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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rumsfeld Has Lost His Mind

Are you kidding me? This whack job can't be serious. Donald Rumsfeld honestly believes that someone getting a medal is far more important than talking about the criminal behavior of the military. He has lost his fucking mind.

Another laughable point (or lack there of) that he attempted to make is that critics of the Bush regime are morally and intellectually confused. Excuse me while I piss my pants at that comment. You're the murderous, mental, moral lacking thug who's confused. How do you sleep at night, knowing that you're responsible for the deaths of countless people? Oh, that's right. You're going to yet again pass your bullshit line off about how it's not you who has killed these people, it's the terrorists. It's the Muslims. It's the evil doers of the world who are responsible for their deaths. I guess it was the terrorists who dropped the endless bombs on innocent people. I guess it was the terrorists who supplied Israel with cluster bombs to drop on the civilian population of Lebanon, and then claimed ignorance about the fact that they dropped them on civilians. I guess it was the terrorists who tortured the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, not the military. Donald Rumsfeld is such a pathological liar. But what do you expect from a mass murderer? God, if you actually believe in one, will have a nice seat reserved for you in HELL, right alongside your idol Hitler. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen.


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