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Monday, April 09, 2007

What Can Cure 9/11 Workers? Tom Cruise Says Scientology Can!!

I wouldn't normally talk trash about someone in Hollywood, but this just takes the cake. Tom Cruise thinks he can cure sick 9/11 workers with Scientology. No, it's no joke!!

April 6, 2007 -- Scientology superstar Tom Cruise is coming here to promote his controversial "detox" project to 9/11 workers, and will host a mega-fund-raising gala for it.

Tickets for the April 19 fund-raiser, which will star Cruise and benefit the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, run as high as $100,000 for a table for eight.

Hmm, sounds interesting!! Not!!

The downtown Manhattan clinic offers free Scientology-inspired treatments to firefighters, cops and other rescue workers exposed to high levels of toxins at Ground Zero.

The program - which had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funds - hasn't been endorsed by the Fire or Police departments and has been described by some experts as nothing more than medical mumbo-jumbo.

But others have embraced the regimen, which includes high doses of niacin to release fatty acids into the bloodstream, ingesting cold-pressed oil and sweating off "toxins" in a sauna set at 140 to 180 degrees for 21/2 to five hours a day, with frequent showers.

These workers don't need Scientology anything. They need MEDICAL treatment, even if that includes drugs. No amount of niacin, cold-pressed oil, saunas, or showers in the world is going to cure the ailments and diseases that these workers have. Heck, even modern medical technology and medicine can't cure it.

Mullins said he signed up out of a sense of desperation.

"I'll do anything to help my members," he said. "I've got to try to do something because no one else is doing it."

Mullins said he heard about the detox procedure from a member of his union and was impressed when he visited the clinic at 139 Fulton St. a couple of months ago.

He said he spoke to four or five firefighters and one cop suffering ailments that included breathing problems, sleepless nights and skin rashes.

"What came out of it, they were feeling much better and not utilizing their medications as much as before," Mullins said.

I completely understand the desire to do and try absolutely everything that you possibly can to help someone. But this is just insane. Of course they're not going to use their medications as much as before if at all after going through this "detox" program. I'm sure that this "detox" program teaches them that medicine is evil, and all they need is Scientology. How many of these workers are dead, or near death even after undergoing this program? That's what I want to know.

This whole thing is funded by a man who thinks that the simple answer to everything is Scientology. It's funded by a man who thinks that the cure to postpartum depression is to give the mother a vitamin, have her exercise, and all will be just peachy. Forgive me if I think he's a quack!!

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  • At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let us play a game called spot the Scientology BS about the NY Detox project.


    "Patients at the detoxification facility have stained towels blue, purple, yellow, orange, green and black. Black sludge, glass shards, and other matter have been observed to be coming out of the pores of program participants."

    What does not make sense to you? 1000 points to the winner!


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