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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Britain Sent Children To Fight In Iraq

Britain sent children to fight in Iraq.

Isn't it wonderful? Perhaps they learned some lessons by going to Iraq at such a young age. What would those lessons be? Oh yeah, this war was ILLEGAL!! It's illegal for me to be here!! We're killing people for no reason!! Wait, that would be the truth. These soldiers can't be told the truth!!

Fifteen British troops under the age of 18 have been ''inadvertently'' sent to fight in Iraq, violating a U.N. protocol on children's rights, the government said Sunday.

Jesus Christ, they sent children to go fight their dirty war. They violated UN rules when it comes to children's rights. And they act like it's no big deal.

Defense Minister Adam Ingram, who gave the figure in a written statement to lawmakers, said the ''vast majority'' of the young troops had been within a week of turning 18 when they were deployed, or had been removed from the war zone less than a week after arriving.

They're still children you moron. It doesn't matter if they were within a day of turning 18. The point is, they weren't 18. They were 17. They were children, period!!

''Unfortunately, these processes are not infallible and the pressures on units prior to deployment have meant that there have been a small number of instances where soldiers have been inadvertently deployed to Iraq before their 18(th) birthday.''

Unfortunately? Tell that to the parents of these children. "Well, unfortunately we accidently sent your child to Iraq. Unfortunately we didn't realize that he or she was underage, and we sent him or her to fight illegally. But hey, things like this can and do happen. However, we will not apologize for it. Your son or daughter was taught a very important lesson in patriotism."

The minister said no one under 18 had been sent to Iraq since July 2005, and new measures were in place to ensure it did not happen again.

Well, that makes it okay then!! Perhaps the people of Britain should just shut up because nobody under 18 has been sent to Iraq since July 2005. The UN should just forget about the "minor" goof. The UN shouldn't hold Britain accountable. The rest of the world shouldn't be outraged that such a thing happened. It'll never happen again!! Yeah right!!

Opposition lawmaker Sarah Teather, who had requested the figure, said Prime Minister Tony Blair should apologize to the 15 teenagers.

No Ms. Teather!! Tony Blair shouldn't apologize. Tony Blair should be held accountable for his crimes, and add this one to the long and ever-growing list. What value would an apology from Tony Blair have when it's as worthless as the shit on a piece of toilet paper? I mean really, his apology is going to mean absolutely nothing because it's:

1) A day late and a dollar short
2) Insincere
3) Completely and utterly worthless

If you want an apology from Tony Blair, ask for it. Just don't hold your breath too long while waiting for one because you'll die before you ever hear "I'm sorry!!"


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