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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dick Button & MSNBC

Dick Button was just interviewed on MSNBC about the Women's Figure Skating last night at the Olympics.

When asked about the US women, Button said that Mirai Nagasu was "worthy of a medal" last night. I was waiting for a follow-up question to be asked but it never was.

If Mirai Nagasu was "worthy of a medal" then who does Dick Button believe wasn't worthy of the medal that they got last night? MSNBC didn't ask him that question. I really want to know who he thinks didn't deserve a medal.

Was it Joannie Rochette or Mao Asada? It certainly wasn't Kim Yu-Na!! People on the Internet actually had the audacity to say that Rochette didn't deserve bronze and the only reason she got it was because her mother died. Real nice!!

Personally, I believe those who won their medals earned their medals. Kim Yu-Na was flawless and amazing!! Mao Asada was great. Granted, she had a few mistakes but nothing that warranted a drastic reduction in her score. Joannie Rochette skated a great program too. She had a few mistakes too. But her score from the short program combined with the long program was more than enough to keep Mirai Nagasu off the podium!!

Tis a shame Dick!!!!!


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