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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Is Not "____'s Katrina"

I'm getting really tired of hearing the Midwest flooding being referred to as "___'s Katrina". It's not!! It's not even in the ballpark of Katrina. To suggest that it is like Hurricane Katrina is not only an insult to those who survived it and the aftermath, but it's also an insult to those who died.

Yes, the flooding in the Midwest is horrible. But, it's not a Katrina-like situation. They weren't put in a football stadium, and left there to ride it out. The people aren't being left to die. These people aren't being shot at by police, or mercenaries. The people aren't being left without food and water. The people aren't being left in an unsanitary situation. I don't see any dead bodies (unless you now count the pigs who were shot) either floating in the water or being left to rot on the street. These people didn't have to climb into their attics to avoid drowning, chop through their roofs, and hope against hope that they would be rescued DAYS later. These people haven't been given toxic trailers to live in, and have those who gave them the trailers deny that they're toxic. These people aren't living in tent cities. These people haven't had supplies that were meant for them given away after sitting for two plus years, and have FEMA say that it's not NEWS.

They are being rescued. They are being or have been evacuated. They are being given food, water, and shelter.

They are alive which is more than I can say for the 1,000 plus people that this country LET DIE or MURDERED during and after Hurricane Katrina!! So the next time someone wants to refer to this as "___'s Katrina", think again!! This is not and never will be like Katrina. To suggest otherwise is beyond insulting!!

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