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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ignorant People

This morning I engaged in a debate with a rather ignorant blogger. The topics were the Virginia Tech Massacre, and guns. I can't say that I'm surprised at the response that I received because it's typical of this particular blogger.

The typical response from people who think like this blogger is the following:

1) If a person kills someone with a GUN, the GUN isn't the reason that the other person is dead. The ACTIONS of the person with the gun is what's to blame.
I don't think it takes a genius to understand that if the person with the GUN didn't have the GUN then the other person most likely wouldn't be dead. But hey, why the hell should that matter?

2) You solve GUN violence by supplying people with GUNS.

Yeah, okay!! This particular blogger was advocating the right to conceal and carry a weapon. So, in other words, this blogger believes that more guns should be out there. Never mind that having more guns out there increases the chances of even an accidental death or injury from the GUN. But hey, who cares? Right?

3) Don't take away our right to have GUNS.

When the Constitution was written, there was no way in hell that they could have ever imagined the existence of semi-automatic or automatic weapons. They could have never imagined the existence of assault rifles, machine guns, etc. The Constitution doesn't give us the right to own these deadly weapons. But gun whacks don't give a damn about that. All they care about is getting their hands on a gun, and their precious Second Amendment. They don't give a damn about people dying from GUN VIOLENCE. As long as they have a gun, who gives a shit about everyone else.

Bitch, please!! I don't want to hear this blogger or any other blogger for that matter bitch and moan when they or someone they know is a victim of GUN VIOLENCE. With all of the guns out there and more yet to come, it's only a matter of time. But hey, this blogger won't blame the GUN. This blogger will blame the ACTIONS of the GUN-TOTING individual.


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