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Monday, August 21, 2006

Women Must Be Silent?

A woman in Watertown, NY was dismissed from being a Sunday School teacher after 54 years of teaching because the minister was interpreting a Bible passage that states, "I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. She must be silent."

Fuck you!! How's that for remaining silent you chauvinistic son of a bitch? This is why I detest many religious people. They take the Bible, and pervert it to their liking. Or they take what it says as being literal and do shit like this.

Women must be silent? In whose opinion? Yours? This is 2006 asshole. The day that women go back into the closet and be subservient to men again is never going to happen. You can fire us from our jobs. You can be assholes to us. But you're never going to get us to shut the hell up.


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