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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Missing Girl

For weeks now I've tried to avoid talking about this story, but I just can't anymore. I have to!!

I'm sure that by now everyone has heard about the little girl who was kidnapped in Portugal while on vacation with her family. Now the parents have focused their attention on Germany, begging anyone that may have been in Portugal around that time to check their pictures to see if she is in the photos.

Although I completely understand their desire to do everything possible to find their daughter as any parent would, I just have to shake my head at the whole thing.

This may sound harsh, but this is the reality of the situation as it has been told over and over again. These people left their four year old daughter along with their two year old twins alone in their room at the villa or wherever it was that they were staying at while they went to eat dinner at the villa restaurant. They said that they went back often to check on them. I don't understand why more people aren't outraged at this. These people knowingly left their MINOR children completely unattended in what amounts to a hotel room in a foreign country. Did they know that she would be kidnapped? No!! But that really doesn't matter. What they did would amount to child neglect and child endangerment at the very least in this country. Why it's perfectly acceptable to do that in other countries is beyond me.

We don't have the luxury in this world to leave our children alone in a hotel room while we go eat dinner. Children are kidnapped every single day in this world. You would think that someone would have the common sense not to leave their children alone.

I'm sure that these people will beat themselves up over this for the rest of their lives. But like it or not, these people helped contribute to this situation by leaving that child and the other two alone. Like I said, they didn't know that she would be kidnapped. But they made it possible for her to be kidnapped by leaving her alone.

I hope that the authorities find her, and find her alive.

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