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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fox: "Condoms Don't Prevent Pregnancy."

Fox says that condoms don't prevent pregnancy.

Fox has refused to air a national Trojan condom commercial because it objects “to the message that condoms can prevent pregnancy.” But according to the Food and Drug Administration, “latex condoms greatly reduce the risks of pregnancy” and are “the most effective method for reducing the risk of infection from the viruses that cause AIDS, other HIV-related illnesses, and other STDs.”

Really? If condoms don't prevent pregnancy, why does my mother only have three children and not more? Oh wait, that's because CONDOMS PREVENT PREGNANCY!! I guess this is what happens when abstinence-only is touted and actual SEX EDUCATION isn't discussed.

Remember people, don't use condoms to prevent pregnancy. Condoms don't work. If you use a condom, not only is it laced with AIDS (see previous posts about that lie touted by the Catholic Church) but it doesn't prevent pregnancy!!

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