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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day Care Study Lays Guilt Trip On Parents

In a recent study done about day care, the findings are "bad." It's more like a guilt trip being laid on parents who work.

The longer children had spent in day care centers before kindergarten, researchers had found, the more likely their sixth-grade teachers were to report "problem behavior," such as getting into fights, arguing or being disobedient.

Sure, and children with stay-at-home parents are just perfect angels. Well, let me tell you a little something, they're not. I went to school with kids who had stay-at-home parents. They weren't perfect little angels. In fact, they were some of the most disfunctional kids I've ever seen. They were the ones getting into fights, arguing, being disobedient, etc. They were the ones with the bad attitudes.

The federally funded study didn't explore the reasons why time in day care might lead to disruptive behavior.

Naturally!! They didn't bother to explore the reasons why day care kids were disruptive, got into fights, argued, or were otherwise disobedient. Why would they? Apparently they just figured that they were going to say all this, and then not bother to find out the reasons behind it.

This is just yet another attempt to lay a guilt trip on parents who have to work instead of having the LUXURY of staying home with their children. This is yet another attempt to make mothers look and feel bad for having to make that choice. This is yet another attempt to make parents feel like a failure. Nice guilt trip!! All parents don't get to stay at home with their kids. Some of them have to actually work for a living so that they can afford to take care of the children that they have. Not all mothers have the LUXURY of having a rich enough husband so that they can stay home with their kids.

I haven't even touched on the subject of parents who actually want to work. What's so wrong with that? Oh yeah, if you're not at home with your kids 24/7, you're a bad parent. You're ruining your child's life. It's such a shame that we can't all be June Cleaver. There is absolutely nothing wrong with day care, or day care children. I'd like to make a suggestion to the "researchers." Perhaps the next study that they undertake should be about why people are such ignorant asses when it comes to parents who work instead of staying at home.


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