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Monday, July 30, 2007

CNN Quick Vote Of The Day...What A Joke!!

The CNN Quick Vote of the day is such a joke. Check it out!!

Quick Vote

Do you think Iraq's Asian Cup victory will help unify the violence-ravaged country?

Yes - 23% 10501

No - 77% 34973

Total Votes: 45474

My fellow Americans, CNN has apparently come up with the solution that will end the war, civil war, violence, death, and destruction in Iraq. The solution is SOCCER!! You see, if we can get Iraq to unify by winning soccer games then our problems are solved.

What a complete and utter JOKE!! Nice try CNN, nothing is going to unify all the people of Iraq except perhaps their desire for the United States to LEAVE!! Nice try!!

P.S. The "unification" didn't last long. Nice try!!

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