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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Commit A Crime, Play Football Before Doing Your Time

In Ohio, a judge ruled that two football players will be allowed to play football for the season at their high school before they must do their time for their crime.

Not only is this decision outrageous, but the fact that they weren't charged with attempted murder is baffling to me. They claim it started out as a prank. But what they did could have killed someone. It left one person with brain damage, and another person with a broken neck, arm, and leg.

What does this ruling teach us? I guess it says that if you're an athlete and commit a crime, you will be allowed to continue participating in your sport before doing your time. I guess it says that athletes have redeeming qualities but non-athletes don't. After all, the judge said that he sees positive things about participating in football.

The father of one of the criminals said, "I don't know why this is about football players. Why isn't this about student council or track?" Um, because your son committed a crime and just happened to be a football player. No punks from the student council or track team committed this crime, that we know of.

The mother of one of the criminals said, "With this stunt, he was a child." "Now he's an adult." Hmm, so her son was 17. I think the "child" was old enough to know better. I think the "child" was old enough to know that you don't do stupid things because they have consequences if something happens as a result of your actions. The "child" should have been tried as an adult. The "child" is lucky that he didn't face attempted murder charges which is exactly what I would have charged them with if I had been the prosecutor.

It amazes me that these parents and some other people are completely brainless and would defend their children no matter they do. If they had killed someone as a result of their little "stunt" or "prank," what would the parents be saying then? Oh please don't charge my little boy with murder. He's a good boy who deserves to play football and live a normal life like everyone else. GIVE ME A BREAK!! It's that very attitude that encouraged these "children" to pull such a "prank" in the first place. They did it because they could and because they wanted to. Now they're being rewarded for what they did by being allowed to forego their punishment until the end of their high school football season. Oh yeah, I bet they learned their lesson!! NOT!!

Remember people, if you're an athlete you'll get special treatment. If you're not an athlete, you're screwed. Enjoy your 20 to life!!


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