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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

U.S. Knew About Scotland Being A Target Two Weeks Prior To Attack

According to a new report, the United States knew about Scotland being a target two weeks prior to the attack on the Glasgow airport.

In other developments today, it emerged that US law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago which warned of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against "airport infrastructure or aircraft", according to ABC News.

An unnamed senior official told the US broadcaster that the intelligence led to the assignment of federal air marshals to flights into and out of both Glasgow and Prague in the Czech Republic.

The US Homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, declined to comment on the report, but yesterday told ABC News that "everything that we get is shared virtually instantaneously with our counterparts in Britain, and vice versa".

The intelligence reports also warned that airports and aircraft in the Czech Republic could be the targets of al-Qaida-connected terrorists, ABC News said. Similar warnings last month led to air marshals being deployed on flights into and out of Germany.

Strathclyde police's chief constable, Willie Rae, has said his force had been given no prior warning of Saturday's Glasgow airport attack, in which a burning Jeep tried to crash into the building.

During a press conference after the incident, he said: "There was no prior intelligence to suggest that Scotland was going to be the target of a terror attack."

A spokesman for the Scottish Executive maintained that position yesterday.

So Mr. Chertoff, you are a fucking liar!! You claim that you share the intelligence immediately with Britain. Yet, nobody knew anything!! After last week's London incident, officials came out and said that they had no clue this was coming. They had no idea that a plot was underway. The same thing goes with the Glasgow incident on Saturday. Nobody had a clue.

Who is the fucking liar now? I believe British and Scottish officials when they say they knew nothing. Why do I believe them? I believe them because I have no reason to believe that they're lying, unlike the United States who is the biggest fucking liar on the entire planet!! I believe them that they had no idea anything was going on. I believe that they were caught completely by surprise.

The United States didn't share anything with them because otherwise someone would have known something. Someone would have been paying attention. There's only one airport in Glasgow, and the "intelligence" said that there could be an attack against 'airport infrastructure or aircraft' in Glasgow. It doesn't take a genius to know that if you only have one airport in Glasgow and there's a potential attack against it, you beef up security and protect that airport. But that didn't happen. Why? Because the United States said nothing!!

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  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

    Remember we have a FBI and CIA that can't share information. How can they give it to other countries.


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