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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two Priests Steal Millions

One priest was arrested in Florida, and another one is on the run after stealing millions from their parish over many years.

Wow, I bet God is pissed!! I mean, after all they did break one of the Ten Commandments. What's that Commandment? Oh that's right!! Thou shalt not STEAL!! Apparently these two didn't think that applied to them!! The baffling part of all of this is the reaction of the parish. One parishioner says "You can't judge because you haven't walked in their shoes." Really? These two assholes stole millions of dollars from the parish, and nobody is supposed to judge them. HELLO!! They stole from you people!! Are you that blind? Or are you just too damn dumb to believe that they would do something like that? If the latter is the case, why? Because they're priests and would never do such a thing? Yeah right!! Think again!! Oh but let me guess, you'll all beg for them not to be sent to jail because that wouldn't be the "Christian" thing to do?

I guess this just goes to show how stupid people are when it comes to religion. Priests steal millions but they shouldn't be judged for reasons I can't fathom. What's next? Turning a blind eye to priests molesting children? Oh wait, that's already been done!!


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