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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update On UK Abortion Debate

I'm thrilled to report that MP's in the UK didn't fall for the latest attempt by "pro-lifers" and Catholics to curtail a woman's right to seek an abortion. They didn't fall for the "women are stupid" mentality that this bill seemed to promote. Kudos!!

MPs have voted against plans to force any woman seeking an abortion to undergo counselling and a week's 'cooling-off' period.

Conservative backbencher Ann Winterton's termination of pregnancy (counselling and miscellaneous provisions) bill was rejected by MPs – marking the third time in this parliament MPs have voted against efforts to curb access to abortion.

Ms Winterton insisted "many women" panic when they discover they are pregnant, seek an abortion and then regret it.

The Conservative MP, who is vice-chairman of the all-party parliamentary pro-life group, argued many women suffer long-term health problems after undergoing an abortion.

She was supported by Trevor Stammers, a tutor at St George's University, who told a press conference he has treated many women who experience depression after seeking an abortion.

After the defeat, Ms Winterton told BBC News 24 her "modest little bill" would have provided women with the information they need to make an informed decision and give them time to consider all the arguments.

"I am sad the House of Commons apparently does not put women's health at the top of the agenda," she said.

Abortion rights campaigners welcomed the vote. Having already warned that many women struggle to obtain an abortion, there were concerns the bill would further delay abortion services and increase the number of later-term abortions.

The campaign group Abortion Rights said the bill marked a step towards the criminalisation of all abortions.

Anne Quesney, director of Abortion Rights, said: "Ann Winterton's bill is part of a concerted campaign in Parliament to misrepresent the abortion issue with the aim of winning successive restrictions in women's rights and ultimately a complete ban.

"The bill shows absolutely no compassion for women or respect for women's ability to make their own abortion decision."

They have officially restored my faith in the idea that not everyone is a raging, right-wing, "pro-life" lunatic. I, for one, couldn't be happier!! This also defeats the argument of the jackass that I've so utterly enjoyed debating these past two days.

Another battle won for women's rights!! Another battle lost for the lunatics!!

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