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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Shit Their Pants First?

Sarkozy was getting ready to leave Israel when a shot went off. I wonder who shit their pants first!!

Israeli Border Police Officer Shoots Himself at Sarkozy Departure Ceremony

BEN-GURION AIRPORT, Israel — An Israeli police officer fatally shot himself in the head on Tuesday at an airport departure ceremony for French President Nicholas Sarkozy, authorities said, sparking fear of an assassination attempt and prompting bodyguards to whisk Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert away from the scene.

Dark-suited men quickly ushered Sarkozy and his wife up the stairs of their plane as Olmert and Israeli President Shimon Peres were escorted to their cars. In a panic, Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, rushed up the stairs ahead of her husband.

The incident was over within minutes, and Olmert boarded the plane to inform Sarkozy what had transpired, witnesses said.

Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi confirmed that a policeman guarding the airport committed suicide just as Sarkozy was about to board his plane as a band was playing.

Another police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, denied reports that there had been an assassination attempt on the French leader.

The incident marred Sarkozy's three-day trip to Israel, a visit meant to improve relations between the two countries.

French presidential spokesman Franck Louvrier could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone. Another presidential spokesman who was on another scheduled flight out of Tel Aviv said he knew nothing about the incident.

Judging from the story, I'm going to take a guess that Sarkozy's wife shit her pants first!!

By the way, I find it a bit disgusting that they said "In a panic, Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, rushed up the stairs ahead of her husband." If she thought there was a threat and that they were being shot at, what was she supposed to do? Take a bullet for her husband? I realize that they weren't in danger. But seriously, was she supposed to stand there and let her husband get into the plane first? I wouldn't!!

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