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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arming Saudi Arabia

Yes, let's arm a country that produced 15 of the 19 "hijackers" that attacked this country on 9/11. Let's just forget about that seldom-ever spoken fact. I mean, it's just common knowledge. But who gives a shit about that right?

U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia in works

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A senior administration official confirmed to CNN on Saturday that the United States is developing a proposed $20 billion, 10-year arms sales package for Saudi Arabia aimed at giving the Saudi military an upgraded capability to counter Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf region.

The proposed sale was first reported in the New York Times.

The official spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity because discussions remain ongoing with the Saudis. And, none of the terms of the package have been finalized.

The future of the package is expected to reverberate in Israel, which has been concerned about Saudi arms deals in the past.

“This is all about Iran,” said the official, who noted that the Bush administration is mindful at the same time that Israel must maintain its “qualitative edge” in the region.

One of the most potentially controversial portions of the proposed sale will be the first sale to the Saudis of satellite-guided bombs known as JDAMs. The sale may include both a 500-pound and 2,000 pound version of the aerial bomb.

The Israelis are said to be very concerned about the Saudis having that precision-strike capability. so the United States will discuss basing the weapons as far away from Israel as possible, the official said.

Other elements of the sale include new naval vessels, an advanced version of air-to-air missiles already used by the United States and advanced Patriot missiles.

This entire matter is expected to be a major portion of a meeting next week between Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Saudi officials.

The sale would have to be approved by Congress and the Bush administration is talking about the package at an early stage to avoid opposition from and controversy among lawmakers.

As usual, this is all about IRAN!! We're going to arm Saudi Arabia. And when (notice I say when and not if) one of those weapons is used against Iran, the United States can simply blame someone else. Then, they'll use that situation as an excuse to go to war with Iran. They'll use the excuse that they have to defend their allies against the BIG BAD EVIL IRANIANS, and the American people will be as stupid and as gullible as ever!!

Yes, let's arm Saudi Arabia!! When we do that, let's see where that gets us. Are all you war-loving jackasses prepared to sign up to go fight? Nope? Didn't think so!! You're too fucking cowardly to put your asses where your mouths are. Mark my words, this arms deal will lead to the next War on Terra (that's terror for all you braindead Bushites out there). This administration has been dying for a war with Iran, and now they've found their way to get what they want.

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