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Friday, October 16, 2009


You've all heard the story by now. If you believe this family, you're as stupid as we all were when we fell for it yesterday.

The kid was on Larry King last night and when asked why he didn't come out when his family called him he said, "Because you guys said we were doing this for a show." The kid outed them on national television. The father says that he's appalled that anyone would question the validity of this story. I'm appalled that he thinks anyone is stupid enough to believe it.

He later "clarified" the kid's comment by saying, "He's six. I don't think he really understood the question." It's not a complicated question, even for a six year old DADDY. That kid knew exactly what the question was and he answered it.

The story has changed a million times. It was reported that the kid crawled into the balloon and released the ropes himself. That has since been proven FALSE by the family's own video footage. The family was in the backyard having a countdown, and the FATHER released the balloon. When he realized that it had floated higher than he thought he started getting pissed.

They did NOT look like people who were scared that their kid was inside the balloon that was flying away.

He reportedly told authorities that there was a box attached to the bottom of the balloon and that's what the kid crawled into. He said that the box fell off while it was flying around. Again, the family's own video footage debunks that story as well. In the video, you can clearly see that there was never anything attached to the bottom of the balloon.

He reportedly called the FAA first. Then he called a tv news station. Finally, he called 911. What rational person calls the FAA and then a tv station instead of calling 911 immediately? Nobody!!

I say that this is all one big fat HOAX.

These people are clearly not above exploiting themselves and their family for 15 minutes of fame. They've been on tv before, and there are reports floating around that they've tried to pitch ideas for their own tv show.

What better way to extend their 15 minutes and get a ton of deals!!

It's really rather pathetic if you think about. If this is a hoax, the parents need to be arrested for fraud. They also should be paying back every penny spent on this ridiculous bullshit.

Like someone asked last night, how many IMPORTANT stories went unreported because we were all too busy and too stupid to report on this batshit crazy family? How many kids really went MISSING yesterday while this bullshit was going on?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

French Vogue Accused Of Racism

French Vogue is being accused of racism after a white model's skin was made black for a photograph.

This is NOT racist. Nor is it meant to be offensive. It is simply a photograph.

Now before anybody decides to chime in on this subject and say it's racist, I'd like to remind you of a few little tidbits.

As someone pointed out in the comments section for this story, NOBODY had a problem with the movie WHITE CHICKS in which two black actors portrayed white women. In fact, people thought it was funny. Where was the outcry about racism? Nowhere. And why? Because it wasn't racist. Neither was this photograph.

On the fourth season of America's Next Top Model, the contestants participated in a photoshoot in which they were made up to take on a different ethnicity. A white model was made up to portray an African American woman. A black model was made up to portray a Korean woman. Other models were made up to portray other ethnicities as well. Where was the outcry about racism? Nowhere. And why? Because it wasn't racist. Neither was this photograph.

Those are just two examples!! I could name many more.

This photograph is not even close to what took place on the Australian TV show mentioned in this story. That was racist, offensive, and just totally ridiculous. This is not!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well Lock Me Up And Throw Away The.....

Have you heard about this?

Big Police Departments Back Anti-Terror Citizen Watch

WASHINGTON — A store clerk's curiosity about why Najibullah Zazi was buying large quantities of beauty supply products indicated that something about the transaction wasn't quite right — and it's an example of the kind of citizen vigilance that can combat terror, a police commander said Saturday.

Los Angeles police Cmdr. Joan McNamara cited this summer's incident as police chiefs meeting in Denver adopted a model for a nationwide community watch program that teaches people what behavior is truly suspicious and encourages them to report it to police.

Federal authorities allege Zazi, 24, tried to make a homemade explosive using ingredients from beauty supplies purchased at Denver-area stores. He has been jailed in New York on charges of conspiracy to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in a plot that may have targeted New York City. Zazi has denied the charges.

Los Angeles police Chief William Bratton, who developed the iWatch program with McNamara, called it the 21st century version of Neighborhood Watch.

The Major Cities Chiefs Association, headed by Bratton and composed of the chiefs of the 63 largest police departments in the U.S. and Canada, endorsed iWATCH Saturday at its conference in Denver.

iWATCH would have provided a way for that Colorado store clerk and others to report suspicious activity to police and possibly launch an investigation earlier, McNamara said.

"That clerk had a gut instinct that something wasn't right," he said.

Using brochures, public service announcements and meetings with community groups, iWATCH is designed to deliver concrete advice on how the public can follow the oft-repeated post-Sept. 11 recommendation, "If you see something, say something."

Program materials list nine types of suspicious behavior that should compel people to call police, and 12 kinds of places to look for it. Among the indicators:

—If you smell chemicals or other fumes.

—If you see someone wearing clothes that are too big and too heavy for the season.

—If you see strangers asking about building security.

—If you see someone purchasing supplies or equipment that could be used to make bombs.

The important places to watch include government buildings, mass gatherings, schools and public transportation.

The program also is designed to ease reporting by providing a toll-free number and Internet Web page the public can use to alert authorities. Los Angeles put up its Web site this weekend.

"It's really just common sense types of things," Bratton said, adding that his department is providing technical assistance to other agencies that want to adopt the program.

But American Civil Liberties Union policy counsel Mike German, a former FBI agent who worked on terrorism cases, said the indicators are all relatively common behaviors. He suspects people will fall back on personal biases and stereotypes of what a terrorist looks like when deciding to report someone to the police.

"That just plays into the negative elements of society and doesn't really help the situation," German said.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration proposed enlisting postal carriers, gas and electric company workers, telephone repairmen and other workers with access to private homes in a program to report suspicious behavior to the FBI. Privacy advocates condemned this as too intrusive, and the plan was dropped.

Bratton and McNamara said privacy and civil liberties protections are built into this program.

"We're not asking people to spy on their neighbors," McNamara said.

If someone reports something based on race or ethnicity, the police will not accept the report, and someone will explain to the caller why that is not an indicator of suspicious behavior, McNamara said.

The iWATCH program isn't the first to list possible indicators of suspicious behavior. Some cities, like Miami, have offered a public list of seven signs of possible terrorism. Federal agencies also have put out various lists.

Other efforts encourage the public and law enforcment to report such signs through dozens of state-run "fusion centers" across the country. One such center, the Colorado Information Analysis Center, has a form on its Web site to report suspicious activity.

Bratton hopes the iWATCH program becomes as successful and as well known as the Smokey Bear campaign to prevent wildfires.

"There he is with his Smokey the Bear hat, similarly here, we hope that this program, even though it's in its birthing stages right now, in a few years will become that well know to the American public."

Seriously, this is the last thing that this country needs. We do not need some paranoid Americans calling the police on every person that they see and they think is acting or looking suspicious.

"We're not asking people to spy on their neighbors," McNamara said.
Really? Then what are you doing because it sure as hell sounds like you're asking people to spy on other people?

Not only is this a waste of time, but it's a joke!!

I guarantee you that probably about 99% of the population fits into one or more of the categories of "suspicious" behavior.

* If you smell chemicals or other fumes - Well, if you work with or are around chemicals as part of your job, you better watch out. Someone might get suspicious and call the police. If you're around gas pumps, be careful. You might end up smelling like it, and someone might call the police. Oh, and let's not forget those who just got perms. The smell might be mistaken for bomb-making materials so don't be alarmed if the ATF, FBI, and others break down your front door.

* If you see someone wearing clothes that are too big and too heavy for the season - Guilty as charged!! Lock me up and throw away the key!! I wear clothes that are too big for me. Not to mention, I wear sweatshirts, jeans, and sometimes even corduroy pants when it's warm outside. Ooh, I guess that makes me a terrorist!! Hell, I wore a hooded sweatshirt this summer when it was 75 and hotter than hell in my office at work. Maybe my boss should have called on me!! After all, that makes me one of those "evil-doers". Right?????

* If you see strangers asking about building security - And? That doesn't make you a terrorist. Perhaps people ask about building security because they actually might want to know that they're SECURE WHERE THEY'RE AT!!

* If you see someone purchasing supplies or equipment that could be used to make bombs - Well, then you have to lock every last person up and charge them with terrorism because at some point in their lives they've purchased something that could be used to make a bomb.

When is this going to stop?

Forget it!! This will never stop. It didn't with Bush. It isn't with Obama. And it won't with the next one!!

Friday, October 02, 2009



I'm so happy today!! Rio was awarded the 2016 Olympics!!

What makes this even sweeter is the fact that Chicago was the first city booted from the running!! For all the shit talking that Michelle Obama did in the past few days, being the first city booted is KARMA!!

I'll be looking forward to 2016 when the WORLD finally gets to see an Olympics on a continent that has never hosted them before. It's about damn time!!


Thursday, October 01, 2009


I would officially like to thank Obama for showing the American people and the rest of the world what he considers to be a "priority".

Is it creating jobs?

Is it making sure that every American has health care coverage, and decent medical care?

Is it making sure that every American gets an affordable and decent education?

Is it trying to curb the violence in Chicago?

Is it trying to end the discrimination against gay people?

Is it trying to end our illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Is it helping the people in OUR U.S. Territory of American Samoa who just had a massive earthquake and tsunami?

It's none of the above!!

His priority is to hop a plane and plead for the 2016 Olympics to be awarded to Chicago.

Personally, I would like to see the Olympics be awarded to Rio. Give it to a country and a continent that has NEVER hosted an Olympics. The United States is NOT the center of the universe, contrary to what many Americans think!!

I had to laugh when I read a story on a UK site about the Olympics. Chicago and delightful were used in the same sentence. Yeah, tell that to the family of the latest teenager in Chicago who was beaten to death, and whose death was videotaped and aired for all the world to see. Tell that to the families of those who are murdered in Chicago on a daily basis. Tell that to the victims who are lucky enough to survive.

Last summer I had a discussion about Chicago. I said that Chicago was one of the most violent cities in this country. An ignorant person responded that "Chicago wasn't even in the top 10 list of most violent cities". While that may be true, one can only imagine where Chicago will rank this year. They're deserving of NUMBER ONE!! But I'll bet you ten bucks they aren't because GOD FORBID WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS IN THIS COUNTRY. GOD FORBID WE TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS "DELIGHTFUL" CITY.

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