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Monday, July 09, 2007

Beard Equals Terrorist

This story is completely asinine!!

(July 9) -- Metallica's Live Earth performance almost faded to black before it even happened, thanks to British airport officials who held their lead singer at a terminal because of his "Taliban-like beard."

According to the British newspaper The Times, as reported by the New Zealand Herald, metal pioneer James Hetfield was held up and subjected to a line of questioning due to his facial hair following a tense week in the United Kingdom after foiled terror plots and an attack in Scotland.

The Times reports that airport security officials were embarrassed and let Hetfield go after he explained he was a member of the legendary rock band.

I ask you, does this look like a terrorist? Even if you don't know who James Hetfield is, does this look like a terrorist? I'm not stereotyping someone by race or religion because anyone can be a terrorist. I'm simply pointing out that this doesn't look like a damn terrorist to me. If I didn't know who James Hetfield was, my first thought would be WRESTLER. He's built like one. My second thought would be PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE. My third thought would be MUSICIAN. I would have never said TERRORIST.

If the musical equipment didn't tip them off to who he was, they're either completely braindead or completely paranoid!! Hell, they're that and much more!!

Terrorist my ass!! I guess everyone with a beard must now beware when traveling. They might be stopped, detained, questioned, and potentially arrested simply because they didn't shave that day!!


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