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Monday, April 09, 2007

Young Adults Are A Problem For The Catholic Church

A recent study suggests that young adults are a problem for the Catholic Church. Gee, no surprise there!!

As I was reading this story, I found one thing that was mentioned that I wanted to comment on.

"In contrast to earlier generations of young adult Catholics (born before 1960), who were taught to obey secular and religious authorities, today's young adults have been taught to think for themselves," it says.

That statement right there is the problem. If people aren't allowed to think for themselves or are taught not to think for themselves, isn't that considered brainwashing? After all, they're being told what to think and believe.

The problem with the Catholic Church is that they don't like people thinking for themselves. They expect their parishioners to follow what they say or else. What are they afraid of if people exercise their right to think for themselves?

Is it loss of money? That right there could be the biggest reason why they're against free thought. If Catholics are allowed to think for themselves, they might actually come to the conclusion that the Church's stance on certain issues are so beyond archaic it's disgusting. They may end up leaving the Church, and if they leave so does the money.

Is it fear of change? If Catholics are allowed to think for themselves, the Church may end up having to abandon its bigoted, anti-woman fantasy land that it is currently living in. They might actually have to act human for a change!!

Is it really that evil to think for yourself? I mean really, instead of pretending to be "tolerant" of people, young adults actually are accepting people regardless of who they are. Is it really that evil to be open-minded about certain issues? I don't think so, but apparently the Catholic Church does. It's no wonder the Catholic Church thinks young adults are a problem. They're not "goose-stepping" along with the rest of the flock!!

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