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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Six Hours Of My Life That I Will Never Get Back

Today, I watched the Live tribute to Princess Diana in honor of what would be her 46th birthday if she were still alive. That was six hours of my life that I will never get back. But, at least it gave me something to bitch about. And bitch I will!! I even took notes!!

While watching the concert, I decided to give an award (not literally) for the biggest asinine act of the evening. I had a really hard time deciding because some of these acts were just atrocious!! I eventually narrowed my list to three, and finally decided on the winner.

Third place goes to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. His appearance was absolutely horrible. He went from declaring himself American ROYALTY in a backstage interview to dedicating the song 'Every Breath You Take' to Princess Diana. Now you might be asking yourself, "Why is that so horrible?". His version of the song that he declared a "tribute" to Princess Diana was the exact same version that he dedicated to Notorious B.I.G. in 1997, complete with the references to B.I.G. in it!! He didn't change a word!! He also makes the top three because he asked the crowd to clap their hands for all the people who have died in this senseless war, and for all those who weren't at the concert (I'm assuming because they're dead). Hey jackass, you don't clap your hands for those who are dead. You shout that it's bullshit that they're dead. You boo!! You bitch!! You don't clap your hands like you're applauding the fact that they're DEAD!!

Second place went to Ricky Gervais from Britain's The Office. I didn't get his schtick at all, and he wasn't the least bit funny. In fact, the more he went on, the more inappropriate his schtick became!!

The most ASININE ACT award goes to Kanye West, and deservedly so!! I actually like Kanye West, to a point. But the point of this concert was to honor Princess Diana. He essentially started off by bitching for a brief second about having only seven minutes to perform so everyone needed to pay attention. He then proceeded to begin his performance with his song GOLDDIGGER. In case you haven't heard the lyrics, check them out. Yeah, that's a real nice tribute to her!! A song about a golddigger!! Nice!! Near the end of the song, the words Golden Digger or Golden ****** popped up on the video screen. I may be wrong, and anyone is free to correct me. But I swear it said the second one and not the first. At the end of the song, the word ****** was said twice by someone other than Kanye.

After this, he proceeded to sing bits and pieces of some of his other songs. He threw in the song 'Diamonds' at the request of either Prince Harry or Prince William. This song is supposed to be about blood diamonds, but the lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with that. Check out the lyrics if you don't believe me.

Apparently none of these people know what blood diamonds are, and don't really care to educate themselves. They think this song is great!! Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in a war zone, and they are sold to finance these wars. People are literally dying because of blood diamonds. But hey, let's sing the song during a tribute for a woman who was totally against war, death, and the like!!

Some of the stupid comments of the evening came from the mouth of Kate Thornton, VH1's British co-blow by blow announcer for the event. Man, if I had a buck for every single time she said something stupid I would be a billionaire. Here's a little bit of what she said.

"No need to panic London, we're in safe hands." - This was in reference to Kiefer Sutherland, aka Jack Bauer from 24 being there.

"Fergie was one of Diana's favorite singers." - Although Fergie had previously been in a band called Wild Orchid, she didn't shoot to fame until 2003 with The Black Eyed Peas. She also didn't shoot to fame as a solo artist until her solo album was released in 2006. This was long after Princess Diana was DEAD!!

She made some comments about thumbing their noses at the terrorists, and showing them that they couldn't stop people from being there. This was a tribute for Princess Diana. This was not about kicking the asses of terrorists. This was not about starting shit with other people, just to start shit.

The most ridiculous moment of the entire concert goes to Prince Harry. After Elton John opened the concert, William and Harry came up on stage to say something and to introduce the second act. When it was Harry's turn to speak, he started off by wanting to say hello to his fellow soldiers in Iraq. He pissed and moaned about how he wished he could be there with them but he couldn't. Go play soldier if you want to so badly. Stop bitching about how it's unfair that you can't go. Nobody cares to hear the whining!! If his mother were alive, I think she would have kicked him in the ass for it!!

That was six hours of my life that I will never get back!! That was six hours of a supposed tribute to Princess Diana that really had more to do with bringing in the young people than anything else. Although they showed clips and talked about Princess Diana's contributions, that was the only thing about her in this entire concert. I think if they had actually booked acts that she would have known or listened to, they would have had only about 5 or 10 percent of the crowd that they actually had. The youth would have never attended!!

They had everything but the strippers, and they were pretty damn close to having that during the Take That performance. The only acts that really showed some class and respect for Princess Diana were Elton John and Rod Stewart.

It was pretty pathetic if you ask me. This is how someone honors their mother? It wasn't about her!! It was about what others wanted to see!! Hopefully the tribute on August 31st, the tenth anniversary of her death will be more respectful!!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more insightful bitching about this "tribute" to Princess Diana. What? You didn't think I was finished did you? I'm just getting started!!



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