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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Contact Nancy Pelosi NOW!!

Contact Nancy Pelosi, and ask her to meet with Tina Richards.

All she is asking for is FIVE MINUTES of Nancy Pelosi's time. FIVE MINUTES IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR.

You can contact Nancy Pelosi in the following ways:



We owe it to Tina Richards, her son, and all of the other soldiers and their families out there to contact Nancy Pelosi. Tina Richards is not asking for much, only five minutes of the Speaker's time. Help her secure a meeting with the Speaker. Let her voice, her son's voice, and the voice of the American people be heard. Let Speaker Pelosi know that Richards deserves this meeting, and that we're not going to stop making our voice be heard until she gets this meeting.

I already sent my e-mail. Now it's your turn to send yours or to make that phone call.


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