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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

US Says No To Extradition Of Accused Mass Murderer

A US judge has denied a request from Argentina to extradite an accused mass murderer.

One of the reasons that he gave was that "Bravo's actions could be justified because they occurred as part of a political disturbance — an attempt by leftist guerrillas to overthrow the Argentine government."
I'm just curious!! How far do you think that excuse would fly in the United States if citizens of this country attempted to overthrow this government, and murdered people in the process? Do you think this judge or any judge for that matter would say that it's okay? That mass murder was justified? I don't think so!!

And what a coincidence that he just happens to work for a company that is tied to the US government!! Big shocker!!

I suggest that when the US wants someone extradited from Argentina, Argentina tells the US to fuck off!!
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