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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Video Game Caused Killings?

Family members of three people killed in New Mexico are suing over a video game that they say caused the killings. In the wrongful death lawsuit, they're suing Sony Corporation of America, Take-Two Interactive Software and Rockstar Games. They're also suing the killer.

Yet again people feel the need to place blame on video games. When are people going to start realizing that television, music, movies, video games, the Internet, and every other medium aren't to blame for someone's actions? This kid killed his family because he wanted to, not because he played the video game.

I'm so sick of people blaming some kind of entertainment for what someone does. It's ridiculous!! Try looking at why people do what they do, instead of pointing the finger at the entertainment industry. Do they honestly believe that if this kid hadn't played the video game then he wouldn't have killed his family? Highly doubtful!! They're certainly not going to get $600 million out of anybody. I wouldn't be surprised if the case is thrown out of court.


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