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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ms. Perino Is Delusional!!

I think I've finally heard it all when it comes to Iraq. Now, the spokesbitch for the White House says this.

"The United States and Saudi Arabia have a close and cooperative relationship on a wide range of issues," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. "And when it comes to the coalition forces being in Iraq, we are there under the U.N. Security Council resolutions and at the invitation of the Iraqi people."

Really Ms. Perino? We're in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi people? What fucking planet do you live on? We're not in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi people. In case you forgot you stupid bitch, let me refresh your memory on how this all went down.

Colin Powell appeared in front of the UN Security Council, and lied. He lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. He lied about Iraq moving and hiding their weapons of mass destruction. As we now know and anyone with a brain knew when Powell gave his speech, IRAQ NEVER HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. That was the original reason given for why the United States went to war in Iraq.

So you see Ms. Perino, it is YOUR government that lied this country into a war. It is YOUR government that has MURDERED over 600,000 innocent Iraqi people. It is YOUR government that has tortured and continues to torture people. Ms. Perino, YOUR government did this, not the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people didn't invite the United States to invade their country. The Iraqi people want the United States to get the hell out of their country. They're not throwing flowers at the military, and showering them with praise. They're killing the military. And she has the balls to call that an invitation? Ms. Perino is fucking delusional!!

When someone invites you into their country, it's not an invitation to bomb the hell out of it. It's not an invitation to MURDER 600,000 plus citizens of the country. It's not an invitation to overthrow their government. It's not an invitation to torture their people. It's not an invitation to do whatever the hell you please whenever the hell you please. For the record Ms. Perino, the IRAQI PEOPLE NEVER INVITED THE UNITED STATES INTO IRAQ. THE UNITED STATES HAVE ENGAGED AND ARE ENGAGING IN AN ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WAR. THE UNITED STATES HAS VIOLATED INTERNATIONAL LAW. THEY'VE VIOLATED THE GENEVA CONVENTION. AND THE SAUDI KING IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT IN POINTING THAT OUT. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME SOMEONE DID BECAUSE IT'S BEEN LONG OVERDUE.


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