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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh Mr. Anonymous!!

Oh Mr. Anonymous!! How ignorant, how blind, how moronic!!

Pulling out of Iraq is going to mean that 3,500+ soldiers died in vain?

NEWSFLASH!! It's over 4,000 now. What's a number, right? They already died in vain for an immoral, illegal, unjustified war that has resulted in the murders of what is most likely millions of innocent Iraq men, women, and children. They didn't belong in Iraq. They died for no reason!! Pulling out now isn't going to change that fact!!

Mr. Obama "lets" his wife speak? Silly me, but I didn't realize that women have to get a man's permission to speak. We are not your bitches. We can speak whenever we damn well please. Having said that, I personally think that Michelle Obama is a bitch. She doesn't speak for me as a woman. She speaks for herself. But, let me ask this. What is there really to be proud of about America's history? Are we supposed to be proud that we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Oh yeah, that's really something to be proud of. Are we supposed to be proud that we allowed slavery in this country? Oh yeah, that's really something to be proud of. Are we supposed to be proud of all of the wars we got involved in, and murdered countless numbers of innocent people? Oh yeah, I'm so proud!! There is nothing to be proud of about America, and its history.

What is this shit about 30% black, and rubbing in his african americanism? You sound racist to me!! Barack Obama will not get my vote for several reasons, none of them having to do with his race. Barack Obama is bought and paid for by the corporations. He talks and talks, but has no ideas. Barack Obama has been portrayed as the fucking Messiah, and he has done nothing to change that portrayal. Barack Obama talks about change, but he isn't going to bring change. He's just like every politician. He's bought and paid for, and he's full of shit!!

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  • At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well said, ParisLove. Well said. I don't see him as corporate, exactly -- but I'm with you everywhere else.

    -- Pnin


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