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Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Because She's Gay

An Alabama woman who just happens to be gay was disqualified after her victory in the Democratic primary for a statehouse seat. The reason given is because she didn't turn in a campaign finance report on time.

Bullshit!! It's because she's gay. That's why she was disqualified. Why can't you just tell the damn truth for once in your life? If you use that asinine excuse, then you have to disqualify the candidates in the governor and lieutenant governor races. They didn't turn their reports in. You also have to go back and make null and void any results of previous elections dating all the way back to at least 1988 because the candidates never turned their reports in on time either, if at all.

People with a brain know exactly what this is all about. This is about silencing a gay woman. This is about keeping gay people out of politics. What's next? A ban on gay politicians, or a constitutional amendment to ban gay politicians from seeking any kind of political office? Somehow I don't think that's too wacky of an idea for some ignorant, bigoted, homophobic, right-wing Christian lunatic to come up with.


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