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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scumbags In Utah Push Abortion Ban

The scumbag lawmakers in Utah are no better than those in South Dakota.

The following quote says it all!!

"I'm excited to take this challenge to the Supreme Court," said sponsoring Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield. "We're known for our family values and our children. We have the opportunity to lead the nation."

He's excited!! He's excited about bringing an unconstitutional law in front of the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn a 34 year old law. He's excited about spending the money of Utah taxpayers for this unconstitutional law. He's excited about attempting to deny women the right to control their own bodies. He's excited!! You're known for your family values? Do you tell your wives and daughters that they're second-class citizens? If you think that women don't have a right to control their own bodies, then your wives and children are second-class using your thinking.

"This is the most important legislation that I could possibly be involved with in the entire time I'm a state legislator," said Sandstrom. "We're talking about preserving the sanctity of human life. The state of Utah should lead the charge."

I can think of far more important things you could be involved in. For starters, the state of Utah has the death penalty. You should be working to ban the death penalty. After all, isn't the sanctity of life your priority? You can't be pro-life and pro-death penalty because that would make you a hypocrite!! Gee, imagine that!! You should be working to impeach the President. You should be working to bring your state's troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. You should be working to prevent a war with Iran. You should be working on improving health care. You should be working on improving education. You should be working on improving the environment. You should be working on these things instead of trying to control women which is exactly what you're attempting to do by pushing this law.

Eagle Forum Secretary Marianne Christensen, the only member of the public to speak for the bill, said unborn babies need lawmakers to defend them. She predicted divine retribution if abortions continue.

"We are a nation founded with divine providence. We will continue to prosper if we adhere to principles that will cause those blessings to fall upon our heads. If we degenerate to the point where we kill our own offspring, that's not something God is going to tolerate for long," Christensen warned.

Oh here we go again with the God argument. Roe vs. Wade was decided 34 years ago. That's 34 years since abortion was legal in this country. "God" has "tolerated" it this long. God, I hate these people. I swear these people are such ignorant bitches, especially the women. Do you not understand Ms. Christensen? Do you not understand that if this is allowed to happen, women are going to seek abortions anyway? Do you not understand that women are going to die as a result of seeking illegal abortions? Do you not care that you as a woman are being treated as a second-class citizen? Do you not care that you as a woman will no longer have a right to control your own body, and will no longer be allowed to make medical decisions for yourself? Do you not care at all? Do you enjoy being the property of a man? Because if you think this is a good idea, you agree with it all!! You are a disgrace to women!!

We are a nation founded with divine providence? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh, apparently God founded this nation. Nevermind that God hasn't existed in a gazillion years, if at all. "God" spit on this country when Republicans were given power. "God" spit on this country when pro-lifers were allowed to speak. "God" spit on this country, period!! Religious people are so disgusting with the shit, it's not even funny!! You make me sick!!

Like South Dakota, Utah will get a fight. The women of Utah aren't going to hand over their rights just because some religious whacks in power think that they have a right to deny women rights. Prepare to spend all the money in the world because you're going to lose. We'll see you in court!!


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