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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Peter King (R-NY) Supported Terrorists (IRA)

Republican Representative Peter King of New York plans to hold "hearings" on radical Muslims this week. Call me crazy, but isn't it a little hypocritical for a supporter of TERRORISTS to be holding hearings about potential TERRORISTS?

"Regarding the 30 years of violence during which the IRA killed over 1700 people, including over 600 civilians, King said, ""If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the IRA for it"."

Now I don't profess to understand "radical" Islamic ideology. But don't the two groups hold similar beliefs? The IRA was at "war" with Britain and attacked their military installations without any qualms about killing civilians. Radical Muslims are supposedly at war with the United States and attacked a military installation (The Pentagon) without any qualms about civilian deaths. Sounds the same to me!!

Yet Peter King apparently saw nothing wrong with defending terrorists who fit the very image that he's conjured up about Muslims.

Peter King was friends with Anto Murray who "planned or authorised every IRA bombing, shooting and killing in the city of Belfast." Peter King even gave the terrorist mastermind's wife Lucy a tour of the United States Capitol. Nice huh?

Wait, it gets even better!!

King became involved with an organization called NORAID which was believed to be supplying the terrorists (IRA) with weapons and financing their activities. Aiding and abetting terrorists? Giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Sound familiar?

King "refused to condemn IRA activities in the UK." Ironic considering that he accuses Muslims of doing the same thing, refusing to condemn terrorist activities.

King is also a staunch opponent of illegal immigration. His hypocrisy knows no bounds!! "In 2008, King spoke in defense of bail for a fugitive IRA member, Pól Brennan, who had escaped from prison in the UK and been detained in Texas 15 years later. The IRA member, who had broken out of prison during the Maze Prison escape and entered America illegally,[25] was being held without bail after his work permit expired; King said: "My experience dealing with (Irish) republicans is that they don't jump bail in this country. They honor their commitments.""

This man was not only a fugitive for having escaped prison in the UK, but he was also an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who was caught in the United States. Yet King supported letting him out on bail because he was going to "honor his commitments like any good old Irish Republican does." How about honoring the commitment to serving out the damn prison sentence? Oh no!! He was after all, in Peter King's own words, "A brave man who was struggling against British imperialism." because he was a member of the IRA.

I don't want to assume that he still holds the same beliefs. However, the only reason he distanced himself from supporting the IRA was because the Irish people opposed the invasion of Iraq. It was certainly not because the IRA was a terrorist organization. Despite the United States labeling it as such, Peter King still supported the IRA and its members.

Imagine a Peter King-esque politician holding "hearings" about Peter King-like individuals who supported a terrorist organization, refused to denounce terrorism, and had radical beliefs. Peter King may have found himself in a place like GITMO.

Pot...Meet Kettle!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

US Says No To Extradition Of Accused Mass Murderer

A US judge has denied a request from Argentina to extradite an accused mass murderer.

One of the reasons that he gave was that "Bravo's actions could be justified because they occurred as part of a political disturbance — an attempt by leftist guerrillas to overthrow the Argentine government."
I'm just curious!! How far do you think that excuse would fly in the United States if citizens of this country attempted to overthrow this government, and murdered people in the process? Do you think this judge or any judge for that matter would say that it's okay? That mass murder was justified? I don't think so!!

And what a coincidence that he just happens to work for a company that is tied to the US government!! Big shocker!!

I suggest that when the US wants someone extradited from Argentina, Argentina tells the US to fuck off!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gloria & Her Fifteen Minutes

Doesn't Gloria Allred have anything better to do? If she isn't a lawyer for every mistress in this country, she's a lawyer for someone else.

Her latest client is an actress who claims that Roman Polanski sexually abused her when she was 16. I don't know if the story is true or not, but I do have a few questions.

1. If she was raped by Roman Polanski, why the hell did she make a movie for him four years later? Was she that desperate for a job or a buck that she was willing to work for her RAPIST? I don't care how desperate I was for a job or a buck. I would never work for a man who raped me.

Hell, I quit my job because a co-worker threatened to kill people at work and nobody took it seriously. I needed that job and the money. But I wasn't willing to sacrifice my self-respect or my safety for that job or the money.

2. Why didn't she report the crime in France when it happened? Even if nobody believed her or he was found not guilty it would have at least been reported.

3. Why now? She claims that the reason she came forward now was because "he was fighting extradition and that his legal team is portraying his previous offense against a minor as an isolated instance."

Unless she doesn't own a tv, a radio, doesn't read a newspaper/magazine, or use the Internet, there is no way in hell that she hasn't heard about his arrest in Switzerland or his fight for extradition until now.

4. What does she hope to gain from this? Money? Fame?

By the way, Gloria Allred might want to give the correct advice to her clients. As far as we're being told, this woman never filed a report over the alleged rape. Thus, nobody knows what really happened. He was never charged with raping her in France. So, he doesn't have a legal history in this "case". And the United States courts can't charge him for an alleged rape that took place in another country because they don't have jurisdiction.

So what's my point? My point is, this woman's allegation can't be used to influence any sentencing decision that is made if or when Roman Polanski is extradited from Switzerland. If they attempt to use it to influence his sentence, I believe he has major grounds for an appeal.

Gloria Allred needs to go away because her 15 minutes have long since expired!! What's that I hear? Oh, it's another mistress calling!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Catholic Church Is At It Again!!!!!

As you all know by now, I don't like the Catholic Church. I never have. I never will. So, it doesn't come as any shock to me that a member of the Catholic Church would have the audacity to compare the criticism and outrage over its child sex abuse scandal to the horror of the Holocaust.

The Pope's personal preacher made the comparison, and actually tried to attribute those comments to a Jewish friend. I'm not going to debate whether or not a Jewish friend made those comments. The point is, the preacher repeated those comments without disputing the ridiculous comparisons.

Meanwhile, the Pope sat there while these comments were being made and said nothing. Now, the Vatican is trying to "distance itself" from these comments. Don't you think it's a little too late for that? The time to distance the Pope from these comments was when they were being made, not hours later. He could have stood up and denounced it but he didn't. Instead, he chose to sit there in silence and say nothing. Silence and inaction is apparently his way of dealing with things.

The reality of the situation is that the Catholic Church knew about the countless cases of physical and sexual abuse of children at the hands of its priests and nuns all over the world. Yet they did nothing to stop it. Instead, they covered it up. They sent these priests to other parishes where they continued to abuse children. Or they just turned a blind eye to the situation.
Now they want to declare themselves victims of some evil plot by outsiders to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church with their "gossip".

This is not GOSSIP Mr. Ratzinger. This is REALITY!! The reality of the situation is that Catholic priests and nuns all over the world have abused children, and the Catholic Church has done everything in its power to cover that up.

I don't know of a single organization that is allowed to investigate itself over allegations of any kind, let alone allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children by members of that organization. Nor do I know of a single organization that isn't required to report these allegations to the proper legal authorities for investigation.

These victims aren't gossiping. They aren't trying to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church. They're seeking JUSTICE for themselves and others. They are seeking to expose this horrific evil that was perpetrated upon them through no fault of their own.

For years many of them were forced to remain silent. I believe that their stories deserve to be told to the entire world because it's long overdue. The world needs to hear the truth instead of allowing the guilty to hide behind their robes and God.

The real VICTIMS deserve far more, but at the very least they deserve to have the truth be told!!

Monday, March 01, 2010


What the hell was NBC thinking last night when they cut away from the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics, and put The Marriage Ref on for an hour instead?

I've never seen that in my entire life!! Ever!!

Hopefully NBC will not receive the rights to broadcast the Olympics after 2012!! I say that the IOC should award that contract to a network that will actually SHOW the Olympics and all that it brings instead of having shitty and disrespectful coverage!!
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