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Monday, January 22, 2007

34 Years Later And Pro-Lifers Are Still Ignorant Hypocrites

As I sit here on the 34th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, one thing is abundantly clear. Pro-lifers are still ignorant hypocrites. I'm putting out the challenge to pro-lifers right now. Send me a comment. Tell me why you're pro-life. I don't want to hear the pro-life mantra. I want to know why YOU are pro-life, and what being pro-life means.

I put out this challenge because I've read some blogs that are written by people who profess to be pro-life. Yet, they're truly not. They claim to respect life right up until "natural death," even though they believe in war and the death penalty. They make no qualms about those issues. But they certainly like to preach about abortion. They act as though they know everything about abortion, and why a woman or girl makes the CHOICE to have one.

I want to know why people are pro-life, and what that means because the people writing these blogs certainly aren't pro-life. By all means, COMMENT!!


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