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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

EU To Alienate Citizens Who Aren't Christian?

If Angela Merkel has her way, they will. According to an article in the Guardian, she wants to "enshrine Europe's Christian values in a new version of the EU constitution." Oh, but is this really her idea? Not quite. She endorsed the Pope's idea. I don't speak for everyone, but to the Pope I say, SHUT THE HELL UP. It's none of your business what the people in Europe do. Why don't you concentrate on rounding up your pedophile priests and stay the hell out of everyone else's business? And, does Merkel not get it that there are more than just Christians living in Europe? Somehow, I don't think she really cares.

What does this mean for EU citizens? Time will tell whether or not this is successful. If this is successful, it's going to alienate far more than just European Muslims and Jews. There are many people with different religious beliefs out there, or people who aren't religious at all. This is just another attempt to shove Christianity down the throats of people who aren't Christian. Hopefully this attempt will be defeated.


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