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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Mounties Apologize To Torture Victim

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner apologized to Maher Arar, the man who was tortured in Syria because the United States sent him there.

He said, "Mr. Arar, I wish to take this opportunity to express publicly to you and to your wife and to your children how truly sorry I am for whatever part the actions of the RCMP may have contributed to the terrible injustices that you experienced and the pain that you and your family endured."

He went on to say, "I know that an apology can never give back to Mr. Arar what was taken from him, but what we can do is move forward with changes and reform, and that means in very concrete terms identifying and acknowledging errors that were made."

He also had the nerve to say, "This terrible event has had a profound impact on the RCMP."

Yeah, sure it has!! I bet you all go home at night and sleep very comfortably. I bet you're not forced to relive nightmare after nightmare. Yeah, you're so deeply affected by what happened!! Who are you kidding? An apology isn't going to make up for a year of torture that was inflicted upon an innocent man. An apology isn't going to make up for a year of life that this man lost. An apology isn't good enough. And an apology as insincere as that one isn't going to cut it. I hope Maher Arar sues your ass, as well as everyone else involved.

The RCMP Commissioner shouldn't be concerned with not stepping down from his position. He should have been fired, and his ass should be sitting in jail for aiding and abetting the torture of an innocent man. After all, the RCMP had a hand in it no matter how small it was.


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