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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dick Button & MSNBC

Dick Button was just interviewed on MSNBC about the Women's Figure Skating last night at the Olympics.

When asked about the US women, Button said that Mirai Nagasu was "worthy of a medal" last night. I was waiting for a follow-up question to be asked but it never was.

If Mirai Nagasu was "worthy of a medal" then who does Dick Button believe wasn't worthy of the medal that they got last night? MSNBC didn't ask him that question. I really want to know who he thinks didn't deserve a medal.

Was it Joannie Rochette or Mao Asada? It certainly wasn't Kim Yu-Na!! People on the Internet actually had the audacity to say that Rochette didn't deserve bronze and the only reason she got it was because her mother died. Real nice!!

Personally, I believe those who won their medals earned their medals. Kim Yu-Na was flawless and amazing!! Mao Asada was great. Granted, she had a few mistakes but nothing that warranted a drastic reduction in her score. Joannie Rochette skated a great program too. She had a few mistakes too. But her score from the short program combined with the long program was more than enough to keep Mirai Nagasu off the podium!!

Tis a shame Dick!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mike Milbury Should Be Fired!!

Mike Milbury should be fired for his disgusting rant about the Russian hockey team yesterday.

After Russia lost to Canada yesterday in men's hockey, Milbury was asked how the game became so one-sided. His response was that Russia "brought their Euro-trash game".

He called them Euro trash. I can't say that I'm surprised or shocked that he would say something like that. What do you expect from an asshole American? I notice that he didn't have the balls to say it to their faces though. I wonder why that is!! Could it be because if he did say it to their faces he would have gotten his ass kicked?

Later on they aired an interview with Alexander Ovechkin. He was being asked why they lost and if they were intimidated by Canada. Ovechkin responded by saying that they weren't intimidated but just didn't play well in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Afterwards Milbury started in on Ovechkin. He basically called Ovechkin a liar who couldn't tell the truth. He said that the "truth" was that of course Russia was intimidated by Canada. They played horribly. Ovechkin didn't play well, and so on.

I don't think that I need to remind people that the Russian team wasn't made up of almost all pros like the other teams were. If you have pros versus amateurs who do you think is going to win?

The only TRASH I saw last night was Mike Milbury!! If he's not fired, I suggest that he doesn't bother to show his face in Sochi in four years. He's clearly worn out his welcome!! Way to respresent the Olympic Spirit there Mike!! Douchebag!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Time To Stop With The Animal Cruelty

I can't say that I'm surprised that a whale at Sea World killed a trainer today.

Let's be honest here!! What did anyone expect? It's a wild animal. It's not meant to be kept hostage in a swimming pool for the purpose of entertaining humans.

While I do feel very bad for the trainer who was killed and for her family, I don't feel sorry for people who do this shit to animals. Wild animals don't belong in cages, behind glass, fenced in, or sitting in pools. They belong out in the wild. They deserve to be FREE.

It's time to stop with the animal cruelty, and the use of animals for our entertainment. Otherwise, there are going to be more stories like this one.

NBC And Their Double Standards!!!!!

You have to hand it to NBC!! They sure are assholes with double standards!!

On the morning of February 12th Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died while practicing on the luge track for the Olympics. By that afternoon, every network including NBC was showing the footage of his crash and death.

At first, CNN refused to air the footage because it was horrifying. NBC had no problem showing it though. In fact, they kept playing it over and over again to the point of being grotesque. They showed no respect for Nodar's family. After airing the footage for what seemed like the billionth time, they made the decision not to show it anymore. A little late don't you think?

I wonder why they really pulled the footage. Could it be because viewers were disgusted by this sick display of "curiosity"? Could it be because viewers threatened to boycott the coverage and NBC altogether? It certainly wasn't done out of respect for the family. If they had any respect, they would have never shown the footage to begin with.

To add insult to injury, they also had reporters in Georgia to get reaction from the people there including his family. This man died and they threw a camera and a microphone in his father's face. Real nice!!

Along came double standard number one. They ran a piece on Kevin Pearce, the American snowboarder who suffered a brain injury during training in December.

There's no footage of his accident. I certainly don't want to see it either. But I have to ask, why couldn't they show that kind of respect to Nodar's family? Why show one accident but not the other? Is it because they know they'd be sued by this family if they did? Because they thought they could get away with it with the other family because everyone was curious and it happened at the Olympics? Because one man died and the other didn't?

The other double standard happened with Joannie Rochette whose mother died a few days ago. They didn't throw a camera and a microphone in her face to get a reaction. Instead, they put Dan Jansen on the tv for an interview. I couldn't help but think that it came across more about Dan Jansen instead of about Joannie Rochette and her grief.

I get that Dan Jansen's sister died before his race at the Olympics. But the death of Rochette's mother isn't about Dan Jansen and what he went through. It's about Joannie Rochette and what she's going through. That interview was totally unnecessary. NBC didn't need to do it, and shouldn't have done it!! Dan Jansen offered his support and condolences in private. Leave it alone NBC!!

NBC needs to stop turning tragedies into an attempt to get ratings. They've been beyond disrespectful and downright disgusting!!

Double Standard.....Double Standard.....Double Standard!!!!!

Last night was the night of the DOUBLE STANDARD!!

I seem to recall that a week ago at the Olympics, the men's figure skating competition was "so not about the jumps". Instead, it was about the total package. This came out of the mouths of Scott Hamilton and Dick Button.

When Plushenko kept talking about being able to do a quad and criticized the competition for not being able to do the same, Hamilton and Button both essentially said SO WHAT. In fact, Hamilton said that it's called figure skating for a reason because it's not all about the jumps.

Yet last night when the women skated it was all about the.....JUMPS!! That's right!! The jumps!! Hamilton made sure to emphasize the fact that Mao Asada of Japan was the only woman in the competition who was doing a triple axel. He did that not once but several times!! Then, they kept showing you the instant replays of every jump that a skater did.

So let me get this straight!! Men's figure skating is not about jumps but about the whole package because that's what figure skating is all about. But women's figure skating is about the jumps and not the whole package.

If you're Plushenko, nobody gives a damn if you were the only one who could land a quad jump. If you're Mao Asada, you're the best skater because you're the only one who did a triple axel.

Double standard ANYONE?

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Night They Killed Figure Skating Is RIGHT!!!!!

Elvis Stojko's commentary was 99.999% correct. Last night was absolutely the night that figure skating died. However, I do disagree with him on one thing which I will mention later.

Last night was a complete and utter joke. Evan Lysacek did NOT deserve to win the gold medal. Not only did his program not include a quad, but it was totally BORING. There was nothing "magical" or memorable about what he did. If you didn't know who was actually out on the ice it could have been anybody's program.

He wants to complain that Evgeni Plushenko "spoiled his moment" because Plushenko was upset that he got SCREWED out of the gold and wasn't afraid to say it. Sorry, but Lysacek was given a moment that he didn't deserve.

As far back as I can remember figure skating has always been about what you can do, jump wise. But everyone seems to act like JUMPS mean nothing anymore. If you don't have jumps you might as well just be ice dancers because figure skating is about far more than just spins and footwork.

Furthermore, what is this 10% bonus all about for doing jumps in the second half of your program? It wasn't in the pairs competition. Is it going to be in the women's competition? Quite frankly, I think it cheapens the competition. It essentially penalizes a skater for doing their jumps on their terms instead of when the judges want it done. Shenanigans!!

As I already said, I disagree with Stojko on one thing. He believes that Johnny Weir deserved to be in fifth place instead of sixth. I believe he deserved to be higher.

I don't like Johnny Weir. Not because of his personality or anything, but because I don't know anything about him. I haven't followed his career. So, I didn't have an opinion about him going into last night's program.

Johnny Weir deserved a medal last night. Johnny Weir skated the program of his life. It was amazing to watch, and he was an amazing skater. Johnny Weir had a far more interesting and moving performance than Lysacek. He was not an arrogant American last night!! He was Johnny Weir, a man who knows who he is and what he is capable of doing!!

Johnny Weir's moment was SPOILED by the judges. It was certainly not his skating that cost him a medal last night. He was far better than Chan from Canada and Lambiel from Switzerland. And if you really want to get down to it, he was better than Takahashi from Japan who fell on his quad attempt.

So to Johnny I say, Вы победитель!!

And to Evgeni I say, Вы были победителем независимо от того, какой любое говорит. Вы всегда будете победителем, и никто может принять то далеко от вас!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Protecting the wrong person!!!!!

I'm back after a long hiatus, and I thought I would share my recent experience with everyone.

Almost a month ago a former co-worker of mine threatened to kill people at work. That's right!! He made a verbal threat in front of me that he was going to go on a shooting rampage. When I asked him why, he said because it was long overdue.

Needless to say, I reported the threat to company security.

So, what do you think happened?

Absolutely nothing, unless you consider a conversation DISCIPLINE!! That's right!! The company did nothing to the man who made the threat. As far as I know he still works there. People all around the world are arrested for far less than threatening to kill your co-workers.

When I reported this threat I honestly thought that something would be done. Boy, was I an idiot!! They believed this man when he said that it was just a joke. I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, for the life of me I can't understand how anyone would think that threatening to kill people is funny or a joke.

It became abundantly clear to me that this company was not going to take this threat seriously. They made their choice, and I made my choice. So I sit here currently unemployed and looking for a new job because my former employer chose not to protect the rest of their employees. Instead, they chose to protect the man who threatened to kill them.

That ought to look nice on my resume!!!!! Reason for leaving: Death threats from co-worker, and employer did nothing about it!!
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