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Monday, July 30, 2007

Two Gay Men Arrested In Italy For KISSING!!

There's absolutely no discrimination against gay people. There's absolutely no hatred of gay people. Gay people are treated equally. Yeah, and I'll sell you the Colosseum!!

Gay men arrested for 'kissing' outside Colosseum

Italy's gay activists said yesterday they would organise a sit-in "with collective kissing" at the Colosseum to protest against the arrest of two men, for what police described as an "oral relationship". They risk being tried for public indecency, punishable by up to two years in jail.

Government politicians deplored the arrests as exemplifying a rising tide of harassment of gay people in Italy. But a carabinieri spokesman insisted the officers had merely applied the law.

The equal opportunities minister in Romano Prodi's centre-left government warned of a growing number of "homophobic acts of violence, vandalism and discrimination", some organised by the far-right. Health minister Livia Turco called the Rome arrests "excessive" and she hoped the two men would get an apology.

But a representative of the conservative Christian Democrats said the government was seeking to promote "the exclusion from the law of the gay caste". The chairman of the party, Rocco Buttiglione, whose views on gays cost him a seat on the European commission, said it wanted "to overturn at all costs the fundamental values of the nation".

A carabinieri spokesman insisted the "true discrimination would have been not to arrest [the two men]". An extract from the official report to prosecutors, published by the daily Corriere della Sera, said they "had their trousers and underpants down". But Fabrizio Marrazzo of the Gay Helpline said: "The Carabinieri can say what they like. Roberto and Michele insist it was just a kiss."

Okay, let's break this down for a second. The carabinieri spokesman says that the "true discrimination would have been not to arrest the two men". Let me ask this question. If they were simply applying the law as the carabinieri spokesman insists, how many HETEROSEXUAL couples have been arrested for kissing in front of the Colosseum or anywhere in public for that matter? I would truly love to hear the answer. But I can pretty much guess what that answer would be. Hmm...could it be...ZERO? Nah, it couldn't be!!

Oh, and don't you know that gay people just can't keep their damn pants on? I mean, according to the report, they "had their trousers and underpants down". Of course they did because all gay people think about 24/7 is having sex. They aren't capable of holding another thought!! Again, if you believe that I'll sell you the Colosseum.

Remember boys and girls, gay people AREN'T discriminated against on a daily basis throughout the world. They're not harassed. They're not tortured. They're not killed. They're equals, and are treated with respect. Yeah, on what planet do the jackasses who believe that live on? Clearly, it's not this one!!

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