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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boycott SURVIVOR!!

I most certainly will be boycotting the upcoming season of Survivor. According to Jeff Probst, the network was concerned that this might offend viewers. Um, duh Jeff!! It amazes me to some extent, but not totally, that in the year 2006 people still have to deal with the issue of race because you have ignorant people out there.

What does CBS and the brains behind Survivor expect from viewers when they're going to take 4 groups of people that are put into specific racial categories, and segregate them? Are they expecting viewers to cheer them on?

Probst was quoted in another article as saying that Survivor is a "social experiment." What exactly is the experiment here Jeff? Is it to see if people of a particular race can live together in peace and harmony? Or is the experiment to see if people from all four races can live together in peace and harmony once they're all put together? Maybe it's to see which race is the strongest, and that answer will be based on the race of the winner. WHAT IS IT?


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