who you are!!

"On behalf of the Sisters, I express profound regret for the pain experienced by these two men and their families and anyone else touched by this situation," Smith said in a statement released after the sentencing.

Pain? Obviously this other bitch clearly doesn't comprehend what rape does to someone. It's more than pain you stupid jackass!! Rape victims suffer all kinds of trauma from their rape, often for rest of their lives. They don't just "get over it" and move on with their lives. They will forever remember what happened to them. But clearly this bitch doesn't get it, and doesn't care to get it!!

Giannini, who lives with other Sisters of Mercy in a Chicago suburb, has been retired from active work for five years because of failing health, Smith has said. Giannini received extensive counseling at a St. Louis treatment facility after the order "learned of the situation" during the 1990s.

She has been closely monitored and separated from minors since then, according to Smith.

Oh well, then that's okay!! NOT!! She shouldn't have been in "counseling", closely monitored, or separated from minors since the 1990's. She should have been rotting in prison every single day since she raped those two boys. I don't believe for one second that nobody had a clue what she did until the 1990s. Just like in all the other cases of sexual abuse involving Catholics, I believe that the Church covered it up and let it continue to happen.

People wonder why we have a problem with the Catholic Church. This is why!! This is not being anti-Catholic. This is not being a bigot. This is simply pointing out the truth about the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is just as guilty as the rapists themselves!! They let it happen, and did nothing to stop it!!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

And The Aruba Saga Continues


I don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get very nauseous watching this Aruba saga play out!! It's like going for a ride on a roller coaster right after you've eaten something. There should be warning labels posted everywhere!!

The latest in the Aruba saga is that there's a "confession" and some Dutch reporter dude got it on tape. I haven't seen or heard the tape so I don't know whether there was a confession or not. However, I do have problems with this story. First of all, if the reporter has been on this secret mission for months, we're supposed to believe that he obtained the confession in what...the last day or so? I think not!! If he's been on this secret mission and there is in fact a CONFESSION, chances are that the confession was obtained several months ago. So, why is it that only AFTER the prosecutors have closed the case that this new "evidence" has magically appeared? If he had an actual confession he should have come forward before they decided to close the case. After all, he's been on this mission for "months". And why is it that he won't play the tape for all to hear now? Why is it that he has to air it on HIS show? Hmm, ratings and fame maybe? Nah!!!!!!!!!!

I've seen the video of her mother's response over and over again. She didn't look like a mother who was hearing the confession of her daughter's murderer. She had absolutely no emotional response. She kept looking at the camera after she would say something. Let's not forget, this is a mother who hasn't seen her daughter in almost three years. This is a mother who has absolutely no idea what happened to her daughter. All of a sudden she's hearing the supposed confession and her only reaction is to say in a monotone voice, "Look what they did to Natalee." After all this time, no emotion? Why?

Call me crazy, but I'd be going crazy. If my daughter was murdered and I was listening to a confession from her murderer, I would be going nuts. I wouldn't be sitting there. People would have to hold me back because I would have wanted to jump out of that chair and kick someone's ass!! Something doesn't seem right!!

The Aruba saga continues. I'm sure that there's much more to come!! This is not the last roller coaster ride we're going to take!! Be sure to take your anti-barfing pills!!

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