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Sunday, January 28, 2007

U.S. To Criticize Israel Over Cluster Bombs Used In Lebanon

HELLO!! The United States provided these cluster bombs to Israel. Now they're going to bitch about how they were used.

I say, bitch away. But don't pretend that the U.S. government is completely innocent. They provided the cluster bombs to Israel. Did they honestly think that when they gave them the bombs that they weren't going to be used? That was never going to happen. If the U.S. hadn't provided Israel with these bombs in the first place, the U.S. wouldn't be bitching about Israel "defying" them.

What exactly was the "agreement" between Israel and the United States? Was it something along these lines:

U.S.: "We'll give you the cluster bombs. Only use them when we tell you to so that you don't make us look bad. Only use them where we tell you to so that you don't make us look bad."

Israel: "We'll use them wherever we want and against anyone that we want because we're just "defending" ourselves against people who want to see the destruction of Israel."

U.S.: "We recognize Israel's right to defend itself. Use them. Just don't implicate us because that would be bad."

The Times reported some midlevel Pentagon and State Department officials contended Israel violated U.S. prohibitions on using cluster munitions against populated areas.

Other officials in the two departments argue Israel used the arms in self-defense to stop Hezbollah's rocket attacks, which would amount to a technical violation at most.

Cluster bombs are small explosive devices that are released from a projectile and are dispersed and supposed to explode on hitting the ground. But many remain unexploded. More than 20 people have been killed and 70 wounded by cluster bombs since the end of the war in August. Israel has said it only deploys them in accordance with international law.

Technical violation? When you deliberately drop cluster bombs on innocent civilians, you're not targeting Hezbollah. When you deliberately don't destroy the bombs that you've dropped on innocent civilians, you're not targeting Hezbollah. When you leave them there knowing that innocent people are going to be killed, you're not targeting Hezbollah. And it's not a technical violation. It's called murder!!

Israel only deployed them in accordance with international law? First of all, Israel invaded another country, in violation of international law. Therefore, they didn't deploy them in accordance with international law. They violated the law. But they don't care. It doesn't matter how many people Israel kills. It doesn't matter how many people are hurt by the actions of Israel. They're always going to justify it by saying they were just defending themselves. Those who fight back are the criminals!! And if cluster bombs are so great and wonderful, why is it that people are trying to get them banned? If they do no harm, why are people dying?

The Times quoted David Siegel, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, as saying Israel "provided a detailed response to the administration's request for information" on its use of cluster munitions "to halt Hezbollah's unprovoked rocket attacks against our civilian population centers."

"Israel suffered heavy casualties in these attacks and acted as any government would in exercise of its right to self-defense," Siegel added.

Israel suffered heavy casualities? Bullshit!! The Israeli military killed far more Lebanese than the number of Israeli's that were killed by Hezbollah. Let's start telling the truth here people. Stop spreading the same old bullshit when it comes to Israel. The Israeli military and Israeli government are by no means innocent in any of this!!

Bitch away U.S.!! But don't act like you're innocent either because you're not!! If it weren't for you, the Israeli military wouldn't have had cluster bombs to drop on innocent Lebanese civilians. And we wouldn't be having this discussion right now!!


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