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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Angel? More Like The Angel Of Death!!

Courtesy of the Catholic News Service, this story had me laughing for hours!!

96-year-old priest who met pope describes him as 'like an angel'

By Catholic News Service

LORENZAGO DI CADORE, Italy (CNS) -- Father Armando Durighetto has seen a lot of popes in his time, but says Pope Benedict XVI is special.

"With his smile, he seems like an angel," he told Vatican Radio July 18, three days after his bishop introduced him to the vacationing pontiff in Lorenzago di Cadore.

"I love the pope," he said.

Father Durighetto -- pastor of the parish in Caposile, not far from Lorenzago di Cadore -- is the oldest active parish priest in Italy. He was born 96 years ago and was ordained to the priesthood 71 years ago.

Father Durighetto said the pope told him he prayed he would have even more years of ministry "because you can still do so much good."

After meeting the pope, the priest said, "I again thank the Lord for everything, for my 71 of years of Masses; I've celebrated 36,495. I've always thanked the Lord for this, and I can say I've never regretted being a priest."

"In reality, I think I need to be much more holy and much better given all the graces the Lord has given me," he told Vatican Radio.

Yeah he's special alright!! He's so "special" that he was a member of the Nazi Youth. Even Hitler wanted him!!

Angel? More like the Angel of Death!!

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