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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sick, Sick, Sick People

As I was reading this story, I almost wanted to puke.

First of all, the NRA can take its apology, and shove it straight up its ass. Their apology shouldn't and doesn't mean a damn thing. If groups such as the NRA didn't exist, there would be far fewer guns in the hands of people in this country. Thus, the country would be a hell of a lot safer.

Larry Pratt, the director of Gun Owners of America is an absolute jackass. Instead of offering condolences (which wouldn't mean a damn thing either coming from him), he decides to take people to task for trying to ban guns in this country. He says that gun bans are the problem. Really Larry? The way I and many others see it, it's the GUN that is the damn problem you jackass!! How dare you!!

How dare he say that people shouldn't be banned from carrying guns in school. What the hell does Larry Pratt want to see? Does he want to see an all-out gun battle in the hallways of every school and college in this country? Does he want hundreds or thousands of children and young adults to die for no reason? Hey, I know!! Why not put a gun in the hands of preschoolers, and let them battle it out? Wouldn't that be great to see? After all, the preschooler would just have to say that the other kids were teasing him or her. Or, the preschooler would just have to use the excuse that he or she was defending himself or herself. It would be totally justified in the minds of those who think like Larry Pratt. I mean, how dare anyone say that you shouldn't be allowed to have a gun at school!! It's not a place to learn. If you die in school, who cares!! The only thing that matters is that nobody's right to bear arms is denied. If you become just another statistic, so be it. Right?

SICK, SICK, SICK PEOPLE. Heck, they're not even people. They're just scum!!

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