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Sunday, January 21, 2007

At Least 24 "Investments" In One Day

At least twenty four "investments" in one day. Still think the war in Iraq is worth it? TWENTY FOUR!! That's twenty four people who are now dead thanks to George Bush and his illegal war. That's twenty four families that have lost a family member. That's TWENTY FOUR too many!!

But remember what Condi Rice said, the U.S. "investments" are worth it!! George Bush could send millions of troops to Iraq, and it won't make a difference. The country of Iraq is engaged in a civil war, and the troops are caught up in it. Bush doesn't care about the troops. If every single troop member was killed in Iraq, Bush still wouldn't leave. He'd just grab more people from the U.S., and ship them over to Iraq.

It's time to draft the Bush twins. If Bush wants to win his war on "terror" so badly, Babs Jr. and Jenna need to strap on a gun, lace up their boots, and hop a flight to Iraq. Anything less is unacceptable!!


Media reports now put the number of U.S. dead from incidents on Saturday at 25. That's 25 "investments" in one day. Boy, things are just looking up for our troops and Iraq aren't they? Yeah right!!


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